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Digging up Michael

Fight over Michael’s Body

The desperate doctor linked to Michael Jackson’s fatal prescription drug overdose is going to try to have the superstar’s corpse removed from his Forest Lawn Cemetery crypt, a top investigator predicts. Read all about it – only in GLOBE!

ast week the LA coroner finally concluded that Michael Jackson’s primary cause of death was from “acute intoxication” from propofol, which his private doctor, Dr Conrad Murray, admitted to administering to the late singer in an effort to treat his chronic insomnia.

Now, The Globe predicts that Dr Murray’s legal team may want to conduct a fourth autopsy by demanding Michael’s body be exhumed.

“As the seven-month-long investigation wraps up with Dr Murray clearly {} in the crosshairs, I’m sure his attorney’s are considering a number of last-ditch strategities, incuding digging up Jackson’s body,” says Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI Special Agent.

Recent reports say, Dr Murray will not be charged, however.

But if he is, Ted says the defense may also call into question the several other drugs Michael was taking and the doctors who prescribed those medications.

“Murray’s defense will likely suggest that propofol was the least of the singer’s problems….There’s so much damning evidence against Murray for the prpofol, but his lawyer could downplay that medication and point at other drugs and other doctors — anything to cast doubt in the minds of the jurors,” he adds.

A Jackson family insider tells the Globe, “digging up Michael would be absolutely outrageous” they should let the singer rest in peace.


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