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Illuminati’s Parrot

Lula — The Illuminati’s Brazilian Parrot

January 29, 2010

joe carioca.jpgBy Marcos
Our Sao Paulo Correspondent

In 1942, Walt Disney participated in the War effort by producing the movie “Saludos, Amigos”. The cartoon featured several Latin American “locations” and new characters. One character was “Joe Carioca”, a fun loving, charismatic parrot from Rio de Janeiro who was surely going to be loved by all the Reich’s enemies. The Brazilian peaceful, friendly and fun image has been accepted ever since. Don’t all the Third World nations cheer for Brazil during the World Cup?

This formula has been repeated, as President Lula of Brazil receives the “Statesman of the Year Award” at the Economic Forum in Davos. Every court needs a court jester, and Lula is the new Joe Carioca. One has to pay attention when a person gets such a prize right after receiving a similar award from Chatham House, the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, a think tank for the Illuminati and the New World Order.


There is a real and a fabricated Lula. The real Lula is a man who worked for a short time and became a union leader in 1972. Since that day, he never had to work again. He is an uneducated man, who says that reading gets him sleepy, and that is why he never reads a book. He lacks morals: he used to sexually prey upon recently widowed women who visited the union office.

Politically, Lula is a puppet. Alone, he would never be more than an agitator. But he has been indoctrinated by heavy duty Marxists like Jose Dirceu, a terrorist who was exiled to Cuba and who undertook guerrilla training courses under the Cuban secret service (making him a de-facto traitor of Brazil) , and Dilma Rousseff, a former terrorist and bank robber, daughter of a Bulgarian communist activist and her successor to-be. Lula lost the elections in 1989, 1994 and 1998. It took a lot of persistence from the Party to get him to Brasilia.

Lula has led the most corrupt government in recent history of Brazil. Riding a solid economic turnaround engineered by his predecessor, Lula enriched his son, a former zoo keeper who became a millionaire with government ties. There is a new scandal in the news almost every week. He just says “he didn’t know anything about it”. The latest scandal is the purchase of the jet fighters for the Air Force. The Brazilian military has analyzed several jets and decided that the Rafale jet from France is the worst option. India has been through the same analysis, and decided that the Rafales are the worst among six different jets. But Lula will buy the jets, saying it is his political decision. He is  paying double the price per plane that was offered to India: maybe because he was chosen “Man of the Year” by the Le Monde paper, or maybe because Sarkozy  visited Brazil many times?

Diplomatically, Lula has been a disaster. He backed the failed coup of Marxist Zelaya in Honduras. Zelaya is still hiding out in the Brazilian Embassy, after the Honduran people voted him out. Lula is a supporter of Cuba and Venezuela and helps all the Marxist regimes in Latin America. In fact, Lula is one of the founders of the Forum de Sao Paulo agreement, a pact among communist parties and terrorist organizations such as the Colombian FARC and the Chilean MIR. The pact had the objective of implementing the Marxist revolution in Latin America, and has been hugely successful. Because of the party’s  obligations to the FARC, Brazil became a heavy distributor and consumer of cocaine. 50,000 people die every year in violent crimes in Brazil, mostly because of drugs.

Regarding freedom and democracy, Lula has done his best to destroy both. There is a project (link) that is basically a communist manifesto to change Brazil into a Soviet Republic. The government wants even to state what movies will play in theaters and for how long. In March, they will once again try to implement a Conference to impose censorship and state control on the press.


So, how is such a monster of use to the New World Order? For starters, outside Brazil almost nobody knows any of the facts. To most Europeans and Americans, Lula is a poor, hard working man who fought his way to the top with democratic values. He is nice too: he is the one who jokes around the G20, distributing autographed soccer shirts to the circumspect heads of State.

He is a symbol for international cooperation: Brazil went to Copenhagen with the boldest proposal for carbon emissions reduction. Brazil obligingly sent  the Army to get stuck in Haiti for six years, under UN command. Brazil sent US$ 200 MM to Haiti immediately (in spite of the fact that floods are killing hundreds in Brazil right now, with no attention from the government). Lula carved out half of a state and made a reservation for a small bunch of Indians, just as the environmentalists wanted, causing much damage to the population. Lula backs the idea that the UN should solve all international problems, and that the United States and the rich countries in Europe are the source of all evil in the world.

Even inside Brazil, the formula works. After all, Lula was able to get the Olympics and the World Cup for the country. Who can disagree with Joe Carioca, when he says that the New World Order is the best of all possible worlds?


Two important facts make it very hard for the average Joe to understand how communism works: their adaptive capacity and their persistence.

Communism has no absolute values to abide by, besides power itself. Like Hitler, they may participate in a democratic election, just to close down the Congress one year later. A good example is the FARC of Columbia, murderous terrorists who now want to become a legitimate political party. Normal people can’t follow this kind of reasoning, because it is so alien for someone with a conscience. We expect people to have values, and always give others a chance, believing they mean what they say. But communists are like chameleons: a former terrorist becomes a minister of state and a defender of democratic values, a journalist who produced a resistance paper now fights for censorship on the press.

Even today, Lula has been to the alternative meeting to Davos: the Social Forum. This is a forum of communist NGOs where people say that Bolivia, with their cocaine narcocracy, is the model for Brazil. There he will say that the rich countries are to blame for the failure of the Doha meetings and the Copenhagen meeting, two key negotiations for the implementation of the NWO.  Later, he will be kissing the hands of the elite at Davos. A chameleon, indeed.

The only way to understand the communists is to have an  eye not on what they say, but on what they do in the long term. How many people today can do that?

Lenin said that his strategy was: one step back, two steps forward. People believe Lula is not a communist, because in Brazil we have a strong Stock Exchange and large companies. What people don’t  know is that Soviet Russia was funded by capitalists, and received foreign investment. It took Mao ten years to take companies from the owners. Communists play with capitalism as long as they find it useful.

In Brazil, capitalists are completely under the government’s thumb, dependent on grants and loans and drowned in taxes and bureaucracy. The laws are so strict that in reality everybody is always breaking one. Then, if you speak out against the government, they simply have to send the tax agents to destroy you, or they simply cut off the government spigot. There is no difference in fascism and communism now. Communists learned that Central Planning economics don’t work, so they play like in China: who can say it is a fascist or a communist state?


We are heading towards a socio-fascist world where old definitions of politics don’t apply anymore. We must be aware that the Illuminati insist on playing with old models in order to divide and conquer the people. The only solution is to focus on the one thing they hate the most, and defend it at all costs: the freedom of the individual.


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