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Feud between LAPD and DA over Murray

Feud between LAPD & D.A. Deepens over Murray

Posted Feb 4th 2010 3:19PM by TMZ Staff

Conrad MurrayScratch disagreement … a feud has erupted over the Dr. Conrad Murray case between the LAPD and the Los Angeles County District Attorney … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, the LAPD was ticked that the D.A. kept top cops out of the loop on the subject of charging Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson.

We told you that yesterday members of the D.A.’s Office met with the LAPD and everyone agreed that cops would take Dr. Murray into custody, book him and deliver him to the courthouse for his arraignment on involuntary manslaughter charges.

But this morning, the feud has intensified and it’s now at the top levels of both the LAPD and D.A. The fight is bitter and ultimately the D.A. could do an end around the PD and just have Dr. Murray show up in court tomorrow.

One law enforcement source tells TMZ relations between the D.A. and the LAPD have “totally deteriorated” over the Murray case.

UPDATE: 2:32 PM PT. One of Dr. Murray’s lawyers, Ed Chernoff, just posted on his website that he’s working with the D.A. to turn his client in after the case is filed. Chernoff said, “An arrest of Dr. Murray would be a waste of money, time and resources.” The LAPD begs to differ.
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Tension Between LAPD and D.A. in Jackson Case

Posted Feb 4th 2010 12:15PM by TMZ Staff

LAPD officials feel slighted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney in the Michael Jackson case, and the cops made their point clear in a secret meeting yesterday …. law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

LAPD and D.A. in Michael Jackson Case

Sources say there was a “high level meeting” yesterday between officials from both departments. The D.A. had kept the LAPD in the dark over the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray. In fact, until yesterday the LAPD was not informed of any plan for the arrest or surrender of Murray on involuntary manslaughter charges.

We reported earlier in the week that lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray had been in touch with the D.A. and planned to drive the doctor themselves to the courthouse where he would be arraigned. That plan would have completely excluded the LAPD from the process.

The D.A.’s plan was especially maddening for the LAPD because detectives in the Robbery Homicide Division had spent months putting the complicated case together. Inside sources say it’s one of the best, most thorough investigations the LAPD has conducted in years.

The upshot of yesterday’s meeting — the D.A. and LAPD made a plan — the LAPD will place Dr. Murray under arrest on Friday morning, handcuff and book him, then take him to court at 1:30 where he will be arraigned.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0ecpt9Eqr


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