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Who “Dr. Murray” really is, and his “sister” Susan Rush

Murray’s Wife and Conrad’s REAL Name

This is Dr Conrad Murray’s wife, Dr. Blanche Y. Bonnick Murray. She doesn’t get spoken about much. Strange considering not only is she a Dr, but that the fact that it wasn’t Conrad Murray’s office/practice that was searched. It was HIS WIFE’S!

Below is the search warrant with the address on the top left:

Here is her address:
Bonnick Murray, Dr. Blanche Y Reviews | Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Blanche Bonnick Murray, MD, Family Practice, located in Las Vegas, NV – Free reports and ratings

Now having said this I found this post by jruby showing Conrad Murray’s real name and other interesting info:

I went to peoplefinders.com and found out that

his real name is Robert Earl Carter and he is married to Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray. According to DMV records Robert Earl Carter and his wife live

at 2579 Red Springs Drive in Las vegas, Now this isnt the address that the “police searched” for their Home but they do own Both properties. Now

Dr. Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray has a practice

at 2110 east flamingo unit 301, Now this address is very important because its listed on the warrant for Global cardiovascular associates. and it isnt its her Nevada paractice and shes a family Doctor.

Now also Robert Changed his name on his license in

Febuary of 2009 to “conrad murray” and then he boght properties in Conrad Murrays Name. Now when You google Conrad Murray Global Associates you get

3121 south maryland pkwy, not 2110 east flamingo which is on the warrant, Now if you Google conrad murray Houston Texas you get that same address of 3121 south Maryland Pkwy but its listed for Houston texas. Now this Medical clinic armstrong that he supposably works at is owned by Dr davil armstrong

and his medical licensce was suspeneded in 2006, but he owns the building at 6826 west Montgomery Road

Houston Texas 77091. There hasnt been patients in there for a while. his Phone numebr of his office is 713-692-1000.

Also “murray” has 1 adult daughter named Monique lee Carter and Blanche has 1 adult daughter named Maureen

Ray Rose. “murray” doesnt have any “other children

according to Peoplefinders.com And Both adult children live with them at that address.

something else I found out which I think might be important, remember when that car was towed at mjs house and they said murray was driving it but it belonged to his sister Susan Rush, well I noticed on peoplefinders it listed Susan rush as an associate or roommate of the “murray’s. So I did a googe check on her well I couldnt figure out if she is related to them or if she is a real person, The name Susan rush is a personal circus, like the Circus is called susan rush, and the address for whoever owns the circus is 10629 Sandpiper Dr# 14 Houston texas 77096

well That address is owned by robert Earl carter.

so im thinking its him who owns the Circus. the Suzan rush circus comes(performs) from Magnolia Texas. So the car that was owned by “suzan rush”

may have been “Murray”s work car. If you Google

the name Robert earl carter 2 things come up one that

there is a obstrician that is named robert earl carter from Ca, and 2 a circus owner. so Im thinking this dude really does circus things.

remember though when mj died the police couldnt find murray so they went to Suzan Rush”s house to find him

or question her about where he was well they went to

robert earl carters House. It was all staged from the getgo.

so Im thinking This Dr. Blanche Murray is the real

Dr Murray, and that their is no “conrad murray who is

a cardiologist, However it makes sense I think

that perhaps this Dr Blanche Murray is who may have treated Michaels kids in Vegas considering she is

a Family doctor. This may be the real doctor that

may go on tour with Michael eventually.

I think her real name might be Blanche Yvette Bonnick Carter.”

My (Grace) little summary:

So, to make sense of all this, the BMW (Dr Murray’s) at Michael Jackson’s house was registered to “Susan Rush” who supposedly is Dr. Murray’s sister. When the address for Susan Rush was investigated , it happened to be Robert Earl Carter’s house (that’s the address in Murray’s search warrant).  The name Susan Rush was investigated and it shows up as a CIRCUS in magnolia Texas, not a person.


So a man with an initial name of Robert Earl Carter changed his name in early 2009 to Conrad Robert Murray. He’s married to Blanche Yvette Connick Carter (Murray)who IS a general doctor and whose practice happens to be at the address in the search warrant listed as Conrad Murray’s work address (2110 east flamingo).

The address for whoever owns the circus (Susan Rush) is 10629 Sandpiper Dr# 14 Houston texas 77096. Well THAT address is owned by Robert Earl Carter.  Remember, Murray’s BMW is registered to Susan Rush , who Conrad Murray claimed was his sister.

Confused? 😉


One response

  1. Cate

    Hi, I’m wondering how you had access to the California DMV records?
    Dr. Murray bought the house in California quite some time ago. He was already in deep debt with everyone -(credit cards, equipment financing, etc) by the time you say he changed his name. It wouldn’t be possible to get financing. There were leins on that property over the years for back child support. If you check the court records regarding the child support and those leins, I’m sure they will show “Conrad Murray”. If Dr. Murray’s daughter’s last name is Carter, I’m guessing that Robert Carter is or was her husband. Dr.’s Texas license wsn’t suspended in 2006. Are you sure you read that right?
    Have a good one.

    October 18, 2011 at 12:47 AM

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