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Tape could clear Murray of MJ’s death

ESCORT - Dr Conrad Murray with Los Angeles County Sheriffs

ESCORT – Dr Conrad Murray with Los Angeles County Sheriffs

By James Desborough, 14/02/2010

THE tape of a voicemail left by Doctor Murray as King Of Pop Michael Jackson “lay dying” could be the key piece of evidence in the star’s death trial.

The News of the World has obtained the recording – which incredibly will be used by BOTH the defence and prosecution to try and win their cases.

Dr Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter, left an 18-second message for a patient on the morning of Jacko’s death in June last year.

In the recording – which can be heard here – Murray, 56, sounds calm as he informs patient Bob Russell about a heart scan:

Hear Conrad Murray’s voicemail that could be key evidence in trial

“This is Doctor Murray, Bob. Hi, how are you? Um, sorry I missed you. Just wanted to talk to you about your results of the EECP. You did quite well on the study. We would love to continue to see you as a patient even though I may have to be absent from my practice for, uh, because of an overseas sabbatical.”

However, the call took place at 11:54am – the same time Los Angeles cops claim Murray was frantically carrying out CPR on Jackson in his bedroom after a deadly intake of drug Propofol.

But his lawyers will insist that this piece of evidence blows away police reports that the doctor admitted to starting CPR on the star around 10:52am.

A source close to the Murray team said: “It’s clear from the voicemail that Murray is not a man who sounds frantic, worried or in a stressful position.

“But if the police’s timeline is correct, then he would have been almost an hour into giving Jackson CPR.” Murray’s lawyer Ed Chernoff aims to discredit cops’ initial interviews with his client in a bid to convince a jury that they bungled the enquiry.

If he wins this row then Murray could discredit every interview by LAPD detectives.


In their documents filed last July, detectives say Murray told them he gave Jackson the Propofol and went to the toilet for about two minutes. When he returned, he found Jackson unconscious.

This, along with two other calls the doctor made between 11 and 12 that morning, will be at the centre of his defence.

The source added: “Murray’s lawyers know he gave Michael Propofol and understand that killed him. But just what happened in that room in those few hours Michael was last alive will be the key battleground.”

However, the prosecution will say the tape strengthens their case. If the cops’ version of Murray’s timeline IS correct, then it means the call was made while Jacko lay unconscious, or dead, in his Hollywood mansion.

Court documents presented by police say Murray was on his mobile for 47 minutes after 11am. Another says Murray told them Jacko “stopped breathing” at around 11am.

A 911 call placed by Jackson’s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez revealed Murray was doing CPR on his bed to revive the overdosed star at around 12.21pm.

The District Attorney’s Office, through homicide detectives Smith and Martinez, say Murray never informed them of these calls.


Another source said: “The fact that Murray made this call and didn’t tell the police about it may be useful to the prosecution.

“Basically, it shows he was being evasive and had something to hide. Why would you not tell the police about every single thing you had done during those crucial moments when Michael Jackson was dying?”

The prosecution could argue that this call shows that Murray was not in that room or even aware of the victim’s problems.

Other theories discussed on US telly debates imply that Murray knew the star was dead – but was covering his tracks by making routine calls.

Even if the timeline is wrong, prosecutors will argue that Murray’s calls while Jacko was hooked up to an IV drip show he wasn’t paying full attention.

We revealed last year how Murray will claim drug addict Jackson, 51, knew how to self-administer.

Last night a spokesman for the LAPD insisted: “The investigation into the death of Michael Jackson was conducted in a professional manner.”

Our exclusive picture of Jacko’s Deathbed will also play a vital part in the trial over what equipment Murray used to treat his insomniac patient.


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