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Bloodied shirt MJ’s closet

Originally published in August 2009 and released again today, Feb 28, 2010. WHY?


Originally Published: 06 Aug 2009

A WOMEN’S blouse appearing to be stained with blood hangs in Michael Jackson’s wardrobe – sparking a new mystery over the superstar’s death.

It still has a price label attached, indicating it had not been worn and could have been used to mop up blood.

The picture, among a remarkable set that emerged yesterday, was taken days after Jacko died in June.


Tragic … Michael Jackson

It is thought the blouse was NOT seized by police probing the 50-year-old singer’s death in his rented Los Angeles home.

Last night leading US lawyer Craig Silverman said: “It’s pretty extraordinary that a bloody shirt would not be taken as evidence.”

Mr Silverman, who is not involved with the case, said it could be a clue to what went wrong with Dr Conrad Murray’s treatment of Jacko – or the personal physician’s attempts to revive him.

The blouse’s label reads, “Women’s Clothing – Casual Top” with a price of just $3.99.

Los Angeles police could shed no light on the mystery last night.

Asked why the shirt was not taken in by investigators, a spokesman replied: “I don’t know why.”

He added: “Our detectives aren’t speaking to the media about the investigation so we won’t have an answer at the moment. I don’t foresee one for some time.”


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