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A Different Perspective on MJ’s “Hoax Death”

She’s quite a spirited one, this Carmen, lol Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading all about what she thinks happened to MJ. Always good to read different perspectives… The website where I got this info is at the very end of this post.

carmen Says:

December 13th, 2009 at 3:32 am

Dr murry asked for $1mil a month and he says he got only $100K a month! AEG paid dr murry $1Mil a month to assist them to force Michael’s cooperation and to go to jail for a maximum of 3 years, in exchange for $40Mil dispersed in over 4years in offshore accounts!
Dr murry: proud graduate of university of ’some school non can agree on’, father to six or seven or eight kids with about six or seven women, wife beater, drunk, bankrupt in two different states, with leans on every property he owns, and malpractice judgments in memory of his file etc etc..!
AEG took $210mil dollars the opening week of ‘This is it’ and never has to pay Michael the $500Mil signed on the contract!
AEG large real estate investor with a majority of investments in an broken real estate market refused to pay Britney Spears $360MIL and Randy Phillips had a panic attack on Forbes magazine vowing to never pay anyone more the $300mil contract; yet weeks later they sign Michael Jackson with $500MIL and immediately issolate him from family and friends and fire old employees of Jackson and replace them with AEG hired/subcontracted stuff! Bodyguard. Brings in. Dr murry for the children!
If Michael was part of this hoax don’t you think he would have prepared his children instead of calling last minute Prince upstairs the morning of june 25th while he was having a heart attack! Dr. Murry called upstairs Prince after Michael had a ‘heart attack’ not his two younger children!
At the hospital, family and friends ID ed a Michael around 3pm who was still warm despite that he had a heart attack at around 11 40 am -dr murry time! He has a needle mark on his neck! A common place were struggling fighting patients are injected powerful sedatives! Sedatives strong enough to make someone look dead, but reversible!!
Appearances of Michael Jackson alive after 25th are staged with both actors/dancers as well as real Michael Jackson so that everybody thinks that he -Michael- is staging this hoax, this way nobody comes looking for Michael Jackson – not even when he stops publishing music and disappears!
All along AEG gets all the publishing rights to Jackson music without having to pay the $500Mil bill + expenses they owe Michael Jackson keeping Michael alive in humiliation and suffering under constant threat of death and or harm to the children, AEG squizes every last sound that could sell out of Michael in return for less torture and humiliation! Never having to pay a dime of the $500mil, or the house in Europe, just a tiny consolation fee to the Jackson estate!
Don’t forget! Tim Liewinski of AEG cried like a woman when he got asked to pay $4mil to the state for the memorial, Randy Phillips turned blue in the face in an interview with Forbes magazine when he was asked why he refused to sign Britney for $360mil, almost screeched that he will never pay any artist more then $360mil, yet weeks later they sign Michael for $500mil + expenses, in a very lucrative contract that give AEG full rights to all ‘This is it’ material and all music they re-made of Michael Jackson which gives them rights to just about all the music with Michael Jackson name on it!
Michael Jackson would never hurt or abandon his children on purpose; but he would do anything for them, even cooperate with vicious abductors!!!

Dr. Murry didn’t kill Michael because AEG still needs Michael to complete the music they have to make money and publish! He just sadated Michael at the hospital before the family was allowed to see a knocked out Michael and IDed him thinking he is dead! Michael was still warm to the touch at 3pm more then 2 and a half hours after he had a heart attck, with a niddle mark on his neck, a common place struggling/ uncooerating pacients get shot with sedatives, for the sedative to be most effective, extremely torture painful location to get a shot! That is were Dr. Murry disapeared immediately and in a hurry after he got to the hospital!
After Michael was out cold, they needed someone to ID him as dead, so offcourse no doctor would do that not even Murry is not that stupid, so they brought in his family, children, mother, brother, manager, etc etc that offcourse ID him immediately and described him as looking like he was sleeping and still warm to the touch! These people obviosly didn’t know that 2 and half hours after someone is brought in having suffered a heart attack, 40min prior to the ambulance being called, and without any single rececitation cannot possibly still be warm to the touch but should be cold wet clammy and with the eye lids open and the eyes in the back of the head! Not very peaceful look and not warm to the touch! Remember the ambulance never revived him, not even once!
Here’s some of the proof that Michael is not behind this hoax but AEG is; after june 25 the anusual circumstances around Michael’s ‘death’, Dr Murry administered CPR to a 50 years old man in bed, waited to call 911 40 min after the ‘heart attck’ but made personal calls on his cell phone, Dr Murry called upstairs Prince, not Paris, not Blanke, but Prince the older son, to show him Michael dead, according to Dr Murry!
Why would a cardiologist that just lost a pacient call upstairs Prince and not tell chef Kai, that I am sure had a cell phone, that Michael needed an ambulance?! According to Chef Kai, DR Murry came running down the stairs calling for Prince and saying something happened, not he needed ambulance, not help, not nothing, just something happened! Who would call for Prince upstairs last minute?! Only one person who would do that, Michael and that is only possible if he didn’t have a heart attack but if he just had been informed of this hoax and he wanted to protect his son! Why tell only Prince and not the other two kids; did Michael love less Paris and Blanket and wants them to suffer?! No, but if there was a dangerous situation unfolding upstairs he wouldn’t tell the younger kids who most likely would panic and get scared if they realized their father was being kiddnaped!
If Michael faked his death, why would he not prepare all his children, including Paris and Blanket, why would he only wait until last minute to just say goodbye to Prince only and let the other kids in the dark to suffer,and why not prepare Prince for the ID at the hospital?! Perhaps becaus he was surprised with this hoax and then forced into cooperation with the kiddnapers for the safety of his children!
Michael would never abandon or hurt his children; but he would do anything to protect them, including cooperate with abductors to pretend he is dead and/or to convince everyone he doesn’t want to be found!!! The internet is full of stories of hoaxes all with identical montages and music saying that even if Michael’s alive he doesn’t want to be found!
Here’s more proof that AEG is behind this hoax and they have no intention to release Michael and have every intention to kill him after they no longer need him to complete music they can sell: when the informed news makers and other people started to get suspecious of the circumstances of Michael’s ‘death’, AEG brought Michael on Larry King as Dave Dave, introduced him to MiKo Brando, long time friend of Michael for credibility, I am sure had Michael scared to death before this show- DO NOT FORGET, MICHAEL IS THE FATHER OF 3 YOUNG KIDS, and HE WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT THEM- KIDS THAT RANDY PHILLIPS AND HIS ARMED GUARDS HAVE PERSONAL ACCESS TO ANYDAY HE WANTS, and then tryed to convince the public and the rest of the Jackson cavalry that Michael is behind this hoax so nobody come look for him!!!!
Here’s some testemonial proof that Michael is alive: Dr. Murry took 40min to call ambulance, claimed to give baby CPR to a 50year old man, Prince got called upstairts but chef kai wasn’t told to call ambulance, the kids look scared and emotionaly traumatized! Those tears were so real I almost felt the pain and I am not a fan!!! I couldn’t name one single Michael Jackson song prior to june 25th but the moment I saw that ambulance and those body guards I said that looks like a crime being commited before our very eyes and I collected and storred in safety deposit boxes every shread of evidence by any means possible !!!
Dave Dave was Not on Larry King that day, probably got asked to say he was by Michael on a phone call, as a favor! This act done, to convince everyone that Michael, cruel Michael is behind this hoax and behind subjecting his kids and fans to severe pain, so nobody bother come looking for Michael!!!
Shows AEG preparing the ground work for Michael disapearing and hopefuly before anyone competent catches wind of this the trail would be cold and they would never have to pay th $500mil + expenses and will remain with exclusive rights to most Michael’s music and only a tiny fraction to pay at Jackson estate!!! Paris at the memorial, after she saw the stiff in the casket and recognized it wasn’t her father, she cried angry tears and she pleas defensively for her father and Blanket is broken to pieces! Why, if Michael was preparing to fake his death would he not prepare his kids except for Prince for a few seconds upstairs the morning of 25th of June?! Why would good broke Dr. Murry not tell chef Kai to call an ambulance but only asks for Prince to go upstairs, why would the good doctor make long personal calls on the phone when Michael just had a ‘heart attack’, why would a man that had a heart attack around 11 40am. And nobody rececitated him still be warm at 3pm, why would the Dr. Murry run out of the hospital when he just brought in a pacient, where did he ran too? Why would a niddle be administered to the neck vain for rest, the neck vain is the most painful vain to have injected and close to the brain, a vain only used to sedate a struggling/ uncooperating pacient! Michael would have had to be held down to be able to take the excruciating pain of being injected in the neck vain, for at list 30 to 60 second?! Is that what the ‘good’ Dr. Murry was asking and demanding $1mil a month!!!!!Look, there is evidence backing every statement that I have made here! Court admissable evidence!!!!

Let me ask each and everyone of you, for $40mil would you go to jail for 4years and help a man get abducted and let him be killed?!
AEG took $210mil dollars the first week of ‘This is it’! AEG, a comapany with exclusive rights to Michael’s music, and a comany with the majority of it’s assets in a failed real estate market who’s earnings fell in the teens and single digits and who vowed,’Randy Phillips’ interview to Forbes, to never pay any artist more then $300mil, yet signed Michael with a $500mil + expenses lucrative contract weeks later and started rolling those cameras!!!
Tim Liewenski cried like a broke bum that the state of California is robbing him by asking AEG to pay $4mil for the memorial!!! AEG has a problem paying $4mil bill; but were willing to pay Michael $500mil + expenses?! Especially when accomodations were made so they could make all that money without Michael’s live performances in the contract, and in the rehersal performances, when they are having exclusive rights to Michael’s music?!! They can make billions indefinately, save their company from financial disaster without turning one light bulb on!
Please, non of us are blind, we are all a lot more INFORMED then AEG thought!!!! This will come out and it will be ugly!! Poor Michael!!! Poor kids but if we the media and public let these go, Michael will be eventually killed and his blood and suffering would be on our hands just as bad as AEG!

Why would a cardiologist, who just lost a man, call upstairs the 12year old son, and not the ambulance, not even a cry for help!
There is absolutely no reason Dr Murray would call Prince upstairs: the only who would do that is Michael! And that proves that he wasn’t having a ‘heart attack’!
But wait, Dr. Murray said he called Prince because Michael was not having a pulse?! Why, would he call Prince and not ask chef Kai, who was there, to call an ambulance! Why wouldn’t he at list ask chef Kai the address so that he could call an ambulance?!
Why would he wait 40min after he called Prince upstairs to call an ambulance?!
If Michael’s faking his own death then why did he call upstairs only Prince?! Doesn’t he love Paris and Blanket enough to say goodbye to them too or who was he protecting the 2 younger kids from?! Why only Prince got called upstairs and why so last minute if he is behind this hoax?!!
What happen that only Prince -the oldest- could handle?! Because there is no reason dr. Murray would call a 12 year old boy to show him his father suffered a ‘heart attack’ instead of calling for help or an ambulance, especially since the chef was right there?!
If Michel is behind these hoax, do you think he would have allowed Paris to get ripped to pieces like she was at the memorial!!
Since there is no reason for Dr. Murray to call upstairs Prince and the only one who would have a reason to call Prince upstairs is Michael, in an attempt to protect his children from a danger he didn’t know off the night before, who could be causing this danger for Michael to protect his children from, the morning he, according to Dr. Murray already had a ‘heart attack’, before Dr. Murray called Prince upstairs?! What were they doing for 40min upstairs instead of calling 911?! Was Prince administering CPR?!
These people at AEG are a bunch of mama’s boys that had everything given to them on a platter and never had to earn an honest dollar in their lives! From the hoax they are conducting I can tell they are the kind of people who maid it through school only half conscious and the rest of the time high on every drug they could find in the streets! They think they can fool the public with demeaning and stereotyping Michael and come up with all this half baked explanations! Hey the rest of the world is not LA and nobody gives a damn about LA. Los Angeles does not run the world; the world runs Los Angeles! The world is smart, very smart, and we see everything and forget nothing! Usually the less wealthier, the smarter and more gifted the public. Michael belongs to the world and not LA! We are not stupid and we do care and you are not even awake enough to get your stories straight! Find an intelligent way to let Michael return alive and healthy to public service, his family and loved one and find it fast!!!!

Don’t forget AEG had been working on preparing the contract with Michael Jackson for over a year prior to signing the final version of the contract in March ‘09 and the terms were set by AEG, not Michael’s team, because one of the main investors in AEG loaned/co-signed Michael the money to save Nverland Ranch from the banks! Who?! I am interested; what’s going on with that deal?! So the ‘man’ who loaned Michael all this money made the connection to AEG, a company he owns?! I have a lot of respect for Germans in general but were is ‘he’ in this mess?!!!

No sweety, he killed ‘an old man’ who the ambulance didn’t recognize and recorded as showing signs of lividity, blood setteling to one side of the body at 12:21pm! Michael was said to be warm to the touch at 2:30pm accodring to family! Impossible for a body showing signs of blood setteling 2h earlier!!
Also, here’s food for thought: NO DOCTOR SIGNED THE DEATH CERTIFICATE! EVEN THE ER DOCTOR REFUSED TO SIGN THE DEATH CERTIFICATE! NO DOCTOR IN THAT WHOLE HOSPITAL WOULD SIGN THE DEATH CERTIFICATE! THE SISTER was told she has to sign it! That is illegal and NEVER DONE!!! HERE’S WHY NO DOCTOR WOULD SIGN THE DEATH CERTIFICATE: A DOCTOR IS UNDER OATH AND PENALTY OF PERJURY WHEN THEY SIGN A DEATH CERTIFICATE, SAYING THAT PERSON IS DEAD! IF A DOCTOR LIE ABOUT THAT HE LOOSES HIS LICENCE AND FACES JAIL TIME! THE BODY THE FAMILY IDed was ‘warm to the touch’ after 2:30pm! The body peeked up by the ambulance two hours earlier at 12:21 pm ’showed signs of lividity’ blood setteling to one side of the body because of death! That body could not be warm to the touch 2 hours later! The EMT was also said that they didn’t recognize Michael Jackson!
The only part that I have said that is a theory is that ‘AEG is behind this kidnapping’! That is theory based on analysis OF ALL REAL FACTS, CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE, AND STATEMENTS OF THE PEOPLE and PERSONAL AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME! There are other suspects, MORE LIKELY THAT COULD AFFORD TO DO THESE KIDNAPPING ! FOR EXAMPLE: THOMEI THOMEI – FIRED FINANCIAL ADVISOR TO Michael – a man Michael had one of his advisors record him (Michael) stating he(Thomei) made him (Michael) ‘..fear for his life.. and made financial and legal decisions without telling (Michae) and without permission (from Michael)…” tapes aired on shows ‘Extra’ and other TV shows! Thomei Thomei knew everbody to whom Michael owed money because he was his former financial advisor! It’s a safe guess that the only reason AEG hired Thomei to Michael’s contract would be to keep on eye on him! Especially since he is the man made Michael fear for his life, according to statements made by Michael on recorded tape!
Michael also accuses Thomei – on his recorded taped statement of ‘…attempting to run his life….’ ! Hmm… Let’s see Thomei Thomei from Lebanon, extreme bank account might, SLOPPY kidnapping so badly done everithing points to kidnapping, money owed, ALL ASSETS IN ONE MAN’S TALENT & THE ONLY WAY THOSE ASSETS CAN BE CASHED IS IF MICHAEL STAYS ALVE!
HERE is what I believe clears AEG from being an initial suspect: they could make tones of money with Michael if he were able to make appearences! Shows TV, projects with other actors! AEG needs long term asset at max potential! A man declared dead under disgusting obvious lies, makes people just sad and disgusted NOT SPENDING MONEY! However, who has Michael can extort any amount of money they want until SOME BODY GETS THE GROWS THE NUTTS TO GO BRING MICHAEL BACK HOME!!!

Yes,there is plenty of court admissable evidence to show Michael survived JUNE 25th and is most likely forced to fake his death! It would be impossible for a man to be ‘warm to the touch’ 3h after a massive heart attack with no rececitation, showing signs of lividity 2h earlier to still be ‘warm’ at 2:30pm, unless that man at the hospital was different man then the body the EMT recorded ’showing signs of lividity’/cooling blood settling at 12:21pm! Further, there was a flood of events beginning June 25th, that just drove me nutz to investigate! I analyze information all the time, I have such a strong think tank, I can’t even sleep when I need to figure something out! By late summer I realized I have to figure these out and by october I was on board with this insanity coming out of LA! I have never seen such a mess of evidence! I did mistakenly, accuse AEG and I retract that accusation! I thought it was a simple case! It is a simple case, it’s just a matter of what we allow people with raw courage to get away with in our society! Michael had such an ignorant situations in the past 10yrs; accused of 8 counts of felony charges based only on unsubstanciated statements?! Someone needs to find some civil remedy against the state attorney office /LAPD for everything MICHAEL suffered ! The only reason these possible kidnapping is happaning is because Michael’s reputation was so badly
damaged that he became an easy target to people like THOMEI, who used and pressed their advantage so much that poor Michael had assocites record his pleas for help because he was ’scared to of death of Thomei’ -he should have pressed charges against Thomei but it’s not like he wanted to get sexually assautlted again by the cops!! With no law enforcement to ask for help he had his friend record his fears on tape -just in case!! If you have anymore doubts of Michael’s innocence here’s proove why the 8 counts didn’t stick:THE FATHER OF THE BASTARD CHILD WHO MICHAEL helped cure of cancer, WHO ACCUSED MICHEL OF touching him, COMMITTED SUICIDE!!! He didn’t deserve the dignaty of death! He should be in jail together with the idiot who charged Michael with 8 counts and could only traumatize and harass Mihael, but could NOT make a single count stick!!! I got one word for those 8 counts – PERSECUTION!!!

You know, this whole attempt to convince the public that Michael is fine, and not in any real danger, is about as dum and transparently ridiculous as the instance in the beginning of Iraq war when the Iraq army were firing their guided missles without any guidence equipment! Those things went up and came only straight down! The Iraq army were effectively destroying themselves!!! These silly attempts to say Michael’s ‘faking his own death’ are as stupid as and IMPOSSIBLE as C. Murray saying he didn’t call the ambulance for an hour because he didn’t know the address!! Conrad Murray could have ran to the front gate in 90sec or less and get the address to call 911 at 11:30pm! Instead he waited until 12:41pm to call an ambulance, inspite of accidentally running into Chef Kai in the kitchen before the 911 was called! Conrad Murray claims get even more insulting when he claims that he had been ‘pumping’ Michael from 11:30 until 911 arrived! He actually made THREE PERSONAL CALLS on his cell phone before 911 was
called – so how could he be ‘pumping’ Michael and be on the cell phone at the same time?! Here’s another dum twist that raises yet another red flag: the video tape from the security camera dissapeared!!! If Conrad Murray was so overwhelmed with grief that he was compelled to confess, why steal the security video!!!! Conrad Murray further has the audacity to try and say that he didn’t know the address of his only patient in spite of having his own bedroom there!!! To add injury to insult, Murray was brought in by the body guards rumored to have been hired or brought to protect Michael by Thomei – the guy Michael was so terrified would murder him he actually recorded tapes of allegations by Moichael against Thomei raging from’ making Michael fear for his life’ to ‘manipulating Michael’s money against his wished and without consulting with Michael’ to ‘attempting to run Michael’s life’! NOT THE GUY YOU WANT HIRING YOUR DOCTOR!! Rumors also say that Thomei was fired from Michael and his contract days before June 25th for the second time!!! Michael had no plans to fake his death: he never prepared emotionally his kids and as a result they were traumatized beyond any amount of pain that Michael would freely allow to be inflicted on his little kids! Further to show Michael had no plans to fake his death is that he made plans with other musocians for new production work, he went house hauting in Vegas and found a house and made a renevations plan for the new house he intended to buy!!! He bought new art work etc etc..!

You know, if Michael doesn’t show up and clear these people of any wrong doing, added all these evidence together, there may be enough to cause a full investigation! And here’s another thing about Thomei, a lebanese financial advisor with extreme financial ties to all sorts investments in middle-east: why would he, as Michael’s financial advisor, be so determined to ’scare Michael -his client- to death’, ‘manipulate money’, ‘attempt to run Michael’s life’! Thomei is not broke, he invested money for other people and weather Michael made or lost money he would still get paid his fee!! So why manipulate money, intimidate Michael, get himself fired twice, what does he need money for so desperately he was acting in a manner that could ruin his cradibility in the face of all his investors?!!! Let’s take a wild guess and ask ourselves, who in the middle east badly needs money and could lean on a financial advisor such as Thomei?!?! Hmm…! Who needs funding in the middle east desperately now?!?! You answer that on your own!!! There is got to be a reason Thomei intimidated Michael to death over money (as Michael says on his tapes) and I am sure that the desperation that drove Thomei to act in that manner against his client has to have a scientific source of motivation!!! Thomei’s not scarry, I see a lot worse then Thomei on a regular basis! Thomei, in my assesment of him: is arrogant, predictable and caupable of a possible kidnapping / possible murder of a gentle kind good fair non violent man!! However, he is not a that kind of person unless he had a motivating factor forcing him, Thomei, to drop his guard and be aggresive etc etc as Michael discribes him in the tapes!!!

First of all, unofficially, Mr. Thomei’s rumored, between you and I, behind close curtains, loves male friendships… 2nd: to JMAC: DO NOT TALK WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Michael’s family has nothing to gain from Michael’s ‘DEATH’! Everyone in Michael’s family, starting with the father was cut out! The mother had a 20% cut, if she would not have challenged the will! Unfortunately, she did challenge the will when she filled a lawsuit attempting to declare Michael ‘incompetent’ in an attempt to become one of the executors of the estate! The judge strikes down her motion, and because she challenged the Michael will, she lost her cut in the 20%! She only remains receiving 86K a month allowance for her and the children’s expenses! The rest of the family, all brothers and sister are not mentioned Michael ‘Last testament’ except for the father who is specifically cut out!
Nobody in Michael’s family is gaining $1, except for the children, who remain to receive 60% after their 18th birthday + 20% the mother was suppose to get if she had not challenged Michael’s ‘Last Testament’ [ The Last Testament has a provision written, which makes it so if anyone challenges the ‘Last Testament’ they loose their cut – that is why Michael’s mother lost her cut and that cut was brought back to the kids]!
The rest of the estate goes to charity and 2% for administrative costs to Michael’s lawyer and manager – the two executors of the estate chosen by Michael some 10yrs ago when he wrote ‘The testament’! Further, Michael’s family losses $$$BILLIONS because they made arrangements with Michael to have a comeback tour after the o2 concerts – ‘The Jackson 5′ comeback tour, which needs Michael’s live performance in order to sell any tickets!!!! Without Michael, they could not even put together one performance in Austria, after June 25th!!!! Michael is ‘Jackson 5′ star performer!!! Further, because Michael could not perform at the o2 concerts, the estate earned a lot less money off course, barely pays off the debt on Neverland and Michael’s future earnings are not easy to pull off! Further, the family was denied permission to turn Neveland into Graceland like business and therefore, until all 3 kids of get to be 18yrs of age, Neverland will remain untouched! The oldest is 12yrs old! All other possible children of
Michael’s have no rights to the estate as specifically written by Michael in his ‘Last Testament’! The family is so financially screwed, by June 25th ‘death’ it’s ridiculous!! Further, there was rumors that Joe Jackson use to go everyday by the Michael’s rented home, in an attempt to try to mend the relationship with his son; but, the Thomei hired bodyguards and security would not let the old man have any contact with Michael!!! Michael, sold 85 concerts in a 23000 sits arena, for the O2 concerts in 15min. and because of the high demand they had to shut down the sales office!!! MICHAEL DID LEGALLY AGREE without any opposition that I could find, to make 50concerts as long as the concerts were spaced over a year and he was to have a comfortable home for him and his children! He also became very involved in every aspect of the concert – from the lighting, to choosing the dancers, to the animation and props – all details that he volunteered to get out of the bed in the morning and insist to have adjusted to
his specific taste! If he was not interested in the o2 concerts and they would have had to drag him out bad every morning, why would he choose to do tons of extra work he did not have to do!!! Further, he got a personal trainer to get him in shape for the shows !!! Michael loved his comeback and was looking forward to being in the spotlight for years and years in the future!!! He even got a home in Las Vegas he had put a hold to buy and was to be renovated to have a large studio were he could work any day he wanted!!! That means June 25th is billions of dollars lost for Michael’s family and the opportunity to mend fences and be close like a family should be – lost!!!!
Thomei Thomei, was Michael’s financial advisor! Thomei Thomei did behave in the last year before June 2dth in a manner that made Michael so terrified he made recorded tapes stating ‘Thomei was making him fear for his life over money, and Thomei was manipulating his (Michael’s) money against without informing him and against his intentions’! Thomei was fired for the 2nd time just days before the o2 concerts from Michael’s contract, there was a published magazine article saying ’sources close to Michael’ say Michael’s doctors are giving him 6 month to live, in spite of All of Michael’s doctors saying he was in good heath! That grim magazine prediction was published exactly 6month and 1day from June 25th! All the team of bodyguards and doctors, including C. Murray were hired by Thomei! Thomei was fired just days before the June 2th ‘death’! Thomeo was at the hospital after Michael was declared ‘dead’ by his sister who signed the temporary death certificate that all doctors refused to sign!!!
Michael was said to be ‘warm to the touch’ at 2:30pm which is an indication of a WEAK PULSE! The body the ambulance picked up at 12:21pm had signs of lividity according to EMT notes! Lividity means the blood in the body at the house was already cold and turning skin blue 2hours earlier and Michael at the hospital, was still ‘warm’ 2hours later after the body at the house was at 12:21pm already cold! The house heating was on extreme high, in spite of outside not being to cold! IT IS A KNOWN FACT IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY THE HEAT ON HIGH WILL MOST LIKELY CAUSE A PATIENT ON ANESTHESIA TO EXPERIENCE IRREGULAR RAPID BREATHING, CHOKE ON HIS BREATH AND DIE!!! The body at the house was widely reported to be deathly skinny, the ambulance personal did not recognize at first, have no hair anywhere in on the body and in the morgue was said to have lost a nasal prosthesis! ALL A SHARP CONTRASICTION TO THE ATHLETIC 136p MICHAEL WE SEE AT THE STAPLE CENTER REHERSAL, 2days prior, on June 23! Further, Michael’s Dr. Klein
went on Larry King swinging his fists, saying Michael does not have a nasal prosthesis, and was in great health and a great mood!! The statement that was constantly contradicted by eye witnesses who described the body emaciated skinny, with no hair anywhere, and missing a nasal prosthesis! Michael in the June 25th death has obvious facial hair irritation from shaving, which means if he had hair on his face he had hair in other body parts too!!! If anyone is to make money of any of ‘Michael’s music’ they need Michael to put that music together!!!! That means they need Michael alive, in order to extort money from anyone who has the rights to Michael’s music – such as AEG- who happens to have exclusive rights to some of Michael’s best music!!! By the way, AEG lost billions too because Michael’s 25th ‘death’ and are left barely getting some financial returns that are pennies on the dollar when compared to what AEG could have made of Michael if he were not declared dead by his sister on June 25th!
The sister who says she was told she had to sign the death certificate because no doctor would sign it -in spite of Michael being ‘warm to the touch’!!! The coroner the tool this illegally invalid sister signed, positive ID ed, death certificate and instead of rejecting it for being invalid, the coroner issued a VALID death certificate and identification!! This makes the Valid coroner D.C. Invalid, because it is based on an invalid signed death certificate!!! ALL DOCTORS REFUSED TO SIGN DEATH CERTIFICATE!! The body at the house had a different description then the body Michael’s family saw at the hospital: the body at the house was written by EMT as showing signs of lividiy – cold blood, the body at the hospital 2hours later was ‘warm’!
Think about it: when the doctors who treated Michael came in to the ER room, who showed them which room the body was in? The bodyguards hired by Thomei? When the doctors refused to sign the death certificate, who approached Michael’s sister, Thomei and his team? When the people who came to take the body to the coroner from the hospital who showed those people in which room was the body? Thomei and the bodyguards. Who was standing next to Jermain declaring Michael dead to the public? Thomei! These kidnapping could have been easily accomplished without any involvement from the authorities?! Just point them in th wrong direction! Plus let’s not forget C. Murray was rumored, as reported by CNN in the hours and days after June 25th, to have asked $1mil a month from AEG?! He only got 100K a month?! Hm..$1mil a month for what? Let’s see, the only evidence he handled probafol is only in his statements and no other documented evidence exists showing he bought or stored or handled probafol and nobody saw Murray inject Michael with probafol! So the only real evidence against C. Murray is in his own statements! So if he was so guilty he felt like confessing to a crime nobody saw him commit and had evidence he committed, WHY IS THE SURVEILANCE TAPE MISSING from the house? WHY STEAL THE TAPE IF YOU ARE GONNA CONFESS? C. Murray also states that Michael stopped breathing at 11:25am but the ambulance was called at 12:21pm! Why the 1h delay? Murray said he was running around the house for an hour because he did not know the address and could not find anyone in the house to ask for 1h! Murray could have ran to the front gate in under 30sec. if he didn’t know the address and called 911 at 11:30am and not 12:21pm! Murray further stated he did baby CPR on Michael in bed for and hour! He was reported by investigators to have been making 3 personal calls while he was suppose to be doing the baby CPR on the bed!! Michael’s autopsy was delayed for 4month! And 10days after the funeral?!?! Why the delay?!

while the first logical suspect on my list was AEG, as soon as I realized that I need to actually imvestigate the circumstances around Mr. Jackson’s team and assocites, AEG were the first people I cleared completely of my suspect list. I said that earlier! AEG stands nothing to gain and only to loose billions for not being able to have Michael perform and promote music, productions, movies etc. What AEG is making now of Michael’s musoc are pennies on the dollar! Further, they lost the comeback of historical proportions and stand to gain nothing! When I first wrote that AEG may be the logical suspect I wasn’t investigating this case but simply expressed an opinion. A much closer investigative observations revealed Thomei as the most likely suspect based on the public evidence and my research! Then again, I don’t believe in eliminating any suspect, even little green man, until the man or the evidence needed comes forward giving a conclusive answer! It MICHAEL or THE TRUTH: I am always
keeping every possibility open!!! But the only guy that has shown interest/documented threats/ evidence to be a threat to Michael’s life and could have been the driving force behind C. Murray since he hired C. Murray and the body guards, is your favorite honey – Thomei Thomei!!
Hey, all those accusations are Michael’s own words, recorded on tape, prior to June 25th, in fear of Thomei, tapes made at Michael’s request in case something happens to him!! That means those tapes can be used to bring charges in court against Thomei Thomei!!!

Here’s the duzy: you’ve got a money starved Lebanese, funneling money like crazy all over the world, so desperate for Michael’s money and control over Michael’s every move he terrifies Michael ‘to death’, he hires all of the bodyguards and then one of the bodyguards brings in Murray, a cardiologist to treat the kids ! Were there no pediatricians in LA?! Then this cardiologist asks for $1mil a month according to cnn reports. Why $1mil a month? Tell me something, would you go to jail for $1mil a month for a max. of 4yrs!! Murray is a doctor with an expired license, in CA, bankrupt in CA and LV, with 6 kids by 4 women all seeking child support. He also has numerous judgments for malpractice against all of his properties! This guy is not a ‘doctor’ with a career ahead of himself! Manslaughter charges are a joke and an injustice! According to my research the body who got picked up by the ambulance and was recorded as showing lividity at 12:21 and not recognized by EMT personal was NOT MICHAEL but a man murdered
who looked like Michael! This is why I believe a man was murdered and not Michael: the body at the house was cold 2hours before Michael’s sister said Michael was ‘warm’ at 12:21pm, consistently all media sources reported the man at the morgue to have a nasal prosthesis which Michael’s Dr. Klein violently denied Michael has, Dr. C. Murray claimed he did child CPR in bed on Michael because Michael was to skinny and fragile to receive adult CPR and all media sources said the body at the morgue was emaciated skinny, yet rehearsal footage 2days prior at Staples Center, show a healthy athletic lean cut Michael at what I guessed then was 135p, easily going through a 4 h full dress rehearsal, the body at the morgue was said to have no hair anywhere on the body, but video rehearsal show Michael had irritation from shaving his face which means he had hair on his face and off course other body parts, ALL DOCTORS REFUSED TO SIGN DEATH CERTIFICATE etc etc. That could explain why the missing security tape, that could explain why Dr. C. Murray could not find the front gate security to call 911 in 90 second and waited a whole 1h before he asked security to call EMT, that could explain why Murray was on the cell phone making 3 personal calls when he claims he was doing child CPR on a 136p man!!!! Look, people like Thomei Thomei, are not very intelligent, but are usually incredibly arrogant, money hungry and act like they control the movement of the planets in the sky and everyone needs to accept what they say regardless!!! Well, it’s just that level of arrogant stupidity that leaves a trail of evidence for decades and decades to be found!! Weather we manage to recover Michael alive or not, we must gather the evidence and put it in the right hands! In my informed opinion, Murray should be charged with murder one, of the guy who’s body in the morgue lost a nasal prosthesis, Michael’s kidnapping and extortion!

Michael has LUPUS + VITILIGO + BROKEN BACK/PELVIS INJURIES + BURNS WITH NECCESARY RECONSTRACTIVE WORK – pain killers are necessary to stay alive! lupus is a disfiguring flash and bone and joint digenerating excrutiatingly painful disease which requires constant surgical maintenece in order to combat the symptoms. Vitiligo is an ugly skin pigment irregularity which ravaged poor Michael face body so aggressively he could only try to lighten his skin to be able to show his face in public without looking like a dalmation! I’ve never seen vitiligo as bad as he had in my life: people accusing him of ‘wanting to be white’ are ABOUT AS IGNIRANT AS YOU ACCUSING MICHAEL OF HAVING AN ADDICTION! He has a necessiy for pain killer because of the lupus,burns/recontructive skin grafting/lotions for evenning out his pigmentation all over the body! Without pain killers he would go into shock and die! Michael most likely needed the nasal reconstructive work because the nose is one of the manny extremities lupus attacks and disfigures, if not stopped through aggressive painful medical procedures. Further lupus attacks all joints in the body causing extreme bone and cartilage pain, pretty much at all times! Maybe in Michael best day, he
feels like you and I would feel if someone took a baseball bat and hit all our joint! Staying ahead of aggressive vitiligo in an ignorant world is almost as bad as lupus itself; since his skin requires constant pigment readjustments through lotions/med. poor Michael probably never had a peaceful morning look in the mirror until all his skin even out the pigment to the point vitiligo had nothing to attack!!! Yet ignorant people continued to take rumors or even little white lies and drag conclusions without examining any real data! Michael did develop a painkiller dependency after dealing with lupus/burn injury etc. and grueling self imposed painful rehearsal schedules during the Thriller concerts! The pain killers were a requirement for the procedures and he did need those pain killers to survive long after the medical procedure and still does! However, as a dancer, you need to be very awake and not groggy to perform well: which is why I believe he immediately made efforts to have
non drowsy pain killers/ sleep aids etc..
That shows self control, not an addicts quality! 2nd and very important is the fact that Michael used small diplomatic white lies to get out of BIG CRIMINAL LIES / EXTORTIONS! In LA, people in the justice system had no interest to protect Michael but only liked to make large sums of money off allowing media circus in 2 court cases which had NO PHYSICAL evidence OF ANY KIND to substantiate any of the accusations! So tired of being harassed and exploited, I am taking and educated guess that Michael checked himself in an addiction clinic in Europe! Michael doesn’t have an addiction: he has a painkiller medication need to survive the day and night pains!! However, through his extreme patience and perseverance he managed to cut back most painkillers! NOW HERE’S THE PROVE MICHAEL WAS NOT ADDICTED TO PROBAFOL BASED ON PUBLIC STATEMENTS OF THE PEOPLE IN MICHAEL’S CIRCLE ‘marine_wife’: WHERE DID MICHAEL LIVE BEFORE HIS RETURN TO US? BAHRAIN! A BEAUTIFUL NATION ALL YOUR MARINE HUBBIES GO TO PARTY NEXT TO SAUDI ARABIA in THE MIDDLE EAST! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING YOUR MARINE HUBBY ISN’T GONNA TELL YOU! IN BAHRAIN/MIDDLE EAST, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE SOME MONEY, not talking millions, just tens of thousands $$, YOU CAN BUY ANYTHING!!!! FROM BODY ORGANS TO WOMEN TO GUNS TO COCAIN TO A PRIVATE HOSPITAL TO MILITARY UNIFORMS!!!! WHAT EVER YOU WANT THAT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE EVEN TO SPEAK WITHOUT GETTING ARRESTED ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WILL FIND IN BAHRAIN / MIDDLE EAST and probably the best quality too; this also applies to doctors and medical procedures! IF MICHAEL WANTED PROBAFOL HE COULD HAVE THE BEST MEDICAL ANSTHESIOLOGISTS WITH A GOLDEN IV DROPPER ON HIS PRIVATE WORLD CLASS JET TOGETHER WITH A DECADE SUPPLY OF PROBAFOL WITH HIM EVERYWHERE HE NEEDED/WANTED!!!! YET WHAT WERE THE FIRST SIGN OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AFTER THE CONRAD MURRAY BOMBARDMENT OF CONTRADICTING IRRATIONAL HALF-REMEMBERED LIES ??? NURSE LEE, A WOMAN THAT CAN MEMORIZE HER LIES WITH SUCH PERCISION THAT SHE USES THE SAME WORDS, DAY AFTER DAY WHEN SHE LIES: THAT’S GETTING YOUR MONEY’s WORTH, not the crap out of C. Murray!!! NURSE LEE, IS A NUTRITIONAL NURSE, WHICH WAS SEND TO MICHAEL BY MICHAEL’s THOMEI HIRED BODYGUARD AND
ASSOCIATES, because Michael had turned to holistic /homeopathic medication and good nutrition to fight of the diseases and to raise his family: NOT THE ACTIONS OF AN ADDICT!! AND WHAT DID NURSE LEE SO EFFICIENTLY LIE ABOUT?? OH, IN THE ONLY 2 VISITS SHE HAD WITH MICHAEL IN MARCH, SHE CLAIMS THAT AFTER SHE TOOK MICHAEL’s BLOOD TESTS AT HIS REQUESTS, HE ‘BEGGED’ HER FOR PROBAFOL and went on and on even calling her on the phone for probafol!!! Wait just a second here: for those of us who didn’t smoke marijuana in high-school, that makes no sense!!! NURSE LEE IS A NUTRITIONAL NURSE, MICHAEL CALLED FOR A NUTRITIONAL EXPERT, MICHAEL IS MORE KNOWLEDGEBLE THEN MOST WITH OPPERATING ROOM NURSES, yet he called for a nutritional nurse he never seen before looking for probafol! A NUTITIONAL NURSE HAS NO ACCESS TO OPERATING ROOMS! HE REQUESTED A NUTRITIONAL NURSE FROM HIS BODYGUARDS! HE DIDN’T CALL THE DOZENS OF OPERARATING ROOM NURSES HE KNOWS IN LA and the world, MICHAEL ASKED SPECIFICALLY FOR A NUTRITIONAL NURSE!!!
A SCRIPTED MEMORIZED STAEMENT WITHOUT ANY SHAKING IN HER VOICE AND LOOKING PERFECTLY CAMERA READY AND UNSHAKEN IN HER VOICE, SHE ALMOST LOOKED LIKE A REPORTER READING OF A PROMPTER THE SAME NEWS BULLETIN IN EVERY NEWS STATION, EVEN USING THE SAME EXACT WORDS EVERY TIME!!! DID SHE WAKE UP THAT MORNING, DO HER HAIR PERFECTLY BRAIDED AND FIX EVERY STRAND OF HAIR AND PUT ON HER SUNDAY SUIT AND SHOES AND WAITED BY THE DOOR FOR MICHAEL TO DIE, AT 2:30pm, SO SHE COULD RUN DOWN TO THE NEWS STATION AND TELL EVERYONE THE GOOD NEWS, MICHAEL ‘BEGGED’ HER FOR PROBAFOL, and she told him she didn’t know what it was, and then she looked it up, and told him it was bad and it could kill him, but he ‘begged’ her anyway yada yada yada ya, tata rata tata ta?! By God, she said it so many times so fast on some different interviews, 8 month later I still can’t get her words out of my head!!! She must have had GPS or a RACING LIMO waiting for her outside because she went from one news interview to another so fast she was behaving
more like a presidential hopeful campaigning candidate in the last day before the election!!! She didn’t react like a shocked nurse, she was within hours flashing her statement almost faster then the news reporters could keep up with her in every news station in perfect clothing and without a hair out of place in statements so well prepared she even used the same exact words and punctuation in every news interview! It was a THURSDAY, why wasn’t she at work?!?! Why would she leave her paying patients, to make DOZENS of interviews and I’ve never seen a nurse who’s hair and cloth was more presentable then the newscaster themselves!!! She should have made a tape and handed it out to everybody!!!!

All of my educated ‘theories’ are based on public records, statements backed by verified sources and eye witness accounts, recorded published evidence etc.. It is called being self aware and from the moment I heard on June 25th, that any man/doctor would perform CPR in bed on 50 yrs old and followed by the same man/doctor statement saying he didn’t call 911 because he didn’t know the address for an hour, in spite of heaving functioning cell phone, and then his idiotic claim continued with him saying he could not find anyone around the house to call 911 for an hour even those he could have ran to the front gate security in under 90 second and asked for 911 or one of the dozen reporters/chauffeurs/bodyguards/ etc for the address and to call 911. When I heard those statements every hair on my back stood straight up and I switched on to recording, documenting, researching, verify, and search some more! The explanation were so sickening, that you had to be either not interested or retarded not to be intellectually ticked off, and immediately, react with record, research, disprove. Yes, I researched, documented and stored in both safety deposits. boxes, files folders off site, and at my office everything from media to public records to actual field work which I am still continuing so if you have any info. please show it! As fur as what I am doing with my research, I don’t need you telling me what to do! Trust me I know what to do better then the people all around Michael’s circle! Thanks for the advice but my ‘theories’ are expressed here and in many other public forums are only what I can back up with public evidence anyone can research and if you research is done well you will find everything I said is backed up by public records, reliable verified statements and everything the public has access too and all of my public forum discussions are after the autopsy report was released. Off course, I came across other evidence then what is published but I would never let that go out of my hands or make any comments! You have to understand, a murder charge, possible conviction is an ugly 2nd prize but If I will find exact prove that Michael and not some other guy is in that coffin; then, trust me, the right people will get the rest of the evidence! Thanks for the advice, but like I said, you really have to be ignorant or really distracted not to vomit at almost everyone in Michael’s surrounding circle on June 25th explanation on what happened to this man – a father of 3 little kids, a man who made corporate America billions and paid about 38% in taxes on those billionS, had about at list 10 good years to make more billionS and had plans in music/movie/production for him, his kids and extended family, donated/raised $365 million dollars for charity in impoverished areas of the world exemplifies the American spirit of generosity, fought for civil rights and against racism, and had tones of more charity and powerful world changing plans not just as ideas; but, actual plans with scores of people and teams ready to spring into action
and fulfill those plans! Yes he is worth all of our time and dedication dead or alive! If he pops up alive, trust me I am not gonna be questioning anything, as long as verifiable DNA tests are there to prove it’s him and I would verify those DNA tests. If not I would have to be brain dead not to gather as much evidence as possible so even a blind and deaf jury would find these people guilty beyond any reasonable doubt! Trust me I am not alone and I never was or would be alone; nobody is ever alone in this world we all have each other and even criminals, even psychotic criminals have a heart and do cry!

Keep in mind, probafol is not an illegal substance! Probafol is not regulated like cocaine or any illegal narcotic drug. Even those you cannot buy probafol at a pharmacy is US, it is not illegal to transport probafol especially when you have an illness that requires surgeries and you travel internationally, for long periods of time, to countries and places where you might need surgery and there is no way to guarantee those places have the right anesthesia! Michael, as a lupus/broken back/etc.etc.. had the perfect excuse to transport gallons of probafol on his international private jet he just flew in from Bahrain and Europe, where you can buy gallons of probafol: HE HAD NO NEED TO BEG NURSE LEE -a nutritional nurse he never met in his life before – FOR PEOBAFOL IN MARCH OVER AND OVER AND OVER! If Michael was an addict to probafol he would have easily maintained a large supply of probafol and an anesthesiologist from some foreign country with him at all times as well as reviving equipment to safely
administer probafol; after all, if Michael was an addict this was not his first time! There was no reviving equipment at the house at all, and there is no evidence of C. Murray, buying, transporting, ordering or handling probafol in any way or form found by any law enforcement! In March, according to Nurse Lee, after Michael spend years in Bahrain and just flew in from Europe, ‘HE BEGGED’ her for probafol!!! June 25th, after Michael was announced dead by his brother at the hospital, with Tohmei -the guy Michael feared to death, who just got fired days before June 25th- at Jermain side, right after that announcement, a fleet of white with blue letters moving trucks pulled into Michael’s rented home, since the area was not declared a crime scene for two days, and this fleet of trucks all went because they were transporting something! This fleet of vans, went into Michael’s house after he was declared dead and days before the police declared the area a crime scene and went in to collect evidence. Everyone from Michael’s family, to Tohmei bodyguards, to chef, and truck drivers had access to Michael’s house and the place the police declared a crime scene 2days later and went there to obtain evidence!!! I don’t see how that crime scene evidence can be trusted by anyone!!! Those vans could have loaded gallons of probafol, heck they could have transported a tank and entire drug pharmacy and couple of dead bodies in their! Nobody saw what those trucks brought or took into or out of the house except for the people Michael feared to death, and distant and easily manipulated family and strangers paid to be there by unknown sources! And after everybody and their trucks were long gone, the police declared the area a crime scene and went to gather evidence! So if Michael didn’t have the probafol in March, because of Nurse Lee’s statements, there is no evidence C. Murray ordered or handled probafol anywhere, then were did the probafol come from?! And if Michael was such an addict to probafol, as the father of three kids, why wasn’t there any reviving equipment at the house?! Almost half the time when on probafol is used, reviving is necessary, so if he regularly used probafol like C. Murray says, he should have needed to be revived before and therefore reviving equipment is just what comes with using probafol! If you intend the patient to wake up! THERE WASN’T A SINGLE REVIVING EQUIPMENT AT THE HOUSE! The description of the body at the morgue was consistently different and opposite to medical description of Michael by his other doctors and the June 23rd reversal video!
Body at the house EMT wanted to dclare dead on the scene and was recorded as ’showing signs of lividity’, body at the hospital 2h later was ‘warm to the touch’, ’still warm’, ‘looking like he was sleeping’ according to family and associates. Body at the morgue was missing a nasal prosthesis, showing a dark hole instead of a nose, according to many many established media reports and news station stories and magazines -not written in the 4month delayed autopsy- reports that Dr. Klein viciously deny on Larry King saying Michael has no nasal prosthesis and he’s been treating Michael with injectable fillers which can only be infected in natural nose cartilage and not a prosthesis! I’ve go the articles and reports! The body at the morgue is described as deathly skinny and having no hair anywhere on the body. The reports stay consistent until 2weeks after Michael’s funeral, 4month after death, until the autopsy report says he wasn’t deathly skinny like everyone including Dr. C. Murray said! (Remember Murray said he did child CPR in bed on Michael because he was to skinny and fragile for adult CPR on a hard surface). So the morgue sources consistently describe Michael as deathly skinny which is a huge contrast to the rehearsal video of June 23rd where Michael looks lean and cut and about 136p like the 4month and two weeks after the funeral report notes Michael! That’s not to skinny for adult CPR and it is not emaciated skinny! The autopsy report and all morgue sources report the body as having absolutely no hair anywhere on the body; yet rehearsal footage from June 23 shows Michael has shaving irritation from cleaning his face of sweat. If he had hair on his face, he could not be without hair anywhere on the body!!!

it was not declared a crime scene until I think Sat or sun. June 25th was a Thursday, the family bodyguards and fleet of ‘atlas’ or ‘atlantic’ white vans went in within hours after june 25th! It is on tape from CNN. Then after everybody left, it was 2 or 3 days later the area was declared a crime scene and the investigators documented the evidence! Pills, probafol, marijuana etc..they could have moved an entire crystal meth lab, and not a single cop to preserve / protect the crime scene until 48h past! The family said they wanted toys for the kids, janet and a whole bunch of bodyguards cars and 5 vans went in and said they were taking Michael’s ’stuff’ for storage! Not a single police officer to preserve or check if anything was in those huge vans, SUVs etc…then couple of days later the area was declared a crime scene and when the officers are shown coming out with a bag of evidence. As a matter of fact, even days after it was declared a crime scene, reports were saying that a bloody shirt
was left behind by the police and somebody had to call the police and ask them to comeback and take the shirt into evidence! That evidence obtained at the house, days after all those trucks and people contaminated the crime scene, will be part of the trial to show Michael as an addict!

When I say vans – I wanted to say large moving trucks not little vans! White moving trucks, I don’t have the tape with me to check, but the name of the company on the trucks was I think ‘atlas’ and the trucks started going in on Thursday and Friday. Reporters filmed those trucks going into the rented home and they were saying it was ’star power’ intimidation probably that was causing the police to not declare the area a crime scene immediately ! It was about 24h or more after those trucks left and those people were gone ,the area was declared a crime scene!!!

The body at the house was noted as ’showing signs of lividity’ that means the blood in the body has long stopped and having no pressure and sipped out of most organs and muscles, under the influence of gravity together with other fluids such as stomach and intestine and kidney fluids! The first visible signs of lividity are on the side the body is laying on turns the skin blue and the intestines and kidneys are opening! That takes a 2h to 5h hours after death for lividity to be noticeable, the body was noted as showing lividity at 12:21pm! Dr. C. Murray said ‘the body’ died at 11:25am and it took him 1h to find the gate and call 911 but if death happened at 11:25 am by 12:21pm is impossible that the body could show lividity!!!
Keep in mind, the body was described as emaciated skinny, which means a low natural body temperature! From my personal experience with dead bodies, which I have more then I ever allow myself to have any emotional recollection, here’s what happens! In an average natural / violent death, after the person dies, within 15 min, their eyes go to the back of their head and the skin become pudgy, joints get swollen, and if you touch the skin it’s puffy, then within about 30min, they start releasing water through the skin mouth, and in the lower mid section – that being when they get hotter, because all this hot liquids are being released! This is nowhere near lividity: the skin will stay turn very pail and colorless but stay it’s normal color for at list 1.5h to 2.5 h before the skin, furthest from gravity will start looking really light pale blue and the skin closer to the gravity gets dark blue! The reason the skin turns dark blue is that the blood lost it’s pressure / heat and it’s starting the process of settled! That means : means EMT NOTED at 12:21pm the body was showing ’signs of lividity’ it means it was already cold, the dead body only gets hot in the first 30min to 45min after death when it is releasing fluids and 3h after the process of lividity is noted! The process of lividity on the body was noted by EMT at 12:21pm, the sister observed Michael warm to the touch at 2:30pm MEANS MICHAEL AT 2:30pm WAS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR STARTING THE PROCESS OF LIVIDITY!!! THE ONLY WAY MICHAEL AT 2:30pm could be the same body as the body noted as showing lividity at 12:21pm is if we had a time machine and reversed time to about 10am that day and pulled Michael fast forward through time on the doctors table at 2:30pm! But, since we do not have a time machine, the process of lividity can never allow for body to regain heat! Lividity means no body heat!!! This is the factual difference between me and people like who live in ignorance but assume you know everything: where you go to ask a coroner a general question and
assume you know everything, then try to dilute the evidence thinking that you know what you are talking about, I am the kind of person that when I see trouble I run to help! That is why I am accustom to seeing dead bodies and you just can’t hit a target ! Ask your marine husband: can a body after it turns blue on one side still have body heat? He will laugh at you?! Please understand, ‘God is in the details’ so says Michelangelo, painter of the 16th chapel – that is in Rome, marine_wife!!

The process of lividity on Michael was recorded at 12:21pm-that is when the skin is chilly, clammy and the body should have been dead for about 2.5h to 4h at list, 2 h after lividity recorded on anyone but the green giant, is really cold! The body only gets hotter after death in the first hour long long long before all the liquids are settled and turning skin blue! The body gets hotter in the first hour of death because all of the natural body fluids that retain heat get released and are releasing heat as the sip through the body being pulled by gravity! Only once those heat releasing fluids sip completely to the side the body is laying on and lost all the heat, that is when the fluids are settled and after they fluids settled, start flood the muscles under the skin with settled blood that, once those muscles get filled with this settled blood, the skin turns blue! When that blue skin is noted, the heat is long gone and the muscles are all empty of blood! It is impossible 2 h after recorded lividity for a
body to be ‘warm’! Plus, the extremities, such as hands and arms get cold first! The hands 2h after lividity would be cold and blue!

Ignoring and misinterpreting science in murder investigation where almost every single explanation from the people that caused and observed this crimes against humanity proves itself a lie IS IGNORANT!!! Suggesting A HOAX now you are really ridiculous! The coroner got a body IDed by the sister and a DEATH CERTIFICATE from ER signed by the sister which was told to sign the death certificate! Then he made an independent autopsy and chose to IDENTIFY the body based on Michael’s Driver License and no other form of scientific ID. That’s not a hoax. He issued a valid court recognized death certificate without proper valid ER death certificate and the method of ID was not flesh, DNA ID it was a Michael’s driver’s license!!! Michael’s children, 12yrs, 11yrs and 7yrs old cried for the first two weeks non stop on every single place they were scene including the memorial!!! I was concern for their health because of how much those kids cried! You think Michael would fake his own death and let his children suffer as if he were dead!!! To Michael those children are his world, his life, the only real love he ever felt! I am scared that if he is still alive that he will do and say anything for them which could result in him not trying to escape and instead cooperate and allow these insane ignorant criminals to kill him and remain with all his money / rights etc.. Really marine_wife this is not the place to entertain yourself! The criminals are entertaining themselves with Michael enough! And I am posting not just because I have an opinion: I worked on this case since June 27, heck I never even heard a single Michael Jackson song I could name before June 27, because I do not invest my time on entertainment! I watch a movie every 6 month, my entertainment is sleep, 5min watching the moon at 4:30am and coffee! But when I heard the explanations given for cutting this man’s life short in the prime of his career and service to the world, I set aside a job that would basically take my income into the seven digits, which I was preparing for in early June, put that on hold, and started working on Michael’s case! It’s staggering the overwhelming amount of paper work and research I have to do. Sometimes, I come from work at home around 6pm and will work straight thru 9 :45 am! I have found more then I can publish, but all I can discuss are opinions based on published resources! Anything else I cannot talk about; but believe me something is driving me and it’s not money, it’s what I have found!!! Look if Michael pops up and says this was a media experiment and he is fine and declared alive what ever; but no father, not a father like Michael, would allow his kids to be shred to pieces emotionally, psychologically willingly or knowledgeable unless someone forced him with threats and other horrible pains!!! I am an AMERICAN, my father did serve abroad through UN as a mechanical / nuclear engineer and I traveled a lot of places around the world and seen a lot of people and you know what I think makes America great among many other wonderful qualities that makes US the greatest country to be alive: it’s that we don’t let anyone pull a cover over our eyes! We see something wrong and we go help! That is being an American and that is what makes us the greatest!!! We make a difference and that means fighting for what is right, observed not allowing someone to pull a wall over our eyes by saying oh, it’s a hoax! Don’t look at the body, man, kids, family, blood, tears, suffering it’s a hoax!!!


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