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Death Certificate/Autopsy Report

This is from Maura’s website

(MJFanForeverandaDay on utube):


I think that Michael’s death certificate may have been the first real indication that legally speaking, Michael had some higher up official help in this death hoax. The death certificate really didn’t make sense on so many levels.

So right away I did a break down of the death certificate..
The first thing we have that is confusing (though we didn’t know at the time) was the name that was listed.
Alot of people started to investigate Michael’s legal name by looking at court documents.
If you look at Michael’s indictment for the child molestation charges in 2004, you can see that the legal documents say Michael Joe Jackson.

Then there was the creepy ass response from the guy at tmz(that is run by a lawyer btw) regarding Michael’s legal name

Then we have the Drivers license..

And of course the two Passports

So one might argue “Well it could just be another name that he goes by”

If thats the case.. Why was the “Also known as” section of the death certificate left blank?

So how valid is a death certificate that does not list the legal name of the decedent?
Most mortuaries will not hold a funeral or allow a body to be buried, without the death certificate being propery filed. Especially considering they are the ones that fill out a portion of the death certificate. Generally they will match the information with a copy of the birth certificate if it is available.

Additionally what does the incorrect name say about other legal documents that appear both before and after Michael’s death, that lists this name?

Btw.. The marriage certificate between Lisa Marie and Michael that is floating about online is completely fake.

The names of BOTH mothers are spelled incorrectly and not only that, im pretty certain that is not the way Michael signs his name.. But this too is supposed to be a legal document..

It really makes you start to question thigs..

So back to the death certificate..

Michael’s death certificate lists his address as the Hayenhurst home that he grew up in..

For the longest time I found this to be very disturbing, simply because we all Know that Michael moved out of Hayvenhurst around 1988, when aquired Neverland.. Why the home that he grew up in was listed, completely confused me.

However, once the official autopsy report was published it made sense to me..
It said that Michael’s body was identified by his drivers license..(i’ll get back to that later)


Yeah… So that is definitely messed up right? The address matches the death certificate..
This right here is a VERY strong indication (to me) that infact nobody in Michael Jackson’s family actually saw his “dead” body and infact the corps was identified by some old drivers license..

There were other things on the death certificate that was questioned, but over time most of it worked itself out. It wasn’t strange that Latoya was the “informant” from a legal aspect.. On a personal level though, I find it strange that she was selected out of all of the people present right after Michael’s death. Like his parents and Jermaine  who was the one that made the death announcement. So if you make the death announcement, why not be the informant on the death certificate? Strange..

I also found it strange that there were about 3 or 4 copies of the death certificates given to different media outlets.

This was evident by the different barcode numbers on each copy..

Now there was an affidavit to amend the death certificate submitted
But the only request was to change the burial location of Michael’s body. Nothing about his address at the time of death or the correct name.

There was a coroners amend that was submitted that listed Michael’s cause of death and that it had been ruled a homicide.

But again it seems as the vital things that should have been fixed were not.

I personally really can’t believe how blank the original death certificate was. SO many things were simply just left out and the worst of all?

How could none of those be marked? That is like the most unprofessional thing that could have been done.

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