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SBS6 Reportage: Michael Jackson – Who killed the King of Pop part 1 to 6

Thanks Carita for the links.

It’s in German, I think, but I understood a large part of it. Most of it is English though. Very good series!

hhhhmmm, Navi has just but confirmed that it wasn’t ALL MJ in the movie. And another scary thought, perhaps the rehearsals were filmed by AEG, not for the purpose of a home footage for MJ, BUT for the very purpose they served, with or without MJ’s blessing. But I’d like to think MJ KNEW what was going on…  That perhaps if something were being planned in not so good a way, MJ knew, and escaped.

I disagree that MJ would want to die. To go out as a King.  No, MJ has always said his kids were his world. It would be out of character for him to think, let alone, carry out, suicide.  If indeed he’s gone, this was murder. But most likely, he “escaped”.  He would most likely hoax his death then kill himself, or let someone get to him…   I sort of agree that he wasn’t 100% fit. he was too thin, especially to carry out 50 shows. He himself has said that he loses many pounds from fluid loss with each performance. From the looks of him, he couldn’t afford to do that. And he KNEW that. Hence another knotch in the theory “Hoax”, coz otherwise, if he went along with the concerts, it might have resulted in death.

Hhhhmmmm, still have a hard time believing MJ took drugs , especially propofol. To me, it doesn’t make sense.  But if he did, he must have been in a very desperate and despairing frame of mind.  For the desperation to take over his common sense, and take over his love for his kids (coz he knew he was playing with fire and might very well die and leave his kids by themselves), that desperation must have been immense! But see, this doesn’t “fit” from what I know about MJ.  His love for his kids was immense. Much more so then his desperation for drugs to sleep or pain.

And at 9:10, his friend says MJ was into “healthy living” and shielded his kids from watching any drug related stuff on TV, yet he would take the drugs at home??  With his kids there???  Sorry, hard to buy this….

He was “sharp as a razor” when it came to business. I agree with this. He always was sharp as a razor in all aspects of his life. I truly believe that.

At around 2:10, Navi said MJ looked “FOCUSED” at the O2 announcement.  I think so too. And now I believe that was HIM at the O2 arena in March, and he KNEW what he was doing, and he had some other plan in his head other then the concerts.  Perhaps I’m wrong. Mark and Navi seem to think MJ was very much excited about doing the 50 shows. I’m not sure. I used to think he was, but right now, I’m sitting on the fence on that.  He was “fit” for living every day life, but I have a hard time believing HE thought he could handle the 50 shows. He’s said in the past that doing another tour would kill him; this, many years ago.

And yes, I do believe he found some peace with his father. Just before the 2005 trial…

I do believe that MJ DID have a drug dependency in the 80’s and then in the 90’s coz of his pepsi commercial accident, and then the fall from the stage, but I think he was off drugs in the last few years, especially after he had the kids.

I disagree that he sunk deeper into despair after 2003 . I think it was the opposite. His rhinocerous skin came out and he very likely made up his mind that he was going to “shove it to “Them””….  “They” tried to destroy him, but he would “show them”…  As I listen to these videos, more and more I think MJ was brilliant, and he knew what he was doing, and he had a PLAN. A huge one.  No despair there. Not necessarily revenge either, but a BIG final act of showing the TRUTH. And what has happened since he “died”? Millions of people are now finding out all kinds of things, not just about the music industry and it’s “control”, but also the truth about all those allegations against him.

Did he know his work would sell like hotcakes after his “death”…  likely…   but this wasn’t the reason for all this. Not on his part.

Yes, the King of POP died, but not the man. I believe this…


2 responses

  1. Carita

    I have the same opinions as you Grace 🙂 It is obvious some clues are left here. I think when in part 6 at 4.40 it´s said “it´s like a film” right?”, it says it all. This series was good and had interesting point of views !!!

    March 6, 2010 at 3:04 AM

    • Grace

      I truly did like these series. Very interesting hearing from all those people, and very interesting also that their opinions contradicted each other. one said he was fit, another said he was not. Stuff like that.
      The minute I watched TII, I thought it was made for a movie. I really did.

      March 6, 2010 at 8:56 PM

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