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Michael’s former nurse Cherilyn Lee says Prince, Paris and Blanket are doing great, she describes the children as highly intelligent and wonderful

Thanks Jacqui.   I didn’t realize this nurse was still involved with the kids…

Michael’s former nutritionist and nurse Cherilyn Lee may no longer be employed with the family, but that doesn’t mean there are hard feelings. In fact, Lee spoke to E! News at Friday’s MMPA Oscar Week Student Filmmakers Luncheon and had nothing but glowing things to say about Prince, Paris and Blanket. “The kids are wonderful. They’re very intelligent, they’re very alert, they speak more than one language,” she said. “They’re well-disciplined children. They’re very loving, well-adjusted kids.”

Lee, who still “communicates” with the Jacksons, said the children are doing well after the loss of their father, due in large part to their expansive support system. “For any child losing a parent is very difficult, but they have a strong family and they have their cousins. They’re actually doing great.”

And while she couldn’t comment on that stun gun story from earlier this week, Lee said with a laugh, “All I can say is that boys will be boys.” Lee also believes that Katherine Jackson is “most definitely” the best possible guardian for the three children, and sees big things in their future. “They’re very creative children. They have that from their father,” she said. “Whatever they do is going to be very special.”

published : March 9, 2010
E!Online UK, LMJ


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