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What If Michael Jackson is still Alive? (article from Aug , 2009)

Friday, August 28, 2009 11:25AM – By Jeffrey Hyatt

jackson jdh What If Michael Jackson Is Still Alive?

Can you even imagine if Michael Jackson were found to be alive? ‘Ruckus’ doesn’t even begin to describe the media fallout and 24-hour news circus, not too mention the consequences levied at those involved in such a grand conspiracy, none more so than the King of Pop himself.

There were always going to be conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Jackson; the whispers most likely began just hours after the music star was pronounced dead of a cardiac arrest on June 25.

Those fake death rumors that might have been swirling around on the fringes caught steam this week by way of a video containing footage that claimed to show a very much alive Michael Jackson getting out of a coroner’s van.

But let’s assume that Michael Jackson is alive – and the ruse is somehow uncovered.

Then what?

Putting aside for a moment the mass hysteria among fans and TV morning show hosts upon hearing the news that Jackson is not dead, there would no doubt be a laundry list of questions that must be answered – on a TV special of course.

In many ways it would be like the movie Castaway starring Tom Hanks; not the stranded on the island part, rather when he is reintroduced into society after having been thought to be dead for many years.

I cannot imagine that a once dead, now-alive Michael Jackson could just resume his curious ways.

Just the idea that Jackson conspired with a group of insiders to fake his death to flee the pressures of fame, then gazed upon the global hullabaloo over his death, legacy and requisite business opportunities only afforded by his passing is hard to wrap your head around.

Escape might be the only plausible explanation. If there were ever one celebrity, one human individual who most likely needed a break, it’s probably Michael Jackson.

There are very few people who live or have lived in the public eye who can even remotely understand the kind of celebrity and excess Jackson experienced – almost everyday of his life.

The world’s biggest pop star lived in a bubble filled with enough fame, legal problems and personal issues to last more than a couple lifetimes.

Surely any sensible person can understand the need to stop that train.

You wonder about his children and family (not sure he cares what papa Joe thinks). But his children just might have a shot at something close to a normal life now that they are with Jackson’s mother. The debt is cleared. CD sales are strong. The estate thrives.

The legacy is now something beyond exalted – if that’s even possible.

Not bad for a dead superstar.

If Jackson is alive it’d be interesting to know what he thinks about all the media coverage, the funeral, the tributes and the legal wrangling that has touched on just about every aspect of his personal and professional life.

Is he reveling in the media madness, or is he touched by the out-pouring of admiration? He might actually smirk at much of the pablum considering the abuse and mockery inflicted on him over the years by media types.

The flip side to all this is that if Jackson were, indeed, alive, he will have to account for a lot of pain inflicted on his family and millions of fans around the world. To be found out now only a few months after supposedly dying might not be as bad as turning up alive 5-years down the road, but it would be a shock to the cultural system either way.

If he thought the celebrity spotlight was intense before he faked his own death, I cannot imagine his life after returning from the grave would include less wattage.

And if he is alive and ‘relaxing’ where might he be? A remote village in South America? Russia? Australia? He could be anywhere. Or… he could be dead! Time to worry about something else now. But it’s more fun to think about if he’s out there somewhere.

Like the cottage industry built on the notion that Elvis Presley still walks among us, Jackson will quickly join The King atop the conspiracy mountain with his very own pop culture fable that perpetuates over time with every new sighting and rumor.

The ‘net has already staked its claim to the unending spectacle: michaeljacksonsightings.com

But maybe it’s Jackson who will have the last laugh. Perhaps he is alive and well and happy for the time off – all the while plotting the greatest comeback the world has ever witnessed.

Michael Jackson: Back From The Dead World Tour!

Tell me you’re not paying for that ticket.

For all we know he might have the tour, the movie, the TV special, the website, the book and the CD all ready to go in one, gigantic blow-the-universe’s mind package that will change the entertainment industry forever.

I think he’s dead. But if he’s not, I hope he’s happy.


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