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Michael Jackson – Sony To Pay $250 Million+ For Jackson Rights

Thanks Jacqui.

Is this a good thing or bad?

You know, I would expect more then 250 million.

16 March 2010

Michael Jackson . The Memorial Service For The  King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, At The Staples Center. Los Angeles,  California picture

Caption: Michael Jackson . The memorial service for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at the Staples Center. Los Angeles, California

Sony To Pay $250 Million+ For Jackson Rights

In death, Michael Jackson may have made a bigger comeback than he ever could have in life. That appeared to be evident on Monday as published reports indicated that Sony had signed a deal for rights to his music for recordings, films, TV, stage shows and merchandise that will guarantee his estate as much as $250 million in advances and other payments as well as a top royalty rate for worldwide sales. In an interview with today’s (Tuesday) New York Times , John Branca, an attorney representing Jackson’s estate, said that the deal “exceeds all previous industry benchmarks.” In a separate interview with the Los Angeles Times , Branca disclosed that a second Michael Jackson documentary is in the works, following last year’s successful release of This Is It , much of it filmed during rehearsals for what would have been a comeback tour. “The stuff we have in the vaults … is fascinating and remarkable,” Stringer said. “We have a lot of great stuff from around every time period [in Jackson’s career]. We’re plowing through everything now to understand what we’ve got.”


Jackson Estate To Sign ‘$200 Million Sony Deal’

The executors of MICHAEL JACKSON’s estate are set to make pop history by signing a staggering $200 million (£133 million) contract with the late superstar’s record company, according to a new report.

Estate administrators are close to signing a deal with Sony Music Entertainment – the King of Pop’s label – to produce 10 money-spinning projects over the next seven years, reports the Associated Press (AP).

The deal announcement is reportedly set for Tuesday (16Mar10), and in the planned statement obtained by the AP, estate administrator John Branca confirms the agreement will break “all previous industry benchmarks”.

The statement reads, “During his life, Michael’s contracts set the standard for the industry. By all objective criteria, this agreement with Sony Music demonstrates the lasting power of Michael’s music by exceeding all previous industry benchmarks.”

The 10-project deal includes the already released This Is It movie soundtrack.

According to TMZ.com, an album containing previously unheard music by Jackson will be released in November (10), and there is sufficient new material to fill three records.

The reports suggest that $200 million (£133 million) is the guaranteed sum Jackson’s estate can expect to make in revenue, with suggestions the figure could reach $250 million (£166 million) with merchandise and touring deals.


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