We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.

They will rob the Jackson Family over my dead body— Frank Paul Gambino

Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson and UnknownThey will rob the Jackson Family over my dead body

You know what I am going to do, I am going to wait and watch at this point, there is too many conflicting allegations, reports and rumors coming out now and many I suspecting long ago, others I will believe when it happens and may well have to happen over my dead body and not Michael’s allegedly dead body.

They say not any of the kids are Michael’s children and he did not ever adopt any of them and now biological parents are surfacing from every direction.  Then there is no death certificate and an alleged last will and testament.  Dig this then they say the last will and testament leaves everything basically to children who are not his who biological parents wants custody of now.  This is attempted highway robbery in the making.

I say any lawyer who tries to pass this off is the enemy, and as far as I am concerned such a will and testament was made at gun point and there is no way of proving such a will is valid, because if it was his intentions for his property to go to the un-adopted children he would have adopted them at a minimum.  Michael is not the only person who can die and that is not a threat but a serious consideration to take heed to.

Then like I said I honestly question his death and they want to bury him allegedly as a Muslim, how could he convert to Islam but not adjust his will made in 2002, when monies are going to charities, would not a Muslim donate to some Muslim charities at least?.  There is too much bullshit and I think more people will die before it is over.

I think Michael has taken on a new identity and people can call me sick for saying this but the media is full of shit and where is the death certificate?  I think most of those debts he created are to him as a retirement account, his estate will gain value if not buried as a Muslim in these days of prejudice against those people, but then again it would be a way to bury him and not Michael Jackson.  To bury him in a Muslim name is to not bury Michael Jackson.  There is so much bullshit surrounding Michael Joseph Jackson and if they try to rob that family I will personal declare war in the name of the Gambino Family, because they are one of our creations and a settlement was promised to them.

Paul #1

The Massage of the Day

There will be times over the next 12 months when it seems that for every step forward you take you then have to take two or more steps back, but don’t be disheartened. The forward steps are huge. The backward steps are tiny.

A difficult situation you were hoping would just fade away will, on the contrary, come to the boil today and this time you will have to deal with it. You might surprise yourself how quickly and effectively you sort it out.

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