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Michael Jackson – Rowe’s Lawyer Wants Jackson Cash

Thanks Jacqui.

I had also read the story in TMZ today. Notice how it seems ONLY TMZ seems to get the stories and then other sources get it from them. And , by the looks of it, everyone “talks” to TMZ, not to anyone else, LOL  Yeah, right….

Michael Jackson

Caption: Michael Jackson (Picture) The memorial service for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at the Staples Center Los Angeles, California ….

Rowe’s Lawyer Wants Jackson Cash

A lawyer representing MICHAEL JACKSON’s ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE has become the latest in a long line of creditors demanding cash from the King of Pop’s estate.

Eric George has filed legal papers in Los Angeles in a bid to claim back $175,000 (£109,375) for legal services during the battle to appoint a guardian for Michael Jackson’s three kids.

Rowe, who is the mother of two of the children, eventually agreed to the court’s decision to hand Katherine Jackson the job – a ruling the late superstar asked for in his will.

But, in his legal documents – obtained by TMZ.com, George claims estate lawyer Howard Weitzman promised to “reimburse (George’s firm) on Ms. Rowe’s behalf.”

Weitzman disputes his former rival’s claims, telling the website, “I had discussions with Mr. George about his request that the estate pay his fees on behalf of Debbie Rowe, but no agreement was ever reached.”


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