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Michael Jackson’s Doctor ‘Hid Drugs Bottles’

Thanks Jacqui

Guess we’re going to “learn” lot’s of things now that it’s leading up to April 5, when Murray is due in court.

He was concerned about a cream that could damage MJ’s reputation???  He was dead! And his reputation had been damaged long ago… OK, sorry, don’t buy this,lol

Michael Jackson’s doctor stopped giving the dying star CPR while he hid empty drug bottles in the singer’s house, according to a witness report.

Jackson’s logistics director Alberto Alvarez told investigators that Dr Conrad Murray, 57, also delayed calling an ambulance to tidy up potentially damaging evidence.

The statement says Murray grabbed vials and an IV bag containing a milky liquid and told Mr Alvarez to put them in a bag which was later found in the bottom of Jackson’s wardrobe.

The allegations could help build the case for prosecutors trying to prove the physician was guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Mr Alvarez’s statement goes on to reveal how, while at the hospital when Jackson was pronounced dead, Dr Murray insisted he go back to the singer’s mansion to retrieve a tube of cream. He claimed the existence of the cream could have damaged Jackson’s reputation.

Dr Murray allegedly wanted to get it “so the world wouldn’t find out about it”.

Murray’s Lawyer, Ed Chernoff, has rejected claims that his client had tried to cover anything up.

He also said that Mr Alvarez’s story had changed on the two occasions he was interviewed by police.

“He didn’t say any of those things… then two months later, all of a sudden, the doc is throwing bottles into the bag,” Mr Chernoff said.

“Alvarez’s statement is inconsistent with his previous statement. We will deal with that at trial.”

Mr Alvarez told police that when he arrived at the singer’s home Jackson was lying in bed and showing no signs of life with his mouth and eyes open.

According to his statement, Mr Alvarez asked Dr Murray what had happened, to which the physician replied: “He had a reaction, he had a bad reaction.”

The statement went on to describe how two of Jackson’s children, Prince and Paris, ran into the room and cried when they saw Dr Murray performing CPR.

Murray was hired to treat Jackson in the run-up to a series of comeback performances in London.

A coroner ruled the 50-year-old star had died as a result of an overdose of the powerful anaesthetic propofol and two other sedatives given to help the performer sleep.


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