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Michael Jackson – Katherine Jackson Fuming Over New Murray Allegations

Michael Jackson

Katherine Jackson Fuming Over New Murray Allegations

MICHAEL JACKSON’s mother KATHERINE is fuming over new allegations about DR. CONRAD MURRAY’s conduct on the day of her son’s death – urging prosecutors to upgrade a charge against the medic to second degree murder.

The King of Pop’s personal physician is accused of administering the powerful anaesthetic Propofol which led to the singer’s death from a cardiac arrest last June (09).

He has pleaded not guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter – but his actions on the day of Jackson’s passing have come under scrutiny after leaked documents obtained by the Associated Press suggested Murray stopped administering CPR to the star so he could hide various drug vials before calling paramedics.

Jackson’s mother is fuming about the new claims and her lawyer has called on prosecutors to rethink the charges levied against Murray.

Katherine’s attorney Adam Streisand tells the New York Daily News, “Mrs. Jackson never doubted that this man murdered her son, and these new revelations, if true, mean we need additional charges to fit the severity of his crimes. Second degree murder requires malice aforethought, which can be implied by the conduct of the defendant. The actions alleged suggest that Dr. Murray abandoned his duties as a physician or an ordinary human being to save himself rather than his patient.”


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