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“Connect The Dots”

By SeeingClues


Very interesting…………..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

“Connect The Dots, Fool!”

Could this be what they are telling us? On March 4th, TMZ posted an article containing Jermaine’s response to the stun gun incident, and the title was, “Connect The Dots”. At the time, it was somewhat of an odd title for the post.

And before then, back in October 2009, TMZ posted an article about a letter that Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to the California State Assembly, after being heckled at an event. A not-so-nice message goes down the side of the letter – Arnold’s rep said it was “just a coincidence”:

So that takes us to more recent news. On 3/28, News of The World posts an article about how MJ was almost “brought back from the dead”: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/765565/Docs-got-brief-heartbeat-1hr-after-superstar-collapsed.html

In the article, with points bulleted with large DOTS, it states that documents revealed Dr. Murray:

If you “Connect The Dots”, it spells out the word “FOOL”. Prop, Fool anyone? (I mean..Propofol…)

Special thanks to a reader, “Bernadette” who suggested this topic.

Posted by SeeingClues


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