We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.

Michael Jackson and Gaga: What Is Going On???

People are saying Lady Gaga can’t be outing the industry coz she works for them and they wouldn’t allow it. I did some research. Her record labels are Columbia (Sony owned) and Kon Live (owned by Akon, a friend of MJ’s). Have a feeling Michael has a lot more control in Sony lately then we think. Therefore, she has all the freedom to express anything she wishes against the industry!
I know people think Sony is taking advantage of Michael’s name, but I think it’s not quite like that. When MJ said he was going to “outsmart” them, he probably did, by maybe buying more into them. Or continuing to use the catalogue as leverage. As long as they keep him happy, they have chances of one day getting the whole catalogue. But if he sells to another person, they might blow their chances. Make any sense?

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