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Murray’s rep attacks Jackson suicide defense

I know nothing about the legal system, but shouldn’t the defense already have a defense strategy?
What do they mean by “People’s theory of prosecution”? They’re waiting to see what angle the prosecution takes before they formulate a strategy? I would think they would have worked on this long before now…
Seems all BS to me…

Access Hollywood
updated 7:07 p.m. ET, Sun., April 4, 2010

LOS ANGELES – Dr. Conrad Murray’s team is attacking a new report that claims to know his defense strategy in the coming Michael Jackson homicide case.

“We do not know what sources to which TMZ is referring,” a Murray rep told Access Hollywood in a statement on Sunday. “We only know it didn’t come from [attorney] Ed [Chernoff] who has the final word.”

The rep added that they “will not be trying the case in the press,” and were waiting to see how the prosecution intended to approach the case.

“In any case, it is premature to discuss defense strategy,” the rep said. “Dr. Murray’s defense will depend on the People’s theory of prosecution, which has not yet been made available to the defense team.”

Earlier on Sunday, TMZ reported that the defense team would claim that it was the King of Pop who injected himself with a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol — not Murray.

The doctor, who served as a personal physician to Jackson during the icon’s final weeks, is due in court on Monday.

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