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The Coke Connection: AEG

I wonder what the Coke company thinks of this,lol

More lawsuits,lol

Monday, April 5, 2010

By Seeingclues

So we have seen TMZ post some rather crazy articles regarding Michael Jackson’s “Coke” addiction leading to his insomina and demands for Propofol.

Then, TMZ continues the Coke theme by showing the following photo of Conrad Murray walking with his lawyer discussing “strategy”:

Notice the Coca-Cola cup as well as the umbrella!

But why all of these Coca-Cola references? We joke about it being product placement, but is it REALLY just a joke? Check this out!!

In January 2009 Coca-Cola signed a sponsorship deal with AEG for the O2 arena!!

You can read the entire article here:

Coke Is It!

Posted by SeeingClues at 11:23 AM


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