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Gaga In Wonderland —Gaga and MJ connection!

Whoahhhh, definite proof of Lady Gaga and MJ connection! This video is FULL of illuminati symbolism! She’s “outing” the industry!

The following observations were made by ann111 from


.10 Same bedroom as Mikes at Beverly Hills
.12 Screen goes blank
121/2 Black glove and middle finger is painted Blk & WHIte
.18 looks like a scope of a gun is aimed at LG also shackels on legs
Falls in hole away from the light
.21 Spinning out of control,there is a person running inside LG
.22 Two lights one golden like the sun,one white and looks like the moon. then turns into a space ship
.23 1 person is lie down and te other is falling and in the background are EVIL EYES
.24 3 faces 1 is a cat,a skull and a white face with glasses the face looks wrapped in bandages(like the invinceable man.
.25 Spinning out of control
.27 Blank screen
.28 lying on the sand pearls in mouth,red dot on mouth
.29 walks thru curtain on the beach two women sitting at table
.31 mansion in the night looks like Oz
.34 Robotic face among the crystals
.35 Dancing in a circle just like Mike did when he talked to his dancers
.37 dragging a rug skin(sometimes in street slang a women is called my old rug but this rug has teeth??
.38 Green appears and two horned heads on wall
.39 LG faces the Queen
.41 eyes of the cat(these eyes are just like the eyes I say of Cris angels cat on his tweet account??
.42 Old cat who is white
.43 Camera lens as eyes
.44 ??????????
.45 Queen Breaks opens door
.46 Looks like a capsule or a coffin Lg get out
.48 Bird attacks 2 men also there is someone riding the bird face in red
.49 walking through the mountains towards the golden light
.50 LG pks the ace of Spades
.52 Burns the skin rug
.54 Alice in wonderland
.56 Mickey mouse
.58 LG dressed in pink
.59 LG is backed by Golden light and says it is you
1:01 Alice walks across the tea party i/2 way a rabbit appears and there is a windmill and a light house
1:04 Alice says you are back LG is Blk and wht
1:05 Rabbit is surprised
1:06 Rat is surprised
1:07 Cat says thee LG
1:10 absoutely LG on hat say 6/10
1:12 Queen has Rose tinted glasses and it say LG has returned to wonderlad were she stole my style to become a pop star Rabbit and the Queen court
1:15 look @ behind the mountain there is a BIG RABBIT and SMOKE
1:16-1:24 All pop music outlawed it says
1:25 says I want to liberate thier sunglasses mean something
1:26 scary images in yellow,children dressed up at table lg flys away
1:28 this is spring with keyholes
1:29 Man w/sabre with army behind him flatten on Ground is a face
1:30 face was a mask he kicks it away
1:31 Holds sabre and says I F..k the BITCH
1:33 Queen of hearts Red army vs the blk & wht army and the wht army is chess pieces
1:34 LG & Dancers
1:35 Red face looks like flames
1:38 says we have OUT CHAMPION and LG has a mask on
1:41 Rubber band is holding a small LG and Alice reaches for him with white tape on fingers. Alice throws hat
1:42 Becomes a Rabbit the hat and the rabbit is flying
over white army
1:45 ????????????
1:47 7 3 hearts
1:48 Lady in red hood eats money
1:50 Two rabbits being carried by bird flying
1:52 Says a old women and blk man Break dance fighting
1:55 Alice says IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS
1:55-1:59 ???????????
2:00 pearl in LG mouth
2:01 Blowing bubbles
2:09 Big eyes just like the guy at the grammys,Janet,and paris on Thanksgiving
2:12 Rabbit and he has MIKE’s eyes
2:14 says BLACK 20


2 responses

  1. really well made. Actually when i looked at Alice in Wonderland I kept on thinking about MJ the whole time: I think some of this might be very true…she came back to show us what music is all about 🙂

    April 7, 2010 at 9:18 AM

  2. Grace

    I like her even more now,lol
    I found out recently she’s coming to Montreal for a concert in a couple of months.

    April 7, 2010 at 10:00 AM

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