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DODO bird and MJ? LOL

Well, after all these months, and all this research, we’re now connecting Dodo birds with MJ, LOL

But check out this post from Liberian Girl in Maura’s Forum which I will paste :


Animal: Dodo – Supposed to be dead/extinct. Song: “I’m Alive”. Dance: Moonwalk. Shocked


For those following the Coca Cola trail – Five Alive drinks are a sub brand of Coca Cola shock1


From the YouTube page:

About Me:
Born in Mauritius in 1611, and again in 2010, the dancing dodo is a rare example of his breed. Like most dodo’s he can’t fly, but boy can he dance. Blessed with a sophisticated sense of rhythm that belies his cumbersome body, he can jump, spin, twist and shake. Dodo is a naturally curious and friendly character because he was raised on an island with no predators – so he loves everyone.
Hobbies:Singing and dancing

And by SeekingTruthMJ:


check the facebook page out, its new and its so cute Smile

the youtube says member since 2006, but all the things uploaded are brand new…

this is from the facebook:

” 5 Alive Dodo is limbering up to moonwalk
April 5 at 11:31am “


One response

  1. Marcitty77

    Haha, so cute, love it 🙂

    April 9, 2010 at 2:54 PM

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