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Meet The Judge Set To Decide The Fate Of Michael Jackson’s Doctor

image Michael Pastor


This is the judge set to decide the fate of Michael Jackson’s former doctor Conrad Murray.

Judge Michael Pastor, who has been described as “one of the toughest, smartest” arbiters of justice in the US, was appointed as the judge in Murray’s involuntary manslaughter case, which began on Monday at the Los Angeles Superior Court.
He has overseen cases involving topless pictures of Cameron Diaz and Jason Priestley’s DUI.

In the afternoon hearing, a motion by the California State Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the State Medical Board was put on hold until June 14.

Murray made back-to-back appearances in separate courtrooms in front of a large contingent of Jackson family members, including the late singer’s mother, Katherine, father, Joe, and siblings Janet, Jermaine and Randy.

First, Supervising Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza assigned the case on to another judge, just minutes after Murray was presented to the court.

Then, spectators and the media were whisked off to a lower floor, where Murray appeared before Judge Pastor.

Pastor, in the interest of full disclosure, told lawyers for both sides he was appointed to the bench by Attorney General Jerry Brown back in 1983 when Brown was governor of California. Brown reportedly wants Murray’s licence suspended.
Pastor also wrote a letter of recommendation for prosecutor David Walgren, who is looking to become a judge. He told the court that he doesn’t think either issue will affect his judgement.


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