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Michael Jackson is alive ? The Weird List

hhhhhmmmm, this first video shows some real good arguments about why that ambulance pic is REAL, but NOT MJ…

The more I watch the interview with Joe and Larry King, the stranger I find it,lol  Joe is definitely slipping up there, and getting a bit uneasy. And again, he re-iterates, that he’s sad he lost “Michael Jackson, an international star”. What kind of sentence is that? LOL

Another “rabbit” again,lol at 1:14.  A lot of rabbits in this whole thing… At 1:23 Harvey tells his staff member “If so and so calls, I want you to scream for me”. Who’s “so and so”??? hhmmm suspicious…. I have to confess, I like Harvey,lol

2:13 who’s “they”? Whoever “they” are, Harvey wasn’t supposed to say that,lol

This third video is EXCELLENT! The voice of the caller IS much clearer then the operator! Very weird indeed!

Love the music too,lol


2 responses

  1. Carita

    OMG!!!! this is all such a mess. No one can keep their lines and says a diffrent thing everytime they are interviewed.
    Excellent work in these videos 🙂 so many clues I didn´t know, basically details I didn´t know of,

    Didn´t for instance now that Brian Oxman changed his story so many times…and what was that about Frank Dileo???? weird! him making the call from a hotel. I think the truth is closer than we think.

    April 14, 2010 at 8:35 AM

  2. Grace

    I know. I like these videos because this person did a recap of most of the stuff and when u see it all together like that, if you didn’t question it before, you certainly do now!

    April 14, 2010 at 12:40 PM

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