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Opinions of people who believe MJ was murdered

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There’s a reason he was killed. He was starting to speak out against the NWO. He exposed the media and education system for being lies and propaganda and was trying to break away from the Satanic Music Industry. He was killed, just like Hendrix, Marley, JFK, and Lennon because someone with this much recognition could easily expose them. Any mainstream musician who promotes peace and unity instead of hatred and separation becomes a target. His doctor was also a freemason.

I agree, I’ve done lots of research into this and I have no doubt. He owned half of SonyATV publishing and he exposed the corruption of the music industry and Mafia Sony and left them, owning half of Sony. He exposed Tommy Mottola for being a criminal and got him sacked and the next thing was the child allegations, they were orchestrated by very powerful people .The intention behind it all was to ruin his career and create a financial situation to force him to sell his music catelogue. MJ said himself over and over the conspiracy against him to get his catelogue.

These concerts would have put him back on the map and people would have known that the media lies were not true and he would also have been in a position to be free of Sony. And a powerful person in the music industry one with a message for uniting the world with the power of love, tptb were terrified of the influence this would have, and their plans for the world so they had to kill him.

Sony have made loads of money out of his death, they sold more music in 24 hours after his death than in the past 12 years. AEG had insurance policy that covered overdose but not natural death, so they benefit, the owner of AEG Philip Answutz also has small media empite including examiner.com running every contradictory story under the sun on MJ. From demerol overdose not true,no demerol was found in MJ body in affidavit, to aids too him dying of an illness, it is all orchestrated by these powerful people.

Mj was not a drug addict this is orchestrated, he once had dependency on demeral 20years ago so they are rehashing old news to try and make him look like a drug addict,but no demeral was found in his body, according to affidavit, so these initial stories planted in the press by Uri Geller and others were untrue. He is a liar and involved in some way, he introduced Michael to Martin Bashir which was a set up.

Uri also did designs for MJ album invinvible that have loads of weird illuminati symbols on them ie a pyramid with a bulb, eye of horus, UFO, and energy vortex, star of david, one says Israel and USA, and lots of other weird symbols including one that means death of physcial body,they are on his site, one was used and one wasn’t. The one that wasn’t used has the more sinister symbols that carry the star with no name of god that mean death of physical body which are messages to communicate to others.


Dr Murray says that he was giving MJ tiny amount of propofol only for 6 weeks, why would he start taking propofol, for 6 weeks before going on tour, it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t help you sleep or help you rest, it makes you unconscious ,and the amount he says he gave him was so tiny it wouldn’t do anything,but it could react with other things in his system, a herb called ephedra was found in MJ body, this can react with propofol. MJ was into holistic medicine and I believe he hired Murray thinking he was an holistic doctor,one said MJ was attracted to his zen like chopra esq approach but that has gone now, this one is left though.

I suspect it is Murray as a freemason was poisoning him (unless someone else was doing it)with meds or herbs that would react, with propofol. I also believe this is a ritualistic killing and they forced meds down him in order to kill him at the end when their slow poisoning didn’t kill him,hence the delay in calling Emergency, they had to force drugs down him and wait for him to be dead. I think they tortured him and told him they would orchestrate it so the world would think he was a drug addict, and I beleive they filmed it, The house was not sealed as crime scene so now conveniently the evidence is tainted which means it will be difficult for the prosecution to win this. The doctor will walk for this or just do a little time,he may end up dead either suicide or killed by of course a delusional MJ fan.

Also owner of AEG philip Answutz owns a small media empire, including examiner.com which in the past has put out every contradictory story that exists on MJ, from MJ having aids, being addicted to demeral, (we now know not true) to having terminal illness etc etc, the current stories are no more true than past ones.

Colony Capital who own Neverland this is owned by Tom Barrack who used to be attorney for Nixon and for Reagan, he is also lebanes and Dr Tohme MJ business manager, also lebanese who a leaked telephone conversations show MJ was terrified of and dr tohme controlled him including his finances,he also worked for colony capital. Colony Capital also bought the Savoy hotels with Blackstones which is linked to jacob rothschild so there are clear illuminati connections here.

There is a conspiracy of people involved and who benefit from MJ death, Mafia Sony, AEG. John Branca his lawyer … he fired him in 2006, for siphoning of his money and worked for ziffren who also represented sony, when MJ was in negotiations against sony,this is illegal. Coincidentaly! enough he sent him a letter 8 days before he died reiterating that he wanted him to handle his affairs and be executor of his will, how convenient!! MJ made a new will every 5 years so the one from 2002 is a fake will. I wonder what happened to the genuine will.

The fake/old will was done on 7/7/02, his memorial was on 7/7/09 exactly 7 years earlier,he was buried 70 days after his death, and he died on 25th after summer solstice 2+5=7. MJ also had symbols of number 7 on dangerous cover and he wore the numbers 777,the message his army of love, his album in 2007 was called 7even.

Finally Michael was doing stroner human rights songs before the trials this one in 2004 about ending of war called we have had enough and these are all reasons why he was killed,as a celebrity None radiated love or generated as much love or knew thepower of love and Michael Jackson was about love his entire life. He scared the shit out of the NWO , everything MJ stood was the the complete opposite of the NWO. I’veheard from many reliable sources including fans who spoke to MJ shortly before he died and his makeup artist that the concerts from MJ view were about LOVE about how we needed love in order to heal the world,this must have been NWO worst nightmare.

he innocently questioned why
Why his mother had to die
What did these soldiers come here for ?
If they’re for peace, why is there war ?

We’re innocently standing by
Watching people lose their lives
It seems as if we have no voice
It’s time for us to make a choice

Only god could decide
Who will live and who will die
There’s nothing that can’t be done
If we raise our voice as one

They’ve gotta hear it from me
They’ve gotta hear it from you
They’ve gotta hear it from us
We can’t take it
We’ve already had enough

The catelogue goes to the trust which John Branca as executor of the will so he will decide what will be done with mj money and catelogue an dhe also represents Marty Bandier of sony.

MJ sacked JB in 2006 because he was siphoning mj money with Tommy Mottola, it was discovered during the trials and JB was representing sony as well as MJ which is illegal. The will from 2002 is fake, Mj made wills every five years, so the real will must have been destroyed. He had an attorney Johnny Cochran who died, conveniently around time of trials, when MJ found out about Branca and mottola, so he may have known about the real will.

John Branca tried to stop Katherine becoming trustee of the estate why? because I suspect he wants to fiddle MJ money siphoning it off for himself, he is corrupt and has done before and his business friends and sony are mafia. John Brana as executor of the will decide what his family have and will try and create a situation to force them to sell the catelogue. It is all orchestrated. Follow the money.

The wierd thing is JB has a letter that MJ wrote to him 8 days before he died reiterating that he wanted him to be executor of his will and to handle his affairs. Why would he write that 8 days before he died.

he i s more profitable dead than alive read my post about on JOhn Branca,also MJ let sony have a stake in his catelogue, but there were clauses that if anything went morally wrong with MJ the catelogue went to sony and if he was dead it would go back to sony, a few months later the allegations happened.

Also John Branca who is executor of MJ will, also works for sony yikes. Katherine fought to be a trustee,whilst John Branca tried to block, so she will try to keep hold of catelogue, but it isn’t likely with these vultures on board. Mj hated sony and exposed them for being corrupt and left them, look at the killer thriller speech, on youtube where he exposes Sony

This shit is deep and most don’t even understand what Michael Jackson was about and what a danger he was to TPTB, the zionist media did such a good job in assassinating his character.

I’m very clued up and done a lot of research in other areas, plus I’ve had my own experiences of what the system does when you expose it, I recognise the pattern.

RTL admitted hoaxing those videos that MJ was alive to show that anyone will believe a conspiracy theory, this is done to discredit the real conspiracy. RTL is owned by german Bertelsmann corporate media family. They are also linked to Sony. These are facts not theories. They also own random house books that publish Deepak Chopra, another so called friend of MJ who is just a media stooge who is also in the political think tank club of rome.

Deepak and Uri are media stooges and planted the MJ drug rumours in the media,those drugs Uri says MJ was taking ie demeral were not even found in Michael Jackson’s body, and I’ve read the affidavit,so these are facts not theories, and they are both liars. They are both controlled owned by media coorproations, the entire media circus around MJ drug overdose death is scripted.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BertelsmannThis shit is deep and most don’t even understand what Michael Jackson was about and what a danger he was to TPTB, the zionist media did such a good job in assassinating his character.

I’m very clued up and done a lot of research in other areas, plus I’ve had my own experiences of what the system does when you expose it, I recognise the pattern.

RTL admitted hoaxing those videos that MJ was alive to show that anyone will believe a conspiracy theory, this is done to discredit the real conspiracy. RTL is owned by german Bertelsmann corporate media family. They are also linked to Sony. These are facts not theories. They also own random house books that publish Deepak Chopra, another so called friend of MJ who is just a media stooge who is also in the political think tank club of rome.

Deepak and Uri are media stooges and planted the MJ drug rumours in the media,those drugs Uri says MJ was taking ie demeral were not even found in Michael Jackson’s body, and I’ve read the affidavit,so these are facts not theories, and they are both liars. They are both controlled owned by media coorproations, the entire media circus around MJ drug overdose death is scripted.


I recognize that he may have been manipulated by the Illuminati during his early career. He broke free and became a rebel. He broke with his family/father and went to build his own career based on what he believed.

His whole skin disease also has a important figure to it. He was a guy that literally helped the world with transcending racial differences. The crowds attending to his shows were a mixture of all races and ages, and he would move them all with his performance.

Many fans have expressed their love for Michael, the spirit, not the person. Michael was one of those transcendental artists. Wait a second, “one of those”? I cannot think of anyone else right now, except for a female singer/composer that I will mention later.

I also believe that Michael transcended DNA in one lifetime. Very few people can do it. I’ll explain.

First of all, know that the spirit, and conscious / willed evolution, can override all DNA programming, but you cannot deny the existence of an hierarchy (note: DNA is a spiral [ladder]) in the physical universe. It is a hierarchy of power that exists in terms of the amount of energy that a creature can control. Certain genetic makeups correspond to certain levels of energy. If you could raise your energy level in an instant, your makeup would change accordingly.

The black race is stronger genetically and more adapted to life on Earth, but the white race has more potential for development — enter technology and the majority of white people in power. So in terms of energy throughput (potential), you can say that the white race, and most importantly, the aryan race, are at the top. They say that the white race is more “brainy”. Indeed, the brain requires much more power than the rest of the body.

There are books talking about the extraterrestrial Aryan race and how they are the prime form of humans (genderized) in the 4th dimension, or something like that. (Above the Aryans, only our original androgynous bodies before the fall from Eden.) So, maybe there was a true foundation to Hitler’s delusions.

Now, you must understand that I’m strictly talking about the genetic ladder that permeates the universe. This is a fact. If some of you guys really think that there aren’t genetic barriers in this world, you are deluded.

Michael was undoubtedly a very powerful individual that transcended DNA programming, and his work and skin condition reflect this. He went from black to white. How symbolic. Yes, they call it a disease, but I’m working on an archetype level here. See the clues, see the symbols — it is all that matters on a fundamental level.

In a certain sense, Michael had so much power that he became somewhat untouchable by the occult forces behind the industry.

A figure like him with such worldwide recognition, speaking the truth about the media, and preaching for unconditional love cannot be left unchecked by the Illuminati. He was set up many times: Martin Bashir, the media, and money predators. He was also abused in police custody. People tried to destroy him and his career. Maybe they succeeded to an extent, hence his recent(?) problem with drugs.

The entire thing with plastic surgery and the fire accident is also very enigmatic. The way he continued to dance with his hair on fire… it just makes me think.

Michael himself understood that he was a powerful force against the establishment. He often portrayed himself as a mix of savior and angel. Later he changed into a more messianic pose. Now, if his death was really faked, we may soon have Michael, the messiah. I’ve heard rumors that he was going to reveal something during his 2009 tour.

Will Michael vindicate his messianic figure? Well, I have a positive intuition according to the following:

I’ve been a fan of Kate Bush, an english singer/composer, for many years. A lot could be said about this enigmatic woman. She was aware of certain things at the 80’s, before I was even born, or interested into conspiracy theories.

Some of her songs, specially ‘Experiment IV’ and ‘Cloudbusting’, are about conspiracies. In the ‘Cloudbusting’ video, we see Wilhelm Reich being taken by the government and his work being confiscated — exactly how it is rumored to have happened. It is said that Wilhelm’s work was later incorporated into the Montauk project, which has a HUGE importance to this timeline and reality.

‘Experiment IV’ deals with the use of sound weapons by the military for the purpose of mind control. Dude, this is Montauk Project all the way!

As you can see, Kate Bush was touching on some deep stuff at that time. Like Michael, she had power over THEM. She removed herself from limelight. Also, EMI would stay put like a good doggy waiting for her albums to be produced, and she would produce them at her own time, home and studio. (I definitely should make a thread about Kate.)

Now, the interesting bit is that in her last album ‘Aerial’, the leading song ‘King of the Mountain’ is about the possibility that Elvis is alive, and perhaps waiting to show his face to the world again. If you research into folklore, you will find out that ‘King of the mountain’ is a motif in which a legendary hero dwells sleeping in a cave in a remote, high mountaintop, along with a body of his armed retainers. He sleeps waiting for his time to return (End Times?).

The connection with Elvis is that Michael used to talk about how he would eventually end like him. But how exactly like Elvis?

Just imagine if Michael really did fake his own death, then went into a temporary hiatus only to come back and reveal something to the world. I’m not religious, but I’m betting that “Archangel Michael” will come back on the moment of tribulation, whatever that may mean. Or maybe he won’t be back in person, but in essence, as when something about him leaks through the media. I’m betting on it.

“Were sendin’ out, A Major love, and this is our, Message to you, the planets are lining up, were bringin’ brighter days, their all aligned, waiting for you! Can’t you see? Your just another part of Me!” – Michael Jackson

I think that the control over MJ was completed about a year after Thriller was released.

I was listening to the radio when I heard the news of him suffering third degrees burns while filming the Pepsi commercial. My gut (which is usually quite trustworthy) told me something was quite off about this info.

It felt like disinfo. But I couldn’t figure it out at the moment because the last person at the time who needed more publicity was Michael. What was behind this?

I have come to believe that the photo/film we saw of him, on the stretcher and already in the ambulance – waving his white glove goodbye at the camera; was the last time anyone saw the real Michael.

Because the next time I saw him in public (after his treatments) he was very different. It was like he looked out of his eyes differently. I think he really was burned (intentionally) but that something else happened during his recovery and treatments. First of all, his jawline was changed.

I think the last video he did before this alteration was “Say Say” with Paul McCartney. Look at Michael’s jaw. It is kind of short. Then look at his jaw in “We are the World”. It is much different. His head went from a round shape to to the beginnings of Max Headroom.

I think this could have been done without Michael’s consent. Alterations of one’s physical being is a trick of Satanists (for instance) because it makes the victim feel alienated from their own self. And makes control easier.

Two days ago Oprah Winfrey did a tribute show to Michael. She replayed a 1993 interview with Michael at Neverland. During the interview, Oprah asked Michael what the crotch-grabbing was about. Michael explained that he was just feeling the music. That bass beats caused him to grab his crotch (and he described what other beats made him do).

He then said that he was a Slave to the Rhythm. Immediately – at the exact moment he said slave – alarams went off in the house. The interview was delayed.

When Oprah remarked upon that interview she said that the alarm was never explained and she found it very odd. She supposed it was a fire alarm but had never had anything like that happen during a taping.

It could be a coincidence. But were his controllers listening in and jumped at the word “slave”?

I am always intrigued by concidences.

In January 2009 I heard someone on Coast to Coast Talk Radio say that the Illuminati would do a ritual sacrifice on a pop star during the summer solstice. It would be done to create a certain type of charge and collective energy. Is that why Michael was killed? I wonder if all the details of the autopsy will ever be released. And I wonder what was really going on with Michael for all of those very strange years.

And when he died I was sad about those years. But I was happy for him because he was released from all of that.

The reason why you don’t hear much about mj since homicide, is that the media is controlled and owned by tptb that would benefit from destruction of MJ first they character assassinate MJ with lies to destroy his career and create a financial situation to force him to sell his sony/atv publising catelogue and beatles songs. Whoever has this is most powerful in music industry and MJ refused to sell it. THey sought to character assassinate him first, but that didn’t work he was making a comeback and everyone would know the media had been lying so they had to kill him and to make him look like drug addict, but something went wrong somewhere as I don’t believe that the doctor was supposed to get charged with homicide. MJ ws supposed to be drug addict that OD. The doctor is a freemason and he has his own PR site since being accused. He will walk too, he may be a fall guy and if he is involved he was not acting alone. Dr Tohme is involved and Tom Barrack who owns colony capital, jacob rothschild is his buddy, this connection is possibly how tptb could seperate MJ from his finances, given the rothschilds run the banks and federal reserve. Both Tom Barrack and Tohme Tohme, guy of many aliases who MJ fired 6 weeks before his death are both of lebanese descent. Dr Tohme also had a business partner who was consultant to George Bush.

The media and tptb want you to believe that MJ was drug addict and they did that ad nauseam from what I could see until homicide statement was released. Now they are quiet. It may start up again when this is it movie is released.

6 jewish companies own 96% of world’s media


Other media is also owned by people like rupert murdoch and rothschild


There are many many connections, including Haim Saban global media mogul who also wanted MJ sony catelogue, and he owns channel 7 that uri geller is star of, hence uri involvment, Haim is also very pro Israel. There are other connections that point to tptb killing MJ and it is about power and money. Mj was also more valuable dead than alive.




MJ was also living in the middle east and saw how they censored what was going on over there in the US.

He was going to speak out on the troubles there, and he empathised with problems of people in the middle east and he was going to speak out about invasion of Iran and the troubles in palestine , I know for certain his message was that we had a limited time to to heal the world before it is too late with love and unite, this message tptb did not want as it interferes with the plans for global domination, MJ was a persom who had huge global inluence, this is another reason they had to kill him.

He wrote a song about it. We have had enough

Something interesting happened on the morning of Michael’s death. I periodically check out something called the Global Consciousness Project AKA Princeton Eggs. (link below). These “eggs” are placed around the world and are supposed to measure the collective energies.

On the morning of MJ’s death, I checked out the page and saw something that I have never seen before! One of the indicators was stuck in a static position and was yellow. (usually they are red/orange and move up and down). I had thought that maybe a revolution had started in Iran – so went and turned on the news.

It was then reported that Michael had been taken to the hospital…. and you know the rest…

I think they are covering up more than we can imagine, about his death, about all the details of his autopsy. And who knows what else.

I also wonder about the timing of his death; I think TPTB wanted to create some renewed buzz about Michael; some hope about his comeback. And then strike.

Global Consciousness Project: (I use the Real Time Java Display feature)

(This gauges went wild when Princess Diana was killed. And hours before the first plane struck the first tower on 9/11 – it was evident that something big was about to happen).


I definitely did not say satanists own media but the fact remains the media, banks entertainment industry, music industry etc is owned by complex powers most just happen to be jews, that is a FACT, I don’t know whether they are satanists, some of them might be for all I know. TPTB do use symbols.

I have done a great deal of research and looked at the official documents not gossip on the net, and the fact remains no one knows who employed dr murray who is a freemason. If you doubt this. look at this photo of murray in his freemason necklace.


Murrray also has his own PR site http://houstoncriminallaw-pressroom….conrad-murray/

AEG say Michael employed murray, but MJ did not sign a contract.. so we only have AEG word for it and tptb that own AEG are involved. I’ve got a whole load of research on ownder of AEG philip answutz and he owns a media empire too. AEG did not pay murray and told murray to sue the estate to get paid.

Murray could not have been a holistic doctor because he admitted giving MJ propofol, only a tiny amount though which would not harm anyone, the thing is MJ MAY have BELIEVED that dr murray was a holistic doctor, as he was having holistic treatments, the IV was for his electrolytes which he always had when rehearsing to stop him getting dehydrated, the IV was used by murderers to administer propofol, there were also herbs in his system ephedra, ephedra causes weight loss and insomnia and is given for hayfever, coinicidentally ephedra will react with propofol and cause cardiac arrest,maybe this is how it was done.

If these complex powers behind the music industry and media wanted to kill Michael Jackson they can orchestrate this, any way they want too.

Michael also had alist of people he felt were trying to harm him , Uri Geller, Rabbi Schumely, Tommy Mottola, Tom Sneddon and Dianne Diamnnd were on it. He constantly spoke about conspiracy all around him, it even came out in the trials there was a conspiracy against him and people conspiring to get his sony catelogue. These are facts not theories. He also told Dick Gregory he thought someone was trying to kill him and poison him. Read the court transcripts and do more research before you say there is no evidence that points toward a conspiracy or the illuminati. Do you know what the illuminati are, it means a complex set of powers owned by powerful people controlling things, like media banks music industry.

Also Dr Murray is a cardiologist but yet he did know how to perform cpr on a patient having cardiac arrest. This is odd. He also delayed calling emergency for an hour and a half after he says he found mj not breathing, and says he did’t have a phone and he didn’t know the address,this is BS,how can you not know the address of where you have worked for 2 months, anyway he could have asked someone or borrowed someone else mobile phone, this is BS to anyone. The plan must have gone wrong imo this is so crazy excuse so maybe MJ didn’t die when he was supposd too, so they had to wait for him to be dead. The other thing is though MJ had been dead hours, by the time he reached the hospital , I did hear from someone else knowledgeable in this area that they had attempted to delay time of death by keeping him alive on life support on propofol before finally killing him to throw his time of death. this was planned. He had been dead hours as he had blood lividity and I heard from someone who is a trauma nurse this is how this is how this could be done.

Also if there was no organ damage as frank says, it is obvious he was not a drug addict, you get organ damage in no time from the regular use of some of those drugs

It is clear this is a cover up because the truth of what happened is not being reported in the media ,just like during the trials. why hasn’t murray been arrested, compare this to how MJ was treated,the biggest criminal investigation in history,he was arrested and put on trial with no evidence. This is clear conspiracy.

This is planned and there are many others involved, they didn’t seal the place as a crime scene so now evidence is tainted, which makes prosecution difficult. Staff were not asked for statements, all the staff were fired hours before mj death and new ones were brought in. Dr Tohme was at hosptal speaking as MJ Manager, yet MJ had fired him in May. Dr Hoefflin has come out and said LAPD are corrupt and he has evidence to put people in prison. Which ever way you look at it, nothing adds up 2 and 2 keep making 5. The powers that be behind the media are involved too with character assassinating MJ.

I think it was what he going to say that would have delayed NWO plans, I think he was going to expose what was going on in the middle east and how the US censor and that we need to unite and heal the world with love and it was our last chance, MJ was too much of a global influence,also these concerts would have put him back on the map, he was a true force for love and light and this was tptb worst nightmare. Look at what happened to John Lennon. Oh what a coincidence…

MJ closest friends did not speak to the media, they understand how the media works, elizabeth taylor,chris tucker, janet jackson, many of the ones that did speak are not true friends, they plant drug rumours which are untrue, ie uri geller.

The Jacksons did not murder there own flesh and blood, at the end of day what ever problems they had as all families do, they were FAMILY,and they believe there was conspiracy to kill him for his sony catelogue, and he did expose Tommy Mottola for corruption and called him and evil horrible human being and a devil!!

I could not find a reliable source that said Michael hired him in 2006 could you provide me a link to your source thankyou. Because I read that was false information and Ihave not been able to find how Michael met Conrad Murray I”m open that he may have known him longer, that doesn’t stop him being a freemason who murdered MJ because he was a doctor in massive debt, who may have been prepared to do anything for money I’m also open to the fact that he may be a fall guy and when he says he only gave mj 25 mg of propofol he is telling the truth and someone else administered the lethal amount. Yes I do know that MJ was into holistic medicine, that is what I explained in my other post, that imo MJ may have been mislead into believing murray was holistic doctor and there were herbs ephedra in MJ system, that cause insomina and weight loss and can react with propofol and cause cardiac arrest, but murray says he is a cardiologist who did not know how to do cpr he did it on the bed not a hard surface, that is crazy, a cardiologist who does not know how to do cpr, also if he is holistic why has he admitted administering propofol, not even a mainstream doctor would administer that, so he is not very holistic. So that info obviously wasn’t true. The reason, he is involved with killing him imo but had hoped it would go down as overdose, mj had blood lividity which means he had been dead hours so why did he not call emergency, he did cpr in front of the child in order to have a witness he was trying to keep him alive even though he was dead. I do not believe he acted alone. He hasn’t been arrested, it won’t go to trial, because tptb will be afraid of other names coming out, and if it does he will be suicided.
he had a lot of political contacts and did gigs for bill clinton in the 1990s when he thought they were a force for a better world before he woke up. He had martin luther kings children as friends, not to mention Dick Gregory and Nelson Mandela as friends, these are political people, and he sang about human rights and he was well known for being outspoken many times on injustice on many ocasions about sony, mottola, rascism the conspiracy against him before the trials. His cncerts in the past delivered messages and this time since the trials and his expereince with tptb and having lived in the middle east and seen the censorship this time he had an important message, he told a follower fan in the past he has talked about how we should heal the world with love and to unite, this was also in so many songs, the message is obvious to me. if you watch his other concerts, there are messages ie the earth song, he talks at the end about what humans have done to the world heal the world song, since then he has done anti war songs, Michael Bearden said on radio show the title this is it, meaning was this is the last chance to heal our planet and I believe and resonate with this. In addition to several follower fans being told it was about we had a limited time to heal the planet, Karen faye I know talks a lot of rubbish, she does now anyway but first day after MJ death she said the same thing about this message,which she deleted the same day, why? I cut and pasted it though. I think she is being advised/paid to distract people from the truth that is why she talks ish. Mj did live in the middle east,he saw how they censored what was going on in US and he was going back there after the concerts, that was where he made his home he was extremely empathetic to the problems in the world including the middle east and I have no doubt the stage was going to be a platform to perform and deliver the messagae about love and untiing and healing the world. He lived in bahrain with prince of bahrain who sued him, they made an out of court settlement december 2007 no one knows what that was, but 3 mnths later march 2008 MJ knew he was doing concerts, Many say he may have settled in return for using the stage to deliever a message about probs in middle east, I agree we can’t be certain about this, but should be open to the possibility. I don’t believe in the Jane Burgermeister flu vaccine thing as she has discredited that anyway. I think MJ was an outspoken person on injustice in the past before the trials and I have no reason to think he wouldn’t be again but it would be mainly through his songs,and with messages like he does on the earth song, I mean that is a political message that is what I feel he would have done again. Songs like they don’t care about us have martin luther king in the background saying” this is the greatest demonstration for freedom in history”, this is a political statement… Yes it was written years ago and his more recent ones seem more aware to me about the problems, there was we have had enough a song about childen dying in war. To me his songs were stronger with messages about the world since the trials than before so on that basis together with info I have heard from fans I think there was a message but that is my opinion. The lyrics are poignant and it is a statement. But there are loads loads more songs like that. MJ communicated his messages through his music, that is what he did. http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.n…256F56000FEF42

Uri Geller He also has a cia secret service ,mossad background, and is an ex para trooper, I don’t think this information is well known, the bit he tells to the media is that was picked by government to be studied, this is not what I mean, but maybe he was. MJ also made a list himself of people out to harm him, tommy mottola and uri geller were on that list, it is on youtube and it is in his handwriting, that is genuine. I already knew Uri Geller was anyway, but that confirmed it absolutely, this was more than just a tif, MJ knew he had been set up. Where does Uri get his multi million pound lifestyle from certainly not from hoax tricks. His media persona is probably a mask to hide his true purpose, that is my opinon. He has used crytpic illuminati symbols on MJ invincible cover. Iknow enough to know they have meaning and it is sinister. Another thing uri geller did is imply MJ was guilty after MB documentary on itn news, but recently on another documentary after mj death he said he knew he was innocent because he had hypnotised him, well if he knew why did he not say so in 2003,he is a LIAR.

Iknow the conspiracy with MJ is complex I know it is deeper than sony and thome, that is why I mention colony capital and barrack’s buddy rothschild and also Uri Geller employer global media mogul haim saban, very pro Israel both these expressed interest in buying Mj stake in sony catelogue, although I doubt that is saban reason for kiling him. The info Ihave collected is so vast it is impossible to summarise. ie there are links on the higher echelons with NOI and jewish maffia. It is a factthere was a conspiracy against MJ he said it himself and this was even mentioned at the trials

MJ was more profitable dead than alive ,and as I said the control of his sony/atv catelogue was going to revert back to him in 2010, and I think there are powerful people that did not want that, as marty bandier has even said he would kill for a good catelogue, and now he is ceo of sony, oh and branca the one who would sell his soul for money represented him too. I suspect the main characters/suspects are just puppets and this is orchestrated from higher up, of course there won’t be any justice for Michael, I think it is possibly even way deeper than the bits I’ve connected. As for calling tommmymottola a devil he also said he was an evil horrible human being that was rascist had abused mariah carey, had her followed etc and he had to be terminated for what he was doing to the music industry by detroying art, Tommy mottola was sacked, the thing MJ did not understand at the time in 2002 when he said it that it is tptb at sony in control,not necessarily just tommy mottola. I bet he realised that now though.

The bit though that is important to remember MJ for is he was a shining light with real love for humanity, he said himself his mission was to heal, of course this gets taken out of context and he gets called messianic, no he wasn’t a saint, no one said he was, he was a delightful sensitive pure hearted human being that these days is extremely rare he just had a pure heart, he also was a global icon who on the stage with this message had the power to have global influence above any world politician,his message was not about politics, the politics bit wouldn’t bother them, it was about love and uniting and ending of war , it was the message that love and uniting could end war, this was what terrified tptb, they orchestrate the wars, that is indisputable as far as I’m concerned and no one can deny that MJ radiated and generated love across nations like no one else could. I believe MJ was a modern messenger of sorts for many people.
Do I think a syndicate of powerful people killed MJ, you bet I do, for money and power.

The sony/atv catelogue is not just beatles songs, it contains publishing rights to just about everyone including elvis, pink floyd and it was valued by meseraux at 5 billion dollars. Michael said himself there was a conpspiracy to get it and a situation was created to try and force him to sell it. He also said in the past people were out to harm him or kill him and now he is dead. From further research I don’t think it is to do with beatles songs as most money there goes to emi,not sony.

I don’t think Mj hoaxed his death, I wish… he could disappear if he wanted and had done in past. If you understand MJ you must know he does not have it in him to cause this kind of grief to his fans.

It turns out the will is almost certainly fake as I suspected as Mj made them every 5 years and he sacked Branca in 2006 as he realised he was not representing his best interests but sony’s. So it is likely he made another will, an dif he didn’t why not, things do not add up at all. This video shows some facts on validity of MJ will, such as it doesn’t have correct names of children, why would he sign a will that didn’t have the corrrect names of his children!! 2 of the witnesses to MJ signing are 2 of the the executors…WITNESSES SHOULD BE PEOPLE OTHER THAN EXECUTORS

Mc Clain and Branca are also exectutive producers of this is it movie, and cd, this is so blatant it is unbelievable. I’m so sad that this topic has been moved to trivial celebrity deaths section . I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this is clearly a cover up of some magnitude. AEG is also sold rights to sony, how convenient and have a deal to install sony digital equipment in Regal cinemas. AEG and regal cinemas is owned by Phillip Answutz.

I feel so sick and sad at the evil in this world and what is being done to this man in the media.

Michael Jackson Gangstalking-Murder Conspiracy
Submitted Monday, August 24, 2009

“Don’t leave me, they’re trying to kill me” – Michael Jackson to a close friend.

What was really behind the sudden untimely death of Michael Jackson at age 50?

Looking at Michael’s life history and the media, it could be explained by drugs or stress, and it appears he did not have his health, but did The King of Pop expect to die?

I stand by the claim that Michael Jackson was in fact intentionally murdered, only days away from embarking on, what looked like would be, his last overseas tour.

There are very clear indicators that the perpetrators belong to a gangstalking group, and the murder weapons were DEW: Directed Energy Weapons technology.

Throughout his entire public and personal life Michael was a target of this hidden evil, called gangstalking, which is particularly crawling and prevalent in California.

Perhaps the only time Michael may have experienced some respite from gangstalking may have been whenever he stayed in non-Western countries such as in the Mid-East.

The West was out to destroy – as well as mercilessly take advantage of – Michael in every possible way: spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, socially, reputationally, financially, and physically.

The world may at last have a chance to wake up and realize the existence of the disturbing truth that gangstalking, may be happening to you or someone you love, and you may not even realize it.

The international covert gangstalking system needs to be collapsed and now is as good a time as any to expose it and educate everyone.

Whilst I myself am not subjected to the untold terrors of DEW, I am one of millions of TI’s: Targeted Individuals, subjected to covert gangstalking – organized stalking of one individual by more than one person.

However I truly believe and support other TI’s who are ‘held to ransom’ through gangstalking, as well as suffering DEW, technology of which I am still trying to grasp a fuller understanding of.

Having gained much insight from being a TI myself, as well as from reading legitimate contributions from others, there were numerous signs plainly showing me that Michael was a TI of this often intricate type of crime.

Trying to ‘connect the dots’ as to who instigated or requested the gangstalking activity, and the plot to cut Michael’s life shockingly short, and why, proves much more extensive.

It is highly probable that gangstalking is related to another seemingly elusive and elaborate conspiracy, involving the creation of a ‘New World Order’, of which Michael was most likely aware of, and probably more than most.

Michael was one of many targets around the world subjected to continually sustained intense gangstalking in an attempt to weaken him, and which also involved DEW, finally resulting in his early death.

The goal from the start would have been to eliminate Michael’s considerable power, prestige, influence, and of course, his vast fortune.

His sister La Toya Jackson claimed from day one that during his last days alive, particularly since becoming committed to his final tour, she saw Michael surrounded by a bad crowd of shadowy hangers-on who were preying on his compassionate nature.

These vipers quite overtly were treating her ‘meek, quiet, loving’ brother highly inappropriately, and they did not seem to care about his welfare but were putting him at risk, in fact conspiring to bring about his death.

As for the rehearsals required of Michael, according to accounts, until his final 2 weeks Michael did his best to avoid and was nervous about attending them.

This strengthens the assertion that Michael was crucified over a period of years, to eventually be killed before his time in a premeditated murder, by gangstalking members who have been sworn and bound to secrecy.

In the days shortly before his death Michael feared his life was in danger, telling people close to him that ‘they’ were trying to murder him.

This is quite the revelation, judging by voice-mails dated from when he was living in Las Vegas, released post-death to the media by his former manager.

In these messages Michael is recorded as saying he cannot sleep, that he is ‘very concerned’ for his safety and that of his family’s, and ‘we are being stalked’.

There is much to prove that ‘they’ were the ‘shadowy entourage’ whom La Toya spoke of – and the ‘leeches’ who, as his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley said, ‘always managed to magnetize around him’.

Michael told loved ones that he would, some day, end up like Elvis, and that this is ‘inevitable’.

The equally famous Princess Diana was a close confidant of Michael’s for a good decade until her death, and he said they had a similar understanding, and she ‘knew what it was like to be hunted, like I am hunted’.

Some think that in the end he came to realize he was worth more dead than alive, and while renting at what was to be his final home, Michael was taking precautions from allowing his drinks to be spiked.

With his murder likely having been planned for years, and with Michael reportedly living in fear of his life for the last two years, he figured that once he was dead ‘they’ could somehow gain access to his money or assets.

Michael felt they were after his music catalog, the Northern ATV catalog which he had invested in the mid-80’s, and which had proven a successful and lucrative deal over the years.

With the large following he garnered, starting with Motown and following on with his successful solo career – and with his business nous – Michael became increasingly independent.

His music style gradually moved on from themes like lust – or the occult – which as Michael said in his disclaimer to Thriller ‘in no way endorses a belief in the occult’, being a Jehovah Witness at the time.

Instead, Michael broke through more barriers with his songwriting and music, which began to fully embody the virtues of love, compassion, peace, harmony, uniting people of all races, and charity.

However Michael very soon would have to withstand many continuous attempts, none of them at all random or merely coincidence, over his career and with his large fan-base, to bring him to an early demise.

So was it race, religion, a grudge, detesting Michael’s enormous influence, an attempt to obtain his money, perhaps even a political assassination, or a show of power… or even all of the above?

There may have been a collaboration of more than one entity with untoward interests in bringing Michael down, and maybe more than just the plundering of Michael’s fortune, as a motive for his murder.

Michael increasingly spoke out or became embroiled in disputes, against certain corporations and personalities, in his search for the truth and as to the enormous ‘conspiracy all around’ him.

Michael had spoken in the past, and probably was about to speak out again on a public platform, about some ‘thing’ of which he had ‘already said too much’ about.

Perhaps he was for a long time a major threat to ‘their’ power structure, or maybe not ‘allowed’ to leave or reject some type of ‘deal’ for which he had no other option.

Then again maybe the early demise of Michael is due to ‘destiny’, he was on a train he could not get off of, and there was nothing he did during his career, or could do, that influenced or changed this fate.

One thing we are already certain of at least, is that Michael’s murder was a well-executed and planned, highly organized crime.

The following are – by no means exhaustive – many examples of the tactics used against Michael Jackson, by at least several different gangstalking cells, that we are aware of through observation or news accounts.

These are easily identified as being classic gangstalking methods, and in Michael’s case these tactics have been used very publicly, both persistently over many years, or more recently right up to his final moments:

* Isolating Michael from any support networks, family or friends, through disconnecting or not notifying him of phone messages, and keeping his family away;

* Mysteriously firing his loyal employees, or rehiring previously dismissed employees, in the weeks surrounding his death;

* Assigning to him an unknown group of minders, enablers, and entourage, before his tour, as well as hiring his physician, through the promoter – to infiltrate his life, and gain intimate access to him;

* Attempting to create psychological stressors through crowd-swarming, mobbing, blocking his way, and violating his personal space;

* Constantly hounding, filming, and following him everywhere in groups by foot or vehicle, likely appearing as paparazzi;

* Surveillance 24/7 is a given, being an essential part of most gangstalking programs – to monitor his whereabouts at all times in a temporary LA residency, rented by the promoter – where perpetrators knew exactly where he was staying;

* Creating gigantic debts and generating financial oppression through any of the numerous false law-suits, as well as through the enormous insurance put up for his liability in completing the grueling upcoming tour;

* Using debts and suits as excuses to harass, disrespect, victimize, use aggression, and disturb his life-style, forcing him into a type of refugee status, leaving him uncomfortable;

* Imposing themselves as ‘advisor’s’ and bankers in influencing major decisions such as with his estate or will, with the potential of even forging signatures, or altering and declaring false financial values in documents like appraisals;

* Wresting control over his financial situation, outside of his authority, and after likely illegal financial surveillance over the course of his career;

* Systematically subjected to stealing through extortion attempts, lawsuits, and in all probability, opportunely deceitful accounting practices, in a campaign to ruin him or seize his assets, acquire some of his jet-set lifestyle;

* Removing thousands of personal items and memorabilia from his unresided Neverland property without permission, announcing they were to be auctioned off – and declaring his ranch for sale last year, most assuredly to cause him destabilization;

* Forcing his requirement to undertake taxing rehearsals, for an extensive world tour which was controlled by others, and which was not of his own choice to do – with him having previously refused many proposals since 2005 to do another tour;

* Dishonoring or breaching legal contracts, and likely other such malpractice, which may include the overnight changing of his tour list to 50 concerts in departure to his agreement with the promoters to do only 10;

* Disrespecting his supreme decision-making authority in his personal or professional undertakings, such as orchestrating overtly demanding work schedules so he is unavailable to his family;

* Arranging for a range of strong addictive drugs to be served or offered to him even if not requested and encouraging it, while he would really prefer to have his wits about him – in order to control, manipulate, and harm him;

* Organizing frame-ups and set-ups, to place him in compromising situations – perhaps talking him into holding some ‘sleepovers’ or giving other bad advice – so it looks like it was child molestation;

* Planting of a wide range of drugs to make it appear like a self-inflicted drug-overdose, as well as the opportune theft of at least $2million in jewels and cash at his death;

* Saturating the media and internet with fabricated news and disinformation, ‘true’ documentaries and movies, angled interviews, and dubious unauthorized books and biographies – to illustrate what they want the public to believe happened, and to deflect attention from the murderers;

* Violating personal boundaries through humiliating, abusing, or ridiculing him during physical searches, and including apparent brutality, in an attempt to cause traumatization;

* International-scale public character assassination over many years, continually repeated to the point that the tarnish on his reputation might become believable;

* Successfully creating a negative stigma surrounding his good name and charitable works, to cause him alienation or turn the community against him;

* Cultivating an ongoing stream of false rumors, slander, and defamation, such as with the allegations of serial child molestation over the last decade and a half, with its court trials, ‘testimonies’, and entrapments;

* Exaggeration of his ‘eccentricities’ and individuality through media manipulation and planting false stories of ‘deviant’ activity and craziness – even posthumously;

* Career sabotage, where he truly believed his post-millennium album Invincible, was deliberately under-marketed in the States;

* Media and verbal accounts from ‘authorities’ or past ‘associates’ of his, making unsubstantiated claims that he was a drug abuser;

* Gossip media establishing not long before his passing, and trying to get the public used to the idea, that he was in poor health, ‘broke’, and even dying or suicidal;

* Bugging, property theft, ‘intelligence’ collection, and irrelevant personal-document seizes – being highly likely during any of the malicious illegal entries or official’ searches into his private Neverland residence;

* And, the raids on his private property being timed for while he was out of the city such as when he was in Las Vegas, or even when out of the country such as during the second leg of his Dangerous tour in the summer of ’93;
I’m sure you will agree, all of the occurrences above have got to be only a small taste, of the many methods of cruelty used against Michael.

Along with these there is the very high likelihood, supported with substantial scientific evidence, that gangstalkers and their associates took part together in killing Michael through covert means:

* Engaging the use of ‘through-wall’ non-lethal DEW to remotely trigger health problems, continually keep him awake, or cause bodily pains;

* Pain and insomnia caused from the DEW genuinely requiring a temporary need for powerful, known to be physiologically damaging, sedative drug relief, with its incumbent often overwhelming side-effects;

* Probably had received threats, or intimidation and menacing comments, to produce fear and keep him awake – a highly used tactic of perpetrators;

* And, a highly concentrated application of lethal DEW to harm him physically and fatally.

Now declassified Directed Energy Weapons are virtually untraceable, and even medical professionals rarely find any tangible evidence of their use against the individual target.

The target themselves may not even be aware the mysterious illnesses come from outside of their body.

I understand this advanced warfare is found in the military and in government research or intelligence networks, and have been utilized or obtained by criminal elements who are illegally attacking innocent civilians with it.

Some of these devices can even be made at home in the garage.

I am still trying to learn about the scope of their existence, and as to the variety, type, and portability of such weapons, and whether they are mainly enormous in size, or if some can be much smaller.

These weapons of pain and suffering are operated silently and invisibly from a distance, while zeroing in on and affecting a person physically, triggering a myriad of health problems over a period of time.

Such health problems covertly caused from the use of DEW, and other such ‘experimental’ electromagnetic weapons and microwave radiation, can include:

* Unexplained and excruciating pains, skin burns;

* Prick marks in various locations;

* Dizziness;

* Exhaustion, weakness, fatigue;

* Lung infections;

* Health degradation, environmental illnesses, allergies;

* Heating or ‘cooking’ of the body, dehydration;

* Changes to the central nervous system;

* Jolt a person suddenly to make them collapse;

* Trigger cancers, including of the skin;

* Noise harassment, such as ringing in the ears;

* Induce heart palpitations, strokes, cardiac arrest, or a heart attack;

* and, Cause an inability to sleep.

Many weapons are inevitably or intentionally fatal, some bringing about death for the target through stimulating a heart attack or cardiac arrest, from using precisely aimed radiated energy.

Michael displayed classic hallmarks of being subjected to more than one silent strike from these weapons, or complained of such symptoms, proving their use against him.

This included: feeling ‘hot on one side’ of his body and ‘cold on the other’, exhaustion, needle marks found over his body, dehydration, unforeseen collapses on several separate occasions, as well as physical pains, and continually not being able to sleep.

That’s right, Michael was subjected to DEW – which equals torture and slow murder!

This covert method of murder is conducted slowly over time, with perpetrators operating the weapons and other nefarious activities, from vans disguised as legitimate businesses.

They may also operate from neighboring buildings, and even from the room next door, all of this ensuring there are no witnesses to its effects, and the unsuspecting majority of the public remain unaware a murder is taking place.

All this technology sounds like something from Star Trek – the likes of ray guns, x-ray vision, laser weapons, and psychic phenomena.

However similar weapons do exist, or are said to exist, are available to criminal gangstalking groups, and can really go through walls!

For those who are aware of these practices the crime was a thinly disguised murder.

This was merely a cover-up that included the creation of several attempted false leads, such as the apparent planting and ‘ingestion’ of numerous drugs, or his so-called many prescriptions taken under several other staffers’ names – in fact the perpetrators themselves were probably using illicit drugs.

He had said he was against drugs, and any legal drugs requested by Michael himself during his high-profile career would have been temporary, and for legitimate physical reasons.

For example, Michael had to use sedatives after his scalp was, apparently accidentally, painfully burnt during a Pepsi commercial filmed in the early 80’s.

Michael’s pain from covert weapons attacks, would have also been joined with the emotional pain of having others’ actively mistreating him, and perhaps also anxiety about not knowing what will happen next.

I believe Michael did not have an addictive personality and instead believe he was very strong, and even if he needed medication to cope, he could be forgiven it as an understandable reaction to the strange and demoralizing situational abuse he suffered.

The murderers would have been able to maximize on his alleged ‘illicit substance abuse’, by really using drugs to kill Michael, then covering it up by making it look self-inflicted.

Then there is Michael’s physician Dr Murray, assigned to him by the tour promoter, who was likely a pawn.

Postmortem speculation situated on further considering whether Michael had died in his bed or in fact somewhere else, how many minutes or even hours had he in reality been dead for, and the length of time it took to call the authorities.

Michael’s final rental home was huge and there were many, many people coming and going out of his house, most of whom were apparently working for the star.

To ensure Michael didn’t survive to leave for his tour, the perpetrators might have held him down and force fed him a cocktail of dangerous drugs, in combination with the DEW.

There may have been cell-phone jamming devices in use, while they definitely would have used radio air-wave readers, to listen in to emergency calls remotely so they can anticipate and cover their tracks.

There is likely no charging the real killers, who will have appeared innocent to outsiders with their false public fronts, looking like people who were employed to ‘help’ Michael.

This group of seemingly unrelated ‘witnesses’ to the scene would be readily available to vouch for each other with believable alibi’s.

These very witnesses I personally believe are really joined together as part of an organized stalking group, and in Michael’s final moments they finalized their strangle-hold, deliberately pooling together all their best efforts to murder him.

I am certain that besides Michael’s physician and children, some of the only other people inside as well as in the vicinity outside of his home in the hours leading up to his death, included his killers.

His killers would have cooperation from some collaborating members of the authorities, even from some in the legal fraternity, from planted or coerced insiders, or with intelligence collected from contacts of Michael’s.

I believe his killers may have loitered near the scene of the crime, even outside Michael’s memorial, and then his private interment, probably disguised as anything from media to furniture removers.

As for the perpetrators directly contracted to kill him, besides some or all members of his entourage, my suspicions extend also to some members of the LA police and fire departments, and paramedics, who were present and surrounding Michael at the time of the ‘desperate’ attempts made to ‘resuscitate him’.

This illegal, well-organized, and financed activity of gangstalking, is not only happening to high-profile celebrities either, but to all kinds of people from every background.

It is difficult to comprehend why perpetrators would carry out gangstalking activity, covertly on innocent people all over the world, or have a ‘need’ to cut the targets’ life short.

If some perpetrators take part in this evil charade, perhaps it is because they’ve become entrapped within some type of mob – where they either willingly signed up to be involved in some clandestine activity, or most likely had been tricked into thinking they would be carrying out good work.

Some or all of them believed they would take part in important top-secret missions as spies, while they’ve been brainwashed or as has been suggested, even hypnotized.

Then once the perpetrators have been threatened themselves, or involved in a murder, then they may be in too deep to leave.

Trained gangstalking perpetrators could well pose as security guards, assistants, cable men, plumbers, or even occasionally, as intimate acquaintances.

They are all mixed in together amongst genuine employees and the normal public, to barely be regarded with much suspicion.

I am saying that, in reality there weren’t many, if anyone, whom Michael could trust, even if he thought he could – that the conspiracy against him involved many years of torture and a good many number of people spread throughout many sectors of society – and that, yes, this was an ‘inside job’.

The concept of gangstalking is difficult for many non-targets to fathom or even be bothered by, because of the impossibility that there could be such a large number of people all in on it, all keeping this secret, and keeping up an act.

Gangstalking is of a high occurrence in Hollywood and LA, where many perpetrators or operatives would include the monied, with connections to secretive, or criminal organizations.

Undoubtedly, there will also be the involvement of unknown actors, posing as if they come from a totally different background, in order to leave false trails by placing suspicion onto a completely different group or entity.

Many theorists like myself believe there is a global conspiracy involving a powerful and rich ‘elite’ whose agenda, mostly unknown by the world at large, is to create a New World Order in order to gain domination over the world.

With their financial hold, they are able to fund incredibly large-scale ambitions, and pull the strings behind the powerhouses of the world, using covert methods and activities like mind-control, the influence of satanism and occultism, and ‘divide and rule’.

This elite I believe aims to consolidate and control all of the world’s governments, finance, health, military, large corporations, the entertainment industry, space research, universities, and the media, using evil means to fulfill an ultimately evil end.

I personally have no doubt that this is true and if Michael ‘knew too much’, or even, was some type of ‘ritual sacrifice’, then logic barely even registers as a motive for Michael’s murder.

Many of the often faceless gangstalkers, planners, wranglers, surveillance scouts – and ultimately his murderers – would have been working behind or in conjunction with various front-organizations, personalities, informants, handlers, controllers, doctors, and disinformation agents.

Telling everyone the TI is a child molester is historically a highly popular and effective gangstalking tactic, in terms of trying to discredit a target before the population, so no one will listen to them but will refrain from supporting them.

At the same time the gangstalkers are deceiving, bribing, or threatening the targets’ loved ones, peers, colleagues, or friends, to turn away from helping the TI.

This could include how La Toya felt she was forced by her former manager, to imply her brother was a child molester in her autobiography, when his initial allegations came out.

The Living with Michael Jackson documentary, which Michael understandably was betrayed by, is one example of distorted journalistic reporting.

The much anticipated show seemed to have been intentionally edited and reconstructed to falsely portray his life from a very suggestive sinister angle.

Gangstalkers punish every little ‘victory’ a target has during their tribulations.

Several authoritative personalities failed to have Michael found guilty on false charges of molestation, more than once over the second half of his career, including when allegations first surfaced in the early ’90’s.

It has been suggested that any of the children at the center of the allegations could have been positioned as false ‘victims’, and afterwards given a type of truth serum known to produce false memories of being abused.

Since Michael’s passing, the alleged victims have now come out saying that they were made to lie by the adults.

With just a little search on the internet, countless other examples of disinformation, as well as obvious occurrences of gangstalking activities used against the superstar, will be easy to come across.

After the surprise campaign, of ‘lies’ as Michael correctly called them, to demonize him, a group of conspirators using gangstalking techniques then planned to really kill Michael at their appointed time.

I am in no personal doubt as a lot of other TI’s are, that the internationally famous and dogged star was a target and fatal victim to the murderous perpetrators of gangstalking.

Michael succumbed to an apparent cardiac arrest as a man alone, feeling unsafe, and surrounded by dedicated demonic agents of darkness.

This hero of our generation placed his purpose in God and The Lord used him for good, with his enormous talent, compassion, and gifting to many charities.

Michael showed an amazing perseverance, meekness, peacefulness in response to his accusers, and strength, during his persecution by gangstalking.

His strength remains a beacon of inspiration, confidence, and hope, to all civilian targets’ of this criminal activity.

May his legacy continue through inspiring others to love people, the poor and downtrodden.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

The catelogue was Michael’s originally but now Sony own half. There were clauses over the catelogue that Michael signed, which Dick Gregory as his close friend has info on. After the concerts he would have been able to pay off Sony and be 100% in control of his catelogue. At present sony have 50%,if he hadn’t died he would have got 100% control. I’m not even certain that MJ was killed for catelogue , but if he had 100% control of catelogue he would be the most powerful person in the music industry with a powerful spiritual message, This is why he was dangerous to them the powers that be it is multi faceted. Frank Dileo is now on board of Sony and he brought John Branca in. It is very complex. In my opinion he fits the same pattern as others that have mysteriously died when they have a similar spiritual message and they happen to be influential people.

Randy Phillips loathes Michael, have you heard his interview on Michael, calling him names and he imitated and belittled him on a recent interview . The man loathes MJ with a passion and MJ did not like Randy Phillips.

There is no evidence that Mj is alive and I know in my heart and spirit that he isn’t

The hoax death stuff is just to distract, from his murder. It was a media company that set that up to see how easy it was for people to believe conspiracy theories, it is very clever too because then they throw all conspiracy theories including the genuine one into the same pot.
I do not belive he has hoaxed his death as this would mean TPTB who were behind character assassinating him and trying to destroy his career would also be part of this and protecting him so why would they help MJ now. They seek to make big money out of him and prevent him getting 100% control of his sony catelogue. Also there is no way Mj would have wanted that movie going out as the last memory of him. It is him only giving 50%, he was marking it, even though he was still brilliant. He was perfectionist and would have wanted to be remembered giving 100%. I also don’t believe he would do this to the fans friends and family.

The will has John Branca and John McClain as executors they were also the witnesses, only in MJ world would this be legal. They are also exectutive producers of this is it movie, MJ fired John Branca in 2006 when he found out during trials that Branca was working for Sony’s interests not Michael’s. I doubt he would have forgotten that. He also made wills every 5 years so the real will has gone missing. Philip Answutz who owns AEG and the staples centre where the memorial was held also have a special deal with Sony to stock all Sony digital equipment and he also owns all the cinemas the movie is being shown in. Frank Dileo is also now on the board of Sony. Michael said himself there was conspiracy all around him.

Tom Barrack of colony capital who bought neverland, is also a buddy of Jacob Rothschild, they bought Savoy Hotels together. Rothchild is definitely illuminati.

Here is an article from 2005 so it is old you might find interesting around mind control and whether Uri Geller and magik magestica were MJ mind control handlers. Uri Geller is an ex paratrooper ex cia who says he was reactivated, by the CIA he was also friends with John Lennon before he died and JOhn gave him a talisman that looked like a bullet saying aliens gave it too him an dhe thought it meant his time was up on the planet. There is link to the info in this thread. The guy who killed John Lennon was NOT A FAN and he was under mind control, was this Uri Geller job, did he put the guy under hypnosis to kill JOhn Lennon, I believe that is a possibiltiy, he set MJ up deliberatly with Martin Bashir and implied on ITN news 2003 that MJ was guilty but yet recently he says he knew he was innocent because he hypnotised him. So it is curious he did not say this in 2003. It is possible that he was part of the plot to frame Michael, character assassinate him and destroy his career and create a financial situation. He also accused Michael of being anti semitic for they don’t care about us song.


While we’re on the topic of magicians, I’d like to go back to this whole thing about Michael Jackson having a “personal magician”. I mean, I know the dude is weird, but let’s just say that doesn’t necessarily justify having a person who travels around with you acting as your not tongue-in-cheek personal magician. I mean, this guy also “controls” interviews with Jackson and even speaks on his behalf sometimes.

At first I just thought Jackson having a personal assistant was hilarious. Now I’m beginning to wonder if there’s not more to it than meets the eye. Let’s examine some more of the facts. First of all, Jackson is currently involved in an extremely public trial over child sex abuse. Jackson has maintained his innocence throughout. Regular readers of sites like Rigorous Intuition ought to be standing up and taking notice at this point. The author of that site, Jeff Wells, frequently delves into far out stories about ritual child abuse, and also blackmailing powerful public figures by forcing them into compromising situations.

I know it’s a pretty far-out leap for most “normal” people, but could Majestic Magnificent be more than just a “magician” – could he also be some sort of CIA Monarch mind-control handler for Jackson? Is there any possibility that Michael Jackson is actually a victim of or “asset” of some occult-intelligence organization? I personally have a hard time believing that Jackson is a pedophile (check out my archetypal analysis of him and his Peter Pan myth) – although if he had alternate personalities covered by layers of trauma, he might not even know about it himself. Or, conversely he might have figured it out, and trying to overcome it, and reclaim his lost innocence is what drove him into the whole Peter Pan fantasy to begin with. Maybe it’s all an attempt by Jackson to reclaim his inner “Paperboy”. I know I’m a bit of a weirdo, but for some reason, it’s more plausible to me that Jackson is a split-personality mind-control asset gone haywire than just a celebrity freak who likes to fool around with little boys. Maybe that’s just a more “fun” and less creepy explanation though. Who knows.

Anyway, the question of Jackson’s involvement with the CIA was first raised to me by Garrett. He tracked down a link to the CIA through Jackson’s close personal friend Uri Geller (who I have another story about in a minute). An article on the Scotsman explains a possible Geller-CIA link:

Ronson began his journey into the US army’s heart of cerebral darkness in London, where he got a tip from Uri Geller – the psychic famed for bending spoons on TV in the 1970s. “Under Clinton, the nuttiness was at the fringes but the dynamic changed when the Bushes got into power and it felt like the nuttiness was now at the core of things,” Ronson tells me at his Soho club. “So I started asking around and then I heard about remote viewers and psychic spies and, right here on the roof terrace in this building, Uri Geller told me that he’d been ‘re-activated’.”

I ask why the US military might have brought Geller back in from the cold. The simple answer is that Geller once belonged to an unofficial unit of psychic spies, formed in the 1970s to read the future and conduct experiments into the supernatural for the US military. Geller’s tip led Ronson to Glenn Wheaton, a retired sergeant and former Special Forces psychic spy who confirmed that the military funded this unofficial unit. There was more to the psychics, however, than trying to “remotely access” Soviet weapons plans or predict China’s next move. They were looking at new forms of warfare, including walking through walls, adopting a cloak of invisibility, even stopping an animal’s heartbeat by staring at it.

The guy in this quote, Jon Ronson is the author of the new book, The Men Who Stare At Goats which is making a bit of a splash among fringe counter-cultural groups. Many other sources seem to connect Uri Geller to working for both the CIA, FBI, KGB and Mossad at various points in his career. Even a seemingly official site of his says:

Interesting factoid: Michael Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory included a song called “Tabloid Junkie” one of the opening lines of which is:

Speculate to break the one you hate
Circulate the lie you confiscate
Assassinate and mutilate
As the hounding media in hysteria
Who’s the next for you to resurrect
Jfk exposed the cia
Truth be told the grassy knoll
As the blackmail story in all your glory

I know this doesn’t “prove” anything, but it seems noteworthy that Jackson mentions exposing the CIA in a line on a popular record. And shortly thereafter talks about blackmail. The weirdest part is I didn’t even know this before I started writing this post. WHOA! This is even weirder. Apparently also on that album is a song called “D.S.” the opening lyrics of which are:

They wanna get my ass
Dead or alive
You know he really tried to take me
Down by surprise
I bet he missioned with the CIA
He don’t do half what he say

Don Standdon is a cold man
Don Standdon is a cold man
Don Standdon is a cold man
Don Standdon is a cold man

There is also a theory circulating online about this song – that it’s actually about a District Attorney from Santa Barbara county named Thomas Sneddon. This article claims that the Don Standdon mentioned above is actually “Dom S. Sheldon” which when sung sounds like “ThomaS Sneddon”. Apparently Sneddon has been trying to build a case against Jackson since the 1990’s. Other lyrics sites online also confirm the “Dom Sheldon” interpretation, and some even say outright “Tom Sneddon.”

I’m also curious about this later line in the song:

Does he send letters to the FBI?
Did he say to either do it or die?

Was Sneddon trying to blackmail Jackson with the child abuse stuff, and then Jackson didn’t go for it, so Sneddon launched his trap? To me, the picture looks more and more like Jackson began trying to “out” CIA agents in this album. Whether it was real or imagined, it’s an extremely creepy connection worth investigating more. I don’t actually have or know that album much at all. But if anybody could offer a more detailed reading of it with this theory in mind, I’d love to read it. Majestic Magnificent seems to have come on the seen shortly before Jackson released this album. Was he a last ditch effort by the CIA to send somebody in to reign Jackson in again to their control? Maybe that’s a flawed direction of research – especially in light of the information about the Nation of Islam acting as bodyguards for Jackson. Why would Jackson hire basically an ideological para-military force for protection? Who’s he afraid of? This shit just gets deeper and deeper.


Thanks to some responses to a posting I did about this on the Rigorous Intuition Forum, I tracked down a very very interesting connection. Let me give you a little background information first before we go on. After 9/11, there was a benefit concert somewhere near Washington, which Michael Jackson was invited to play. An LA Times article explains that Jackson was looking for a place to stay during this time period:

Jackson’s visit came about as a result of a call from “a friend from the White House,” Coe said. The call came from David Kuo, deputy director of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, who helped put together the United We Stand concert. When Kuo learned that Jackson needed a place to stay, he thought of Cedars. “It’s a private unknown place that offers anonymity in a peaceful environment,” he said. “Part of the whole Fellowship belief is you can help people who are down and out by helping people who are up and out.”

The place they are referring to is called Cedars. It is the headquarters of a behind-the-scenes Christian Reconstructionist group called the Fellowship, also known as the International Foundation. Wayne Madsen’s article, Christian Mafia Part II has more about the Fellowship and their dealings. But let’s look first at what they say about this place called Cedars. First and foremost we have this absolutely juicy tidbit:

According to a senior Pentagon official, the Cedars had been used as a CIA safe house prior to the Fellowship’s purchase of the estate.

Now, I don’t know how the CIA works, but I do know that expression: “Once a company man, always a company man,” and I suspect the same goes for their locations, though they get shuffled around through various front groups. A simple real life example: a friend of mine used to be a minor player in the Miami club scene some years back. He helped run various venues, and worked behind the scenes as a promoter. He told me stories about what happens to clubs where bad shit goes down – like a shooting or other high profile crime. Everybody gets freaked out and stops going there. So the clubs close down. The real owners go through all the paper-work to sell the club, put it under “new” ownership and management and then re-open it. But it’s all just sleight-of-hand. No real change has been made except in public perception – the only kind of change that actually seems to matter.

Another article has some interesting information about the Fellowship’s other activities:

The Fellowship (Getter’s preferred label for the group) also has brought several notorious, right-wing Latin American generals to Washington for prayer meetings — men connected to the torture of civilians and CIA-linked death squads.

Well, as long as they’re only praying, right? Whew! What a relief!

Getter quotes the group’s long-time leader, Doug Coe, 73, as saying that its mission is to establish a “family of friends” around the world by spreading the word of Jesus to powerful people: “The people that are involved in this association . . . are the worst and the best. Some are total despots. Some are totally religious. You can find what you want to find.”

And a supporting quote from the LA Times article:

Coe said the group’s mission is to create a worldwide “family of friends” by spreading the words of Jesus to those in power. He believes that people of every religion–including Muslims, Jews and Hindus–are swayed by Jesus. If he can change leaders’ hearts, he said, then the benefits will flow naturally to the oppressed and underprivileged.

So, was Michael Jackson’s stay with this group “purely a matter of convenience” or was there more going on here? Just who was that guy who invited Michael to stay there again? The Madsen article explains:

According to a September 27, 2002 Los Angeles Times article by Lisa Getter, Jackson’s stay at the Cedars was arranged through David Kuo, George W. Bush’s White House director of the Office of Faith-based Initiatives. Kuo, a former CIA employee who co-wrote a book with Ralph Reed, had been Executive Director of the Center for Effective Compassion, founded in 1995 by Arianna Huffington and Marvin Olasky. Olasky is a Jewish convert to evangelical Christianity, a major Christian reconstructionist proponent, and an ardent supporter of George W. Bush. Kuo also previously worked for the Christian Coalition and Senator John Ashcroft.

And there we have it. We started out with magicians and end up with plans by Christians to institute theocracy in America. Just what are Jackson’s religious views, I’m trying to figure out. I’ve heard he’s a Jehovah’s witness, but I also just read he denounced his faith in 1987. Here’s a more elaborate article on whether or not he still is one. I guess I’m just wondering what he’s doing staying with Christian Reconstructionists one day, and cozying up to the Nation of Islam the next. This just gets deeper and deeper still

March 14 2009. Randy Phillips: “He’s 50 but he’s going to dance his ass off” “If Mike gets too nervous to go on, I’ll throw him over my shoulder and carry him on stage. He’s light enough.” telegraph.co.uk
There are loads of quotes from Randy Phillips and others. Randy Phillips didn’t like Michael Jackson.
I agree Michael Jackson is NOT strange or weird or odd at all. Michael Jackson is amazing!!!!! Michael Jackson loved magic everything from P. T. Barnum, to David Copperfield, to David Blaine, to Chris Angel. I don’t think ‘Magestik Magnificent’ is anything to do Michael Jackson’s death and I don’t think he was his handler. ‘Magestik Magnificent’ is a black man who is very loyal to the whole Jackson family and loves them like they are like his own family and is good friends with Joe Jackson! ‘Magestik Magnificent’ was also the ‘personal magician’ to Muhammad Ali!
Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne knew how sick Michael was yet they did nothing to help him. They knew he wouldn’t make the ‘This Is It’ tour.
Dr. Tohme Tohme the Lebanese man needs looking into I don’t trust him at all. Tom Barrack of Colony Capital is also Lebanese and is to do with the Savoy Hotels and Jacob Rothschild and the ‘Brownstones’ company or what ever it is called?
‘Colony Capital’ and ‘Fortress Investment Group’ private investment group need looking into. Sony and AEG need looking into. Some say AEG is AIG??
‘Sir Howard Stringer’ is the Chairman, President and CEO of the Sony Corporation. Sir Howard Stringer doesn’t like Michael Jackson and seems almost pleased he has died he needs looking into. I believe Sony stands for: “Standard Oil New York”.
AEG President and CEO is ‘Tim Leiweke’ and he needs looking into. Others from AEG like Phillip Anschutz and Randy Phillips also need looking into.
There are many doctors who need looking into Dr. Conrad Murray and Dr. Arnold Klein (who is friends with Liz Taylor and Debbie Rowe) are just two of them.
Tommy Mottola needs looking into I don’t trust him at all.
David Geffen needs looking into. David Geffen is on the ‘400 Richest Americans’ list and he was around when John Lennon was murdered, when Kurt Cobain died and when Michael Jackson died it is very weird!!
Uri Geller needs looking into. Uri Geller was around when John Lennon was murdered and when Michael Jackson died!! Uri Geller set up the Martin Bashir interview. Uri Geller also did a strange drawing inside the cover on Michael Jackson’s “Invincible” album.
‘Deepak Chopra’ and ‘Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’ need looking into.
So called ‘friends’ of Michael Jackson’s need looking into from Alvin Malnik and his wife Nancy Malnik (who have mafia connections), to Dr. Susan Etok, to Mark Lester and so on.
Gloria Allred we know didn’t like Michael Jackson all the people from MJ’s trials need looking into like Tom Sneddon.
There are also MJ’s staff, aides, servants, security team that need looking into and everyone from his managers to his PAs and PR team need looking into such as the Nanny Grace Rwaramba who is said to practice Voodoo, Alberto Alverez (known as ‘Tippy’) the man who made the 911 call I don’t trust him at all, Michael Amir, Raymone Bain who sued Michael. I believe Frank DiLeo was MJ’s handler in the past as well as his manager. Quincy Jones was maybe a programmer or controller or handler or something like that in the past. I also don’t trust John Branca and John McClain.
How about the LAPD what is their part in this? What about the media and people in the media what is “TMZ” who owns it?? What about Larry King??
How about MJ’s own family his own flesh and blood? what do we make of people like Jermaine Jackson?? La Toya Jackson? and Joe Jackson? I like La Toya I have a soft spot for her but it is strange how she changes her story. I don’t trust Jermaine. Both Joe Jackson and Jermaine Jackson seem very jealous of Michael Jackson.

Uri Geller needs looking into. Uri Geller was around when John Lennon was murdered and when Michael Jackson died!! Uri Geller set up the Martin Bashir interview. Uri Geller also did a strange drawing inside the cover on Michael Jackson’s “Invincible” album

Brilliant point, I also posted some on this. Funny that Michael did not sign a contract and the reason the documentary was put out without michael final consent was because he had not signed a contract, everyone said this was completely out of character for someone as suspicious as MJ. I guess he may have been too trusting. I think it is possible Uri mind manipulated him in some way or hypnotised him to trust Martin Bashir. Uri also is ex paratrooper, creme de la creme of the military, ex cia, ex mossad .

John lennon also gave him a talisman that looks like a bullet , (Uri calls it a magic egg) thinking his time up on the planet two days before he died. There is alink and I’ve seen john with this bullet but the youtube got removed when I pointed this out Creepy!!


‘Deepak Chopra’ and ‘Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’ need looking into.
Very strange how these people go running to the media with stories about Michael, some friend. Deepak was in the media, less than 24 hours after MJ passed. If they have got something to say, they should go to the authorities, so they clearly haven’t, but they get $$$$$ for saying controversial stuff about MJ in media. What about professional ethics like confidentiality, these two obviously have no ethics so cannot be trusted. deepak is in illuminati club of rome.

Uri Geller is into mind control and hypnotism. MK Ultra ‘trauma based mind control’ is VERY real I know it is. Michael Jackson was a victim of MK Ultra I really believe that. Michael’s first controller, handler and programmer was his father Joe Jackson. Michael sort of worshiped his mother Katherine. Katherine seems like a nice, religious, very moral woman but there is more to this she was in on it as well and she supported her husband 100% and she also spanked her kids (not as hard as Joe did though).
Various people at Motown later controlled Michael. Not many people know this but Michael knew Karen Faye Kissinger right back to the Motown days and is she related to Henry Kissinger? I believe Karen Faye did love Michael very much and she wants the truth for him. I trust Karen Faye and the “Follower” fans.
“Teddy” Riley is an African-American singer-songwriter, musician, keyboardist, and record producer credited with the creation of ‘New Jack Swing’ and he seems like he is a really nice, sweet guy. Teddy Riley was MJ’s producer and he thinks MJ was murdered. So Karen Faye, Teddy Riley, Randy Jackson, Joe Jackson and La Toya Jackson all think MJ was murdered.

I didn’t say Frank Dileo murdered MJ, what I said was he wasn’t telling the truth. To understand where I am coming from I’ve read a lot and researched a lot and I met a few people along the way who have worked for the music industry who have told me what is said about the music industry is true. The music industry is run by the illuminati and many have said that MJ said he believed he would be murdered, including Teddy Riley who put his head above the parphet as he was a music producer for Michael. Any supporter of MJ would take his words seriously and he was often speaking of conspiracy against him. The messages are in his lyrics too

There is a video here from John Todd who used to run Zodiac music productions of which motown and others were subsidiaries. He outed what went on in the music industry in the 1970s and a while later he disappeared.

John Todd said ‘Zodiac’ productions took it’s orders from the “Rothschild’s Tribunal in London” The “Rothschild’s” are a major Illuminati family!!!!!

John Todd said “Zodiac productions” was owned by something like “Britain? Enterprises” “Britain? Enterprises” was owned by “Chase Manhattan”. “Chase Manhattan” was owned by “Standard Oil” (which was a Rockefeller company!) and “Standard Oil” was owned by “Lloyd’s of London”!

Other people have also spoken out. I don’t necessarily agree with satanic word but I do think there is some strange evil corrupt business going on


The following is from Tiffany Evans an R and B singer

You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep.

Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble
also more info on music industry


I am placing these links to show how the music industry works and whilst Frank Dileo may not have murdered MJ directly, he may be involved, simply because of the nature of the business. I haven’t yet made up my mind about Frank in any case .

Finally a must see to understand who the major families in the illuminati are who run and control the world and what there aims are and solutions to it. MJ was going to be delaying their plans big time with his message


If you think MJ hoaxed his death then you are saying MJ is illuminati because the only way he could do this is with illuminati help, I don’t understand how the people who were behind destroying MJ and his career, and his message would now help him it makes no sense.


7 responses

  1. Very helpful tips. I had no idea of that at all.

    May 12, 2010 at 2:18 AM

  2. Just really love you guys… what fantastic and well researched information. Thank you bunches.

    May 12, 2010 at 7:32 PM

  3. Nice Link. Thanks

    May 31, 2010 at 12:43 PM

  4. Thanks, dude! That explains it.

    June 2, 2010 at 6:25 AM

  5. BreakerofEvil

    No, No, Church of Scientology…
    Nobody speaks of this wicked bunch !!!
    Who owns Graceland ??? Who owns Neverland ??
    MJ was a Experiment as a child…Mk Ultra
    he was a monarch slave…just as Elvis was.
    They are all Scientologists including MJ’s complete family. MJ was sodomized by his cult daddy.Thay are all cult…Elvis,They made Lisa Marie marry MJ.
    MJ was a pedophile, Thanks to his past.
    Do your research, I am right !!
    Scientology teaches black magic/satanic rituals..Auditing is literally, mind blowing… learned from CIA, they jointly experimented on MJ, tons of others, lot of country stars are into the cult…
    research…you will find !!!

    July 18, 2010 at 7:25 PM

  6. Michael Fan

    Great initial post, exposing the connections, the facts and the obvious reasons why he was murdered.

    I don’t believe the illuminati, the NWO or any other group was involved. To be honest, I don’t even know why they are (constantly) brought up.

    It was Sony. Plain and simple. They ordered Conrad Murray to carry out a hit on Michael to profit in billions from blood money. Nothing else makes more sense. It was the right time. Stars like Michael are murdered when they reach a certain point. Michael reached that point and, after some promotion for upcoming blood money sales, was axed accordingly.

    If we could find out WHO exactly was making the orders, then we’re getting somewhere. Seems that it was first conceived in February 2009.

    October 22, 2010 at 8:21 PM

  7. Cherumbin

    Following is an excerpt from an interview
    ABC correspondent Diane Sawyer conducted with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. In the video Michae Jackson says he
    would never ever comit suicide.
    I am posting it here as a form of historical reference, as there is now an ongoing attempt to convince the people of this planet that
    Michael Jackson “killed himself”.
    Listen and Watch the Video. Michael Jackson speaks for himself: “Heartbroken, BUT NEVER, EVER suicidal.” “I LOVE LIFE TOO MUCH.” Please click on the link below:

    January 3, 2011 at 11:13 AM

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