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LastSevenWord’s videos (fascinating!)

I’ve always been fascinated with this person. Quite creative to say the least. And seemingly implying he’s MJ in last video??? I’m posting the videos from last to first.

Try To Spread MJ’s Message (alwaysbelieveMJ—youtube)

These are beautiful and touching videos by alwaysbelieveMJ from youtube. Let’s help spread Michael’s message!


No coincidence. Definitely Coke is using MJ to endorse their product. But is it a good thing???


Latest TMZ articles on Michael jackson—May 27 to 30, 2010

TMZ just kill me sometimes, LOL  And people keep on reading them and believing every word…lol

Michael Jackson’s Trust Lacks Trust in Kids

Originally posted 16 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson apparently learned a lesson in finances — his kids should not fall victim to consumer temptations that caused Michael himself to teeter on the brink of bankruptcy — this, according to the details of the strings he attached to his children’s inheritance.

News of the World got a copy of the Michael Jackson trust. TMZ broke the story … under the trust the kids would get 40% of Michael’s estate, Kartherine Jackson would get the use of 40% during her lifetime (when she dies the remainder of her share goes to the kids) and the final 20% goes to charity.

Here’s what interesting … that we didn’t know until now.  Under the trust, PrinceParis and Blanket have no control of the money until they are 30 years old … until they turn 30 they just get income — almost like an allowance — determined solely by the trustee.  When each of the kids turns 30, the trustees must then give them 1/3 of their share outright.  When the kids reach 35, they get 1/2 of their share outright.

At age 40, the kids then get what remains of their share — outright.

We’ve already published the will — different from the trust.  The will refers to the trust but the trust document has not been public until now.

As for how much the kids will get, that amount grows every month, as executorsJohn Branca and John McClain wheel and deal in business ventures that include concerts, movies and song releases.

MJ Mausoleum — Fans No Longer Welcome

Originally posted May 30th 2010 1:00 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed is launching a new crackdown on fans — actively removing people hanging out in front of MJ’s mausoleum. 

According to sources at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, security has been informed that MJ fans are no longer permitted to gather on the patio of MJ’s mausoleum. Those who loiter will be asked to leave.

It’s unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move — especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year.

And now — with the one-year anniversary of Michael’s death fast approaching — the Justice4MJ fan group is concerned about their plans to gather at the mausoleum on June 25.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will “take into consideration” the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.

BeLIEve The Luxor – Egypt- Michael Jackson Thriller 2 Part 7B

Quite interesting!  Egypt—-Luxor Hotel—-Vegas—-Cirque Du Soleil—-2012…

Dr. Conrad Murray, charged in Michael Jackson death, to visit King of Pop’s grave one year later

LOL, what a bunch of bolony!  Maybe he’s going there to ressuscitate MJ! LOL

If he goes there, to Forest lawn so often, how is it no one ever sees him? Only TMZ seem to always be in the know… And I thought no one was allowed to visit, let alone the “killer”,lol

And why is he announcing that he’s going there at all on that day? Isn’t he supposed to be in court for his child custody hearing that day? In Nevada?

This story was broken by TMZ this morning at 1 am,. amazing how other news sources never get their own news “breaks” when it comes to MJ. They have to copy what TMZ has reported,lol


Saturday, May 29th 2010, 4:58 PM

Dr. Conrad Murray was with Michael Jackson when he died from a prescription drug overdose.


Dr. Conrad Murray was with Michael Jackson when he died from a prescription drug overdose.

The King of Pop is getting a visit from the doctor of death.

Conrad Murray, the physician charged in Michael Jackson’s sudden demise, plans a pilgrimage to the singer’s grave next month to mark the first anniversary of Jacko’s passing, TMZ.com reported Saturday.

Murray was with the platinum-selling international superstar when he died from a prescription drug overdose. The doctor was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Murray pleaded innocent to the charge and reportedly plans to claim Jackson fatally injected himself. Jackson, who was planning a huge 50-show Londoncomeback, died June 25, 2009, at his California home.

The one-time child star was just 50.

It won’t be Murray’s first visit to the Forest Hills mausoleum where Jackson is interred.

The 37-year-old doctor makes frequent trips to the cemetery in the early morning hours to avoid attention, TMZ reported.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/05/29/2010-05-29_dr_conrad_murray_charged_in_michael_jackson_death_to_visit_king_of_pops_grave_on.html#ixzz0pMD7aeIe

Michael Jackson is ALIVE. Part 4. Always Coca-Cola? Not Pepsi?

The end even has the “frail old man”, LOL

Randy Jackson Responds To Rumors That He Is Trying To Get Fans Inside The Mausoleum

Interesting that we’re seeing and hearing from randy after all these months. Interesting answer he gave the reporter when asked what they would do June 25, Then he said he was just joking,lol

“I don’t know if I can tell you…” and then he laughs…  “Just joking”.. hhhmmmm

Thanks Jacqui for making me aware of this video.

BRIAN OXMAN, BEAT IT (msg to Joe, Jacksons & Tom Mesereau)

Love it! LOL

Are You READY For MJ’s Return?

I’m doing my part…

The Truth About Our World

http://www.messengersforachange.com/ Change The World

Parrot-huge fan of Michael Jackson

This is so funny, I had to share it,lol

Thanks to “anotherpartofme” from


Michael Jackson influenced academic literature too

Very cool!

Washington, May 23 : Michael Jackson’s influence stretched beyond pop culture – the King of Pop changed how professors taught chemistry, engineering and psychology in classes.

A new bibliographic guide to academic literature compiled by twoTexas TechUniversitylibrarians shows that found Jackson referenced in psychology, medical, chemistry, mass communications and even engineering journals.

The researchers compiled a list of scholarly papers and peer-reviewed articles, culled from more than 100 databases.

Yet “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’: MJ in the Scholarly Literature: A Selected Bibliographic Guide” merely scratched the surface of scholarly content related to Jackson, noted Texas Tech Associate Librarians SusanHidalgo and Rob Weiner.

They called the breadth of Jackson’s influence truly astounding.

“I was surprised by a lot of what I read – I just thought I knew Michael Jackson,” said Hidalgo.

The researchers said that they avoided works they deemed sensationalist, saying such literature would defeat the purpose of honest investigation.

Instead, they focused on peer-reviewed or scholarly works with unique Jackson content that might shed light on the way people view larger-than-life celebrities – including one of the most sensational and contentious figures ever to grace the cover of a tabloid.

For example, researchers used Jackson to critique the media’s handling of criminal cases.

A 911 call made by Jackson prompted an article in Fire Engineering journal, while a British Medical Journal piece written after Jackson’s death discussed ethical issues that arise when a patient is more powerful than the attending physician.

One chemistry professor argued that reframing popular songs such as ‘Billie Jean’ could help studentsunderstand difficult chemistry concepts.

“I knew that Jackson permeated pop culture, but academics can be kind of snooty about what they choose to study. The fact that someone would take a Michael Jackson song and co-opt it as a means to convey chemistry concepts just shows the pervasiveness of Jackson’s influence,” said Weiner.

The study has been published in a special issue of The Journal of Pan African Studies.



My Friend Michael; The Real Manchild Behind The Mask

This is from 2001, but I enjoyed reading this very much. Gives us another glimpse into what MJ is like…


March 11. 2001

This week a rabbi, a spoon bender and a superstar began a bizarre tour of Britain.

Their friend JONATHAN MARGOLIS joined them: his unique report offers an extraordinary insight into the strange world of Michael Jackson – and he might have witnessed the moment the tortured singer made peace with his father…

The call came at 2am.

They say the only thing worse than a wrong number in the middle of the night is a right number, because it invariably heralds tragedy. In this case, however, a right number in the small hours brought one of the most remarkable opportunities imaginable for a journalist.

‘Would you like to come and meet Michael Jackson off the plane at Heathrow at 9am and spend some of the week with him?’ asked a familiar American voice.

The caller was Shmuley Boteach, my hyperactive rabbi friend who, in one of showbusiness’s more unpredictable couplings, has become pop legend Michael Jackson’s guru, friend – and, last week, partner in founding a children’s charity.

Naturally, I accepted Shmuley’s offer and, hours later, would enter for the second time in a few months the maelstrom that is the life of the 42-year-old singer, once described by Bob Geldof as ‘the most famous man on the planet, God help him’.

Behind the scenes of one of this most extraordinary of celebrity stories, I would find myself doing everything from listening to Michael in his pyjamas putting the finishing touches to his Oxford Union speech, to making him laugh with a joke in the back of his car, to hearing him make one of the most emotional phone calls of his life – while on the Hammersmith flyover in West London.

Michael Jackson was coming to England to launch his US-based charity Heal The Kids, in a speech at Oxford University, and to be best man at paranormalist Uri Geller’s wedding, as thanks to Geller for having introduced Jackson to Shmuley over two years ago.

It had been a tense weekend for Shmuley. Jackson’s long-planned trip was jeopardised at the last minute by his breaking two bones in his foot falling downstairs, then by an airline strike – and finally by a snowstorm in New York.

So it wasn’t just cynics who doubted that the singer would ever make it to Oxford. The rabbi, too, was getting distinctly nervous. He had put almost a year’s work into getting Michael to

speak at Oxford, against advice that the controversial megastar might get a rough reception from the students.

But a few minutes before phoning me, Rabbi Shmuley had received confirmation from America. Michael Jackson was in plaster, in pain and on crutches – but he was also on a flight out of JFK airport.

In November, I had spent a week around Michael in New York for an American magazine article. Now Shmuley wanted me to witness further, by getting me still closer, how Jackson, who this month becomes a UN Special Ambassador for children at the behest of his friend Nelson Mandela among others, is morphing from entertainer into serious world figure – or so his influential supporters hope.

Shmuley has made it his mission to convince the world that the twice-divorced Michael may be unconventional in a host of ways, but is a good-hearted, fundamentally innocent

innocent man whose desire to sensitise adults to the needs of children deserves to be heard.

So now here we were, travelling out to the airport in a minicab.

Michael’s people, a tribe of burly blokes, were already there, of course.

There were the squat, silent, watchful American minders, and the drivers, all English and experienced at whisking celebrities around in convoys of blacked-out Mercedes and people-carriers. There was even a photographer employed to video and photograph Michael’s every move for his personal archive.

Then the travelling party arrived – Jackson’s young manager, his elderly Lebanese doctor, there to look after the star’s bad foot, plus yet more watchful and burly men.

Normally, there would also have been Michael’s children’s nanny, a nice, sensible, middle-aged lady who fusses and cares for the Jackson Two, Prince and sister Paris. (There is, incidentally, no troop of 12 nannies as is often reported – just the one).

Michael’s children (both by his second wife, nurse Debbie Rowe) are an impeccably behaved pair; unspoiled and scarily bright.

Their father had decided for once not to bring them on a trip, because he feared they might be photographed, something he dreads after a childhood of being constantly hunted by paparazzi.

As Michael and his men cleared Customs, the four-car entourage got into position in a public part of the airport, next to people getting out of cars to go on holiday.

To my amazement, Michael was wearing his black silk facemask, an item that hadn’t made an appearance once, either in private or when we went out in New York, or for that matter when I met him in Japan years ago.

Indeed, I have always told people that the mask is another myth, along with the oxygen tent story and rumours of Michael having Prince and Paris’s toys thrown away after one use for fear of germs, both of which I know to be untrue.

The oxygen tent tale, Michael told me when we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Boteach home in New Jersey, stemmed from a joke he cracked to a photographer after he had crawled into one he bought for a children’s hospital and emerged saying: ‘Gee, if I had one of those, I could live to be 150.’ The Sun took up the gauntlet and the ‘Wacko Jacko’ label, which he despises, was born.

Michael’s physical distress at Heathrow, too, was palpable. He was stressed and exhausted, hobbling on crutches and putting every effort into staying upright.

He was too focused on merely walking to say hello to anyone apart from Rabbi Shmuley and, unfortunately for me, his crutches and outstretched leg took up what was going to be my place in his people-carrier.

So I followed the convoy to London’s Lanesborough Hotel with a 67-year-old driver, Stan, who has been chauffeuring Michael since the singer was a teenager. Stan was illuminating on the subject of that facemask. ‘It’s for the fans and you lot in the Press, isn’t it?’ he chuckled.

‘Putting it on guarantees pictures will appear in tomorrow’s papers.

Never forget that Michael is a showman.

‘The fans were out en masse at the back of Michael’s hotel, dozens of them camping in plastic bags on the pavement for a glimpse of their idol.

As Michael settled into his suite, I watched his video man going around the crowd, who screamed and wept messages to Michael into his camcorder. It was both touching and disturbing.

Upstairs in the suite, Michael was seeing his doctor. I wondered when he emerged if he would have any idea who I was. However, he spotted me and greeted me with a funny military salute. I’ve no idea if he really recognised me, but he made a convincing job of making me feel he had.

Michael’s makeup and quiet, shy manner make it seem as if he is detached and unaware of what is going on around him, but he has almost 360-degree vision and rarely misses anything.

Everybody, of course, wants to know what this mysterious man is really like. To me, he comes across as childlike, funny, generous spirited, considerate, if quite demanding, and unfailingly polite. He is also unexpectedly gossipy, though never really malevolent. He has, for instance, a pet snake jokily called Madonna – but is always anxious to say how he really thinks the world of his rival for the number one superstar spot.

His voice is light and has a distinct Western twang and, although he speaks quietly and dreamily, also laughs loudly and often, especially at any physical joke. People bumping into things and throwing food about crack him up. He hates even the mildest swearing and is always asking questions. He listens carefully, watches you with ever-so-slightly suspicious eyes and ensures by not saying much that he is listened to intently. As for his appearance, I don’t pretend to fully understand why he cultivates the image he does, but I’m sure it has to do with shyness and wanting to hide. Up close, his cosmetic surgery is obvious and he now seems to be competing with the natural ageing process. I have no reason to disbelieve (and some reasons to believe) his claim that he suffers from a skin-lightening condition, and I know for certain that he is proud of his black heritage.

He told Jackie Onassis, who helped him with his autobiography, Moonwalker, that he used to wear masks to hide, and it is also known that his father, the famously harsh and demanding Joseph Jackson, told him repeatedly as a child that he was ugly – a pretty scarring inheritance.

Michael reminds me of an anorexic teenager who is never quite satisfied with the image they see in the mirror and has to keep changing it.

Michael wanted to sleep for a few hours and we agreed to see him later as Shmuley had a list of charity-related matters to discuss. I was to be allowed to tag along as an observer again.

There was a knock on the suite door as Michael and his mentor were deep in conversation that evening.

Michael asked if I wouldn’t mind going to the door. Outside was Macaulay Culkin, in London for his West End play and here to hang out with Michael.

‘Hi, there, you big, fat monkey head,’ Culkin said to his friend.

You either understand Michael Jackson’s Peter Pan thing or not, but he is earnest about it and says that he is not fond of adults and not proud of being one – hence his fellow feeling with ex-child stars like Culkin who, like him, missed out on childhood.

We left Michael and Macaulay to do whatever they do, which according to one tabloid, was sit on Michael’s bed and watch kids’ films.

It’s interesting that when it comes to Michael, people say that what puts them off is the (ultimately fruitless and unproven) accusations in the early Nineties of child molestation and how he made an [pound]18million settlement to quell his accuser.

When I point out that the local District Attorney subsequently invited further accusations, and that none came despite there being so much money on the table, and how surprising that is considering that some 10,000 children a year visit Michael’s home, Neverland, people shift theirobjection to the indisputable fact that he looks a bit odd – a lesser charge, I can’t help feeling.

But perhaps I had already become too understanding of Michael after our time in New York.

I saw him there working tirelessly on planning Heal The Kids, which will ‘campaign globally for parents to spend quality time with their children’.

He did this despite being under pressure from his record company to get on with recording his album, his first new music in nearly a decade.

I saw him in conversation and holding his own with child psychiatrists, bankers, writers and society bigwigs, and assured and informal on a conference call with actor Denzel Washington and Nelson Mandela, whom he asked to join the Heal The Kids board. (‘I’ll do whatever you want, Michael,’ Mandela said. ‘You know how I respect you.’) I also listened to Jackson in business meetings, where a different man still emerged – focused, numerate, business-savvy and imaginative.

He has a host of plans for his future from property acquisitions to publishing ventures and leisure businesses.

And I witnessed the extent of what I think is Jackson’s real commitment to children. Rabbi Shmuley’s eldest daughter, Mushki, had complained tearfully to Michael on one of his frequent visits to the Boteaches’ home that she was being bullied by a boy at school.

Michael proposed hosting a peace conference, chaired by him, with the boy’s parents to sort it out. This was no idle promise, either.

For a week, Michael phoned Shmuley and Mushki daily demanding to know how arrangements for the summit were going. When the day of the meeting came, Michael discovered it clashed with the photographic session for his new CD cover.

So rather than change the date, he began the session at 5am to get it over with. In the event, ironically, the boy and his family failed to turn up.

Shmuley also told me, from the hundreds of hours of interviews he has recorded with Michael for a book they are writing together, about Michael’s torment over the Jamie Bulger murder on Merseyside, which he surprised his Oxford audience by mentioning last Tuesday.

The reference was dismissed by some as an attempt to inject local colour into the speech, but in fact Michael’s concern over the case goes back to his first marriage, to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis.

They ended up arguing about Jamie Bulger on a trip to London, when Michael outraged his wife by saying that, devastated as he was for Jamie and his parents, he was also concerned for Jamie’s killers because he was sure they must have had a bad childhood – as indeed was the case.

Michael refuses to believe on principle that any child can be fundamentally evil.

As late as last autumn, Michael was

asking what had happened to Jamie’s killers and saying how he would love to have written to them, but wouldn’t dream of doing so because his fame would make them think they were being rewarded, which he knew would be unacceptable.

He was, says Shmuley, quite downcast when he realised how his celebrity status could occasionally be a handicap in his mission to help children.

I joined Michael again on Tuesday afternoon in his suite, as he did a

dry run of his Oxford speech, which he had been working on with Shmuley for a week.

They were already behind schedule, thanks to Michael’s foot. He was insisting on delivering the speech standing up, and even reading through it as he would at Oxford, apart, that is, from the stripy grey pyjamas with Mickey Mouse on the breast pocket.

His focus and attention to detail were remarkable. The speech was to climax with Michael forgiving his father. There was a line where he said if the Jackson Five did a great show, Joseph would say it was OK, and if they did an OK show, he would say it was lousy.

‘You know,’ Michael said, ‘I’m wrong there. He never said it was lousy, he just said nothing. This has got to be honest.’ He went quiet and sat for a while, holding a tulip from a vase and seemingly lost in thought.

He changed the line, and that bleak ‘nothing’ was the very word where, that night, he broke down and sobbed for nearly a minute. Some thought this was theatre; I am certain it was genuine, as were most of the Oxford students around me.

While Michael was getting dressed and seeing the doctor again, the hours were ticking worryingly away, I had a nose around the suite. Everywhere were the results of Michael’s reported [pound]2,000 after-hours shopping spree at HMV with Macaulay and a pretty, blonde, 20-year-old student daughter of a family friend in London, whom Michael has known since she was young.

Scattered around the suite were DVDs of various children’s films, the David Attenborough wildlife video collection (down from [pound]59.99 to [pound]49.99) and dozens of CDs, including the Beatles’ album 1, to which Michael of course owns the rights, and so by buying, was paying himself royalties.

It struck me that it’s not correct that Michael Jackson only enjoys the company of children, as is often said. What he likes is to surround himself with people in their twenties whom he has known since they were young – and can, therefore, trust, such as the lovely student.

Before we left, getting ever later, Michael gathered up fruit for the journey to Oxford (two apples, a banana, two plums and an orange) and frantically hobbled around on his crutches looking for reading material – a pile of upmarket magazines plus a copy of the Royal Academy’s [pound]25 catalogue for their current exhibition, The Genius Of Rome, 1592-1623 – a present from his student friend.

We piled into the people-carrier with the manager, the doctor, a bodyguard and Shmuley an hour before we were due in Oxford for dinner. Michael cradled the art book on his lap in the back, where he sat with me and the doctor and discussed Renaissance art. He explained that Diana Ross had taught him a lot about art, but that his father was also a talented painter.

It was Rabbi Shmuley who suggested when we were on the Cromwell Road that Michael phone his father in Las Vegas. ‘You’re making a speech forgiving him.

I think now’s the time, Michael.Michael considered the idea silently all the way to Hammersmith, when he suddenly asked for the nearest mobile phone and dialled. ‘Joseph,’ he said, as we crawled through the London rush hour. ‘It’s me, Michael. I’m in London.

I’m OK, I’ve broken my foot and it hurts a lot, but I wanted you to know I’m on my way to Oxford University to make a speech, and you’re mentioned in it …no, no, don’t worry, it’s very positive. . sure…how are you keeping?


. . sure, of course I will. I love you, Dad, bye.’ After saying this, he stared out of the window for a long time. ‘You know,’ he said to all of us, beaming, ‘that’s the first time I’ve ever, ever said that. I can’t believe it.’ Shmuley gave him a bear hug and congratulated him. Michael continued reading.

It was a happy journey, apart from the traffic. Michael complained that all the CDs his manager had chosen for the drive were too loud. At one stage on the M40 there was a silence and I cracked one of those jokes you wish you hadn’t. ‘It’s getting boring now,’ I said, ‘I think we should have a singsong.

Can anyone here sing?’ Normally, making jokes around celebrities is unwise, but the atmosphere was so jolly and excited that I couldn’t help it.

To my delight, Michael had the generosity to laugh loudly.

Michael began to panic as we got later and later. He wanted to phone everyone he had inconvenienced by being late. For a star who doesn’t need to give a damn, it’s hard not to be struck by his solicitousness.

Michael’s speech was amazing.

We know the students and the newspapers and TV were bowled over by it, but I wondered what the reaction would be of Trevor Beattie, the advertising creative guru, who was in the packed Victorian debating chamber, with its statues of Asquith and Gladstone.

Beattie is probably Britain’s most renowned ad man, and has worked on commercials for UNICEF recently with Mandela, and with everyone from Muhammad Ali to Tony Blair, whose TV commercials for the forthcoming Election campaign he has just made.

Beattie, in other words, knows a bit about presentation. ‘What I’ve seen tonight confirms what I’ve always believed about Michael,’ he said. ‘All these theories about him trying to become white miss the point. I believe his great thing is not to be anything like his father and that tonight, he has finally laid the ghost of Joseph and can start again.

‘That’s why I find it sad that until now, everyone’s concentrated on things like his appearance and his eccentricities and overlooked his personal turmoil. He did it brilliantly with obvious sincerity. I couldn’t admire the man more.’ We went on to an incredibly grand, starry, late dinner for 40 at Blenheim Palace, where I was amused to watch Richard E. Grant, a Hollywood star himself, fretting over how to approach Michael.

‘I mean, what does one do? Do you pretend you know him and say, hi, [and] introduce yourself. I’m just not quite sure.’ And the next day came the glitzy Geller wedding. Michael was late again (more trouble with that foot, exacerbated when he slipped on it – believe it or not – in a fish and chip shop in Marylebone.) People were sorry, especially for Uri’s wife, Hanna, but then Michael also had to cancel a helicopter trip from the Gellers’ out to George Harrison’s home. Harrison, he told me, is the Beatle he is closest to.

My 11-year-old daughter shook hands with Michael and pronounced him, ‘Not as scary as in photos, actually really nice looking.’ And I was asked to dance under the wedding canopy with Uri, Shmuley and David Blaine, the American magician – and with the world’s number one song-and-dance man, Michael Jackson, sitting in a chair three feet away, clapping along.

Noting my hippopotamus-like attempts at rhythm, the King Of Pop winked at me. I do not expect to be signed up for his next video any time soon.

He, on the other hand, seemed happy, as if some sort of weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

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Michael Jackson could still be aLIvE (Sequel Part 33) – Synchronicity

Nurse Convicted of Murder (Propofol)

Love the sentence the judge said (which is highlighted below).  And yet in Murray’s case it’s different?  Yeahhhhh….makes a lot of sense—NOT lol

This nurse should have lived in California. They would have even let him keep his license with the restriction that he could not give propofol,lol  Am being sarcastic…

May 30, 2008By April Drew

AN Irish American man, who fled to Ireland in 2005 after murdering a University of Florida student was found guilty of murder in the first degree on Friday, May 23.

Oliver O’Quinn, 29, was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Michelle Herndon, 24, who he had become obsessed with in 2005. Prosecutors at O’Quinn’s trial said he injected Herndon with a lethal dose of Propofol, a fast acting anesthetic, which resulted in her death.

O’Quinn, a nurse whose license expired in 2007, worked at the University of Florida, where Herndon was a student.

The jury heard that O’Quinn first became acquainted with Herndon while sharing a house with her friend. Although a casual friendship existed between the pair, O’Quinn became obsessed with the young student. When he discovered she was to be wed to her boyfriend he apparently became enraged and planned her death.

During the trial, it was heard that police found Herndon lying dead across her bed in her Gainesville home. A small piercing on her arm led detectives to believe she was injected with something.

Toxicology reports discovered a lethal dose of Propofol in the young woman’s system. A syringe, disposed of at the back of Hendron’s house, had O’Quinn’s DNA on the cover and blood from the victim inside.

On November 11, a day after Herndon’s body was discovered, O’Quinn quit his job, according to police. On November 29, he fled to Dublin, informing family members he was taking a vacation to the land of his ancestors.

While staying at a youth hostel in Dublin, O’Quinn made attempts to join the Irish Nurses Organization (INO) seeking employment. However, a Gainesville police detective, Michael Douglas, informed the INO of O’Quinn’s background. An extradition request for O’Quinn was immediately made to Ireland but due to long delays in processing the request, Gardai (Irish police) were unable to arrest O’Quinn, who at this stage had moved into a home in Dublin’s north inner city.

O’Quinn fled Dublin in July 2006 and flew to Morocco. He then traveled to Mauritania in North West Africa. His passport number had been registered with all foreign embassies and consulates and in an attempt to set up a money wire transfer from the United States; his location was discovered by U.S. Embassy officials who caught up with him. He escaped again but was later caught in Senegal. In July 2006 he was extradited to New York and eventually returned to Gainesville in October that same year.

The Judge presiding over the case, Peter Seig spoke to O’Quinn at the sentencing last Friday. “It is beyond my comprehension how an intelligent mind could conceive of what we’ve heard about this week,” he said.

O’Quinn is currently being held in Lake Butler Reception Center in Florida.


Dr. Conrad Murray to the Rescue — The Video

I mentioned in a previous post “too bad they didn’t tape the plane rescue”. Well , it turns out part of it WAS video-taped!  How convenient,lol

Originally posted May 21st 2010 12:30 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

A bunch of you thought the whole mid-air medical emergency with Dr. Conrad Murray and a passenger was a publicity stunt.  Well, we just got video that suggests it was the real deal.

Remember our story — that the doc on trial for allegedly killing Michael Jackson was on a US Air flight when a female passenger passed out with a dangerously low pulse.

The photo below was taken during the emergency, and the video — which shows the woman being wheeled off the plane with Dr. Murray in tow — was shot after the plane made an emergency landing.

The passenger who shot the video tells TMZ after the woman passed out the flight attendants tried in vain to revive her … and that’s when one of them got on the P.A. and asked if a doctor was on board.

The passenger says Dr. Murray walked over to the woman — and several flight attendants thought he was just a regular passenger trying to make his way to the bathroom. We’re told the flight attendants asked Murray to return to his seat … and that’s when he revealed he was an MD.

We’re told Dr. Murray elevated the woman’s feet and found a weak pulse.  He asked the passenger who shot the video to help him move the woman to the front of the plane, and that’s where Murray inserted an IV (apparently standard issue for the flight crew) and the woman began responding.

The woman in distress — Sharon Ross — told TMZ when she came to, Dr. Murray said, “You probably know me … I was Michael Jackson‘s doctor.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/20/dr-conrad-murray-michael-jackson-airplane-emergency-video-passenger-iv-pulse/#comments#ixzz0ogsT2MEC

Michael Jackson Reality Show Might Help Find Cirque Du Soleil Choreographer

In a Montreal newspaper, it said yesterday that this reality show could start early 2011.  (May 20, 2010)

I know people will react by saying “more money-hungry people using MJ ‘s name for profit”,  but I actually think MJ would get a kick out of this.

Posted on April 21st, 2010 at 4:19 pm by MTV Asia

BEVERLY HILLS, California — By now, you may have heard that Cirque du Soleil has unveiled an ambitious plan to bring Michael Jackson back for a series of high-profile stage shows in Las Vegas and beyond. But what you might not know is that these plans will also take the King of Pop off the stage and into everything from nightclubs to restaurants to … a reality show?

Michael Jackson Photo: Al Messerschmidt Archive / Getty ImagesMichael Jackson
Photo: Al Messerschmidt Archive / Getty Images

“There’s not a lack of creativity around the table,” grinned Cirque President and CEO Daniel Lamarre when we sat down with him on Tuesday (April 20). “Between [Michael Jackson estate co-executors] John McClain and John Branca and all the creative team at Cirque du Soleil, we’re already bouncing a lot of new ideas around.

“This joint venture is not only for those two shows, but for all of the other initiatives that we can develop together,” he added. “We are already working on the concept of nightclubs, restaurants and other experiences and other types of content that we can develop on the brand of Michael Jackson.”

One of the leading concepts is a reality TV show that Lamarre hopes to launch by the end of this year. He describes it as a chance to combine television’s two hottest shows, “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars,” with the distinctive style of the King of Pop.

“John McClain came to us with the idea,” he said of the yet-untitled program, which would have a national audience assisting as they built the Cirque stage shows. “We would pick the best choreographer that there is in the world to work on [our stage] show, but also use them in a reality show in order to find a new, cutting-edge choreographer that could join the team.”

The reality show would also audition dancers for the MJ shows, with a certain number of the top contestants landing a Cirque gig. “That could be an exciting moment,” Lamarre said of the show. “Right now there is a huge appetite for people that want to participate in this Michael Jackson tribute.”

The Michael Jackson estate and Cirque du Soleil are spearheading the Michael Jackson projects with MGM Mirage, the gaming company that owns such Vegas hotels as Excalibur, Luxor, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo and more. Lamarre said that one of the MGM Mirage hotels will host the Las Vegas Michael Jackson/ Cirque show, and the venture’s press release mentions that “special lifestyle projects including a nightclub” will be developed.

“We are exploring all of those opportunities right now,” Lamarre offered. “We’re at the early stages of those ideas. But we want to make sure that all the fans around the world that want to celebrate Michael Jackson have an opportunity to do it through the experiences we will bring to them.”

But if those Michael Jackson-themed restaurants become a reality, Lamarre did make us one key promise: They won’t include moonwalking waiters attempting to balance food trays.

“I don’t think anybody can do it the way Michael Jackson was doing it,” he laughed.


Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil: Reality TV show coming too

April 20, 2010 | 12:03 pm

Michael Jackson dancing

A just-announced collaboration between Michael Jackson’s estate and Cirque du Soleil also includes plans for a reality TV show along the lines of “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” to discover a young choreographer to help develop an arena tour and permanent show in Las Vegas built on Jackson’s music, dancing and life story.

The TV show, in the discussion stage but targeted to be on the air sometime early in 2011, would audition young dance enthusiasts from across the globe in search of “someone young, who is cutting edge, from the outside, someone in the streets, who can bring that style that no one’s ever seen before, like Michael always did,” John Branca, co-executor of Jackson’s estate, said Tuesday.

The parties believe the combination of Jackson’s name, Cirque’s reputation and a talent discovery show similar to two of the most popular shows on television right now will make it a hit.

The show’s winner would join two other professional choreographers to be selected by the team assembling the concert-style arena tour slated to get under way in the fall of 2011, and a Jackson-themed permanent show in Las Vegas.

“There is not a lack of creativity around the table,” Cirque President and CEO Daniel Lamarre said Tuesday. “We’re just starting to work closer together, and those are the initial ideas we’ve decided to go ahead with. But there are other ideas. We will be pursuing lots of lifestyle ideas. That’s only the beginning of our bold, creative forces working together.”

The deal with Cirque is just the latest in an aggressive series of grand-scale projects Jackson’s estate has undertaken in  recent months, in addition to the concert film and DVD “This Is It” from the tour that was aborted when he died last June and a new long-term contract with Sony Music covering reissues as well as new compilations of previously unissued recordings and, potentially, video games.

— Randy Lewis


EXCLUSIVE: Former Michael Jackson Advisor’s Tell-All Book Not A Thriller Says Ex-Publicist

U know, Reverend Al Sharpton was right when he said at MJ’s memorial that there was nothing strange about MJ. What was strange was what he had to deal with… and with whom…He sure attracted many “snakes” around him…

But remember, this is another tabloid story, so who knows what truth there is to it…

Posted on May 19, 2010

DNP Random Things


Michael Jackson‘s former friend and supposed financial advisor Leonard Rowe is planning a tell-all book about the King of Pop.

But even before the book is released, Rowe’s former publicist has poured scorn on the exposé, accusing the music manager of being less than loyal to Jackson and his family.

PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson’s House

“Rowe had been working on this book before Michael passed away and it was not going to be favorable,” Cataunya Ransom toldRadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

“Rowe wanted to expose Michael… he had no good intentions and just wanted to ride off Michael’s name.”

EXCLUSIVE: Bank Sues Michael Jackson’s Doctor Arnie Klein For $1 Million

Rowe’s one-time advisor added: “The original plan Rowe had was to use Michael’s name and have a bombshell book to gain for himself. Now his book can’t be all bad stuff about Michael because if it’s bad he’ll burn his relationship with the Jackson’s and he can’t afford to do that.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Family Arrives At Court

Rowe, who is no relation to Michael’s ex-wifeDebbie Rowe, remains a close confidant with family patriarch Joe Jackson.

Ransom said it was Joe who hatched the plan for Rowe to represent Michael.

“I don’t believe that Rowe was ever Michael’s financial advisor like he says he was,” Ransom said.

“Joe Jackson and Rowe faxed out a release saying that Rowe would be representing Michael.”

EXCLUSIVE: Strangest Photo Ever Of Michael Jackson

But as RadarOnline.com has previously reported, Michael fired Rowe via a written letter, stating: “This is to inform you that you do not represent me and I do not wish to have any oral or written communications with you regarding the handling of my business and/or personal matters.”

EXCLUSIVE LETTER: Michael Jackson Fired Rowe In Writing

Rowe spent time in federal prison in the early 90’s after being convicted of wire fraud for his role in the cashing of a fraudulent insurance check and also has multiple arrests for writing bad checks.

PHOTOS: Stars Arrive At The LA Premiere Of “This Is It”

Rowe has also been successfully sued by artists R. Kelly and Ne-Yo.

Kelly was awarded over three million dollars that was formally settled on April 9, 2009. Ne-Yo sued him for over $700K and the case was settled in September 2008.

“He has a very unfavorable past,” Ransom said of Rowe. “Was Rowe a loyal friend to Michael? No, he wasn’t. He’s driven by greed.”

WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Shocking Violence Inside Jackson Home

“I don’t know why the Jackson’s trust him [Rowe] so much. He used to tell me all the time how weird he thought Michael was.

“Before he died, Michael wasn’t even talking to his family. When they went to trial Michael would just go in his room afterwards and not talk to any of them. It’s unfortunate.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids And Elizabeth Taylor

“Michael was good to his family though. When he’d perform with his brothers he always took the same salary as they did even though he was the headliner. He wanted everything split among him and his brothers equally.

“After Michael would perform he was always, always reading the Bible. He was extremely religious.”

Ransom told RadarOnline.com that Rowe wished to remain in good graces with the Jackson family so he can profit off of them.

“The Jackson’s have big plans. They want to do concerts in Las Vegas and re-create Michael through holograms to be on stage with them,” Ransom said.

“Rowe wants in on the opportunity to brand Michael.”


BeLIEve Criss Angel and Michael Jackson Thriller 2 Part 7A (MagicalXcapism)

BeLIEve===Magic===Criss Angel===Michael Jackson  ———>  the climax===CIRQUE DU SOLEIL  2012 in LA

My thoughts…

Diana Ross Tribute to Michael Jackson (May , 2010 )

Another city 2010

What DID happen on June 25th? part 7 (lunajo67)

Quite a powerful message…  the message I believe, with all my heart, Michael has been trying to tell us all these years, only now, he found a more powerful way…

beLIEve, beLIVE, beLIE! – Michael Jackson’s Death Hoax

The “timing” of everything has always made me question the authenticity of it all.

Tom Sneddon SLAMMED on LIVE TV

Totally agree!  Sneddon should be brought to justice for falsifying evidence!

David Gest To Show Michael Jackson In A “Truly Unique Light”

imageDavid Gest


David Gest has pledged to show Michael Jackson in a “truly unique light” in his new documentary.

The producer has interviewed the late ‘Thriller’ star’s friends and family for the forthcoming four-hour documentary which includes intimate glimpses into his life, including a tour of his childhood home with brother Tito Jackson, while his mother Katherine shares her memories of her son – who died of acute Propofol intoxication last June – for the first time.

David said: “I have tried to show Michael in a truly unique light. I have spent the past three months travelling the world interviewing people who were most important in his life. I believe this popumentary will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind. He was a very complex individual and this special reveals the many different facets of his personality.”

In addition, the film – which will be distributed worldwide – will also include interviews with Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Michael’s assistant Frank Cascio, and co-writer Siedah Garrett among others, chronicling the iconic singer’s obsession with his appearance, marriages to Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley and battle with prescription drugs.

Also included in the show is a rare never-before-seen interview between Michael and David at the ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years’ which revealed the ‘Billie Jean’ star’s real deep voice as he plays jokes on his pal.

Tito said: “David had one of those rare friendships with Michael where Michael could always be himself. As teenagers and into their twenties they were inseparable and were always getting into trouble and playing jokes on everyone. David was the other brother by another mother to Michael and I! He was never afraid to stand up to Michael and tell him the truth, whether he wanted to hear it or not.”