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Michael Jackson’s Alleged Lover Scared to Death

I wonder what this “gay” thing is all about…  I always try to read between the lines.  And if it is a true story, then why did this guy come out with it? And now?  To divert our attention from something else? Coz MJ got a good report from the Aphrodite show, so “let’s put some dirt out there to cancel it”? And it’s from TMZ. I was hoping they’d be on MJ’s side…  But yes, it’s TMZ, so who knows?

Their quote at the end “grabs” my attention. Can’t help but wonder if it’s in reference to something completely apart then this Jason guy…

Originally posted May 6th 2010 6:40 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The man who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Michael Jackson says he’s scared out of his mind because of numerous death threats — especially from “crazy Japanese fans.”

Jason Pfeiffer — who went on TV last week and talked about his alleged affair with MJ — says he’s received 10 to 12 serious death threats from around the world.

Pfeiffer’s boss and MJ’s former best friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, is also getting threats after telling TMZ about the alleged affair.  We’ve obtained one of the threats, which reads,

You rotton son of a bitch, how dare you let that fat slob make those accusations about Michael,you should be ashamed,Michael thought you were his friend!!!!!!!!!!! Someone is going to pay for this dearly,maybe with a bullet?

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/06/michael-jackson-dr-arnie-klein-jason-pfeiffer-death-threats-video/#ixzz0nChZassU


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