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WANTED: Dead or Alive: Michael Jackson

I hadn’t seen this article until today. Notice what I highlighted in red,lol

Shouldn’t it be the Estate? lol

Maggie Van Ostrand


Posted: March 16, 2010


The Jackson Estate has made a deal with Sony Music Enertainment for Michael Jackson to be paid $200 million guaranteed over seven years for 10 projects. Sony had previously conferenced with Toyota to pave the way for Jackson to keep on singing long after his product had the brakes applied.

The contract extends through 2017 and may increase in worth to as much as $250 million, announced a proud Joe Jackson, scion of the Jackson family.

No other artist has ever been paid so much so late. Joe Jackson further announced that were he still here, his son, Michael, would be happy that his old recordings, the release of which had been prevented by him for reasons of imperfection, would now be made available by Sony to Michael’s fans. Mr. Jackson has plans to erect a sign on the lawn of his Las Vegas mansion reading: Over one billion served.

Other announced projects are video games, a rerelease of the album, “Off the Wall,” and a bunch of previously seen videos compiled on DVD.

Possible further royalties from future merchandising rights have not yet been calculated. Sir Paul McCartney is considering shelling out the entire $2 billion dollars projected worth of 50 per cent stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing for rights to Beatles music, as well as Elvis and Dylan. He regrets allowing Michael buy rights to the Beatle catalog for $1.95.

All future Michael Jackson endeavors will fall under the title, “That Wasn’t It.”

Disclaimer: This is a real event, fictionalized by Maggie Van Ostrand



2 responses

  1. SB

    FANTASTIC-let’s wait and see!

    May 10, 2010 at 10:47 AM

  2. Kimberly Walker

    First, Michael was the most giving celeberty of all time, so I am glad that his estate is generating so much money for the King of Pop and his children. His family is benefiting as well, which is great! Now as far as Michael being alive I believe that he is ALIVE! For one it is a feeling that I have that Michael is still alive, and there are a lot of strange things that surround his so called death. First, the Enquirer in January of 2009 said that Michael only had six months to live and then in June 2009, Michael supposedly died. How would the Enquirer be able to pinpoint Michael’s death with such accuracy? Strange right…

    Second, The picture of Michael on the strecther was a picture of Michael from the early 1990’s because he was brown skinned on that picture not white (pale light) like he had become when he lost the pigmentation in his skin. Third, During the 911 call the caller never identified the person that needed help as Michael Jackson, which is usually done for celeberties. Fourth, At the hospital when it was announced that Michael had died, no Doctor came out to pronounce Michael dead which is the procedure while giving personal medical information. Jermaine Jackson pronounced Michael had died to to the world, There was no hospital staff around period… And it has also, been said that no Doctor signed the death certificate? Latoya Jackson did?

    Did any of you guys/girls read the autopsy report because whoever, they are describing it is not MJ. I could go on but I will stop here, but I do believe that Michael is still alive. This is why I sometimes refer to him in the present tense. Althoug, I believe he is still alive he is in hiding so therefore, we don’t see him anymore and I miss seeing him on TV and I miss him a lot even though we never met… L.O.V.E.

    December 25, 2010 at 5:16 PM

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