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Michael Jackson’s personal physician wants to postpone his manslaughter trial again.

image Michael Jackson


Dr. Conrad Murray has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter for his role in the ‘King of Pop’s death from acute Propofol intoxication by intravenous injection of another last June. He made his first appearance in a Los Angeles court on April 6 in a hearing that lasted less than 30 minutes before the case was postponed to June 14.

Murray’s legal team has now claimed it may not be ready for the rescheduled preliminary hearing next month because it has still not received all the documents relating to the case.

Miranda Sevcik, spokeswoman for Murray’s lawyer Ed Chernoff, told gossip website TMZ that his team have only received 3,500 pages of the manslaughter criminal file. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has claimed it has “hundreds of thousands of pages of material”.

A spokesman for the District Attorney’s has insisted the report that there were “hundreds of thousands” of pages of documents was false, as there are only “thousands of pages”.

The representative said Murray’s legal team had received “the bulk of” the paperwork.

Sevcik says Chernoff does not believe he has the complete file, and is planning to ask to delay the upcoming hearing further if he doesn’t get all the information quickly.

The preliminary hearing will determine whether Murray can keep his medical licence, and whether he will face a full trial.


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