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The Force Is Strong with Blanket Jackson

I always hate having the Jackson kids on the media, and bringing attention to them, but maybe this TMZ article may be positive, since it’s clearing up the “stunt gun” incident…

The Estate setting the record straight,lol

Originally posted May 12th 2010 11:00 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson‘s children are quickly becoming YouTube sensations — thanks to the popularity of several self-made home videos that were posted online … videos that may have led to the infamous stun-gun caper.

One of the videos features 8-year-old Blanket Jackson wielding an invisible lightsaber and quoting “Star Wars.”  Another clip shows his sister Paris Jackson busting out a hardcore rap.

Sources tell us that Michaels kids — as well as the minor children of Jermaine and Randy — got really

into making these home movies … and that the stun gun incident involving Jaafar was part of a movie plot.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0nkgIu0d8


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