We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.



From MUZIKfactory2 on twitter

On Friday, April 16th, I receved this communication : “with brother Marlon Jackson presence, Legend Music Awards gives an award to Michael Jackson as Legend Pop Male Artist of the Century (artist of the century)”.  The event will be on 18th at 4.30 p.m. at Hotel Melìa, in Milan. It is set on Sunday, but I decided to go anyway.

When I arrived at the hotel, punctually at 4.30 p.m. I realized that I was the only journalist there, in the middle of a hundred fans – “orphans” of Michael Jackson, the great artist disappeared on last June 25th at the age of 51.

They made me seat in the first line and I immediately learnt that Marlon wouldn’t have been there in person (because of the Island cloud, they said) but that he would have been there, at 6 p.m., in a videoconference. The event, with him and with others, is on June 25th at the Olympic Stadium for the Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute, a marathon show that will celebrate Jackson one year exactly from his death.

The event, to which many stars will participate, has been produced by Worldlive Entertainment in collaboration with other societies, including Jam Music Production, the same of the Legend Music Awards. The italian president is Samantha Zolla, that, in a black informal tailleur and a guru karisma, began her speech as soon as Marlon closed the connection.

“ I think the time has come for the moment we waited for so much” she tells at the microphone while the courtains are set to create darkness.  I want your suffering to be soothed. I don’t mind what people can think about me, because I have the trust of the only one is important to me and that told me “Samantha I trust you”, I trust you. That person is Michael : and I know that he is alive”

In the room the excitment is on the stratosphere : “Like Jim Morrison!”, somebody screamed. Samantha went on : “This award should have been given to Michael’s hands and Frank Dileo said to me: “Don’t worry Samantha, if Michael will ever – and I say ever – go on the London O2 Arena stage it’s even better.” It was the first alarm ringing.

Some time after they told me that at the end of June, Michael would have done something that would have shocked the whole world : I thought about the tournée, and instead….”

Suddenly one of the sentinels in the room raised an alert : “There’s a mobile here!”. Immediately the light was turned on and a big man went near a girl ordering her to give him the object. “Please I have a person in the hospital”. No pity for her. The girl stood up and went away, among the booing of the people attending.

The dark atmosphere was created again and the public started to make questions : “Do you know why he faked his own death?” Answer : “There are very serious reasons that I cannot reveal, because CIA and FBI are involved.” And then, “Is he fine? He will come back?” “Yes he’s fine but he told me : “Samantha, I’ll never come back”.

Afterwords has been shown a serious of evidences that should prove his own presumed death-staging. From the helycopter video (a fake directed two weeks before) to the Los Angeles ambulance colour that have (not) transported him, to the seven death certificates released,  to the “two wills”.

“Michael has planned this since three years : everything is manipulated, everything is business. He even has signed a 250 million dollars contract with Sony”. A far voice dared :” But the way Michael was…..”. Samantha stopped her immediately : “The way Michael was? The way Michael is. And then, you are only fans and you cannot have the presumption to say “the way he is”. Did you knew him? Did you met him? Did you ate with him? Michael is a man and he protects his own interests. But, since he loves you, he accepted to give you these signs to make you relax: only the ones loving him can see these signs”

“And since we think he’s dead, we don’t love him?” a woman screamed.

A mess, then the announce : “Only one more question”

“Me!Me!Me!” an adolescent girl raised her finger : ”in these months did you keep in touch with him?” A moment of suspence, then :”yessss”. General standing ovation. But someone didn’t agree.“Do you wanna make us believe that he is alive and that you both are in contact, so why the organisation of a memorial tribute in Rome?”

“I never said it will be a “memorial” concert. It is a Tribute we’re organizing for him as an artist, not because he is dead”

But, some day after, talking at the phone with the president of the Worldlive, Paolo Calvani, he said to me:

– “Michael Jackson has been a great one and he deserves to be tributed.

– “He has been? Do you know that among your partners there is someone telling he is alive?”

– “Those are personal opinions. The only thing to do is to wait for the 2012, year in which Michael will come back: 9 months he already recorded 47 new songs”.



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  1. angela grant

    This is deep!

    May 16, 2010 at 10:44 PM

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