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David Gest To Show Michael Jackson In A “Truly Unique Light”

imageDavid Gest


David Gest has pledged to show Michael Jackson in a “truly unique light” in his new documentary.

The producer has interviewed the late ‘Thriller’ star’s friends and family for the forthcoming four-hour documentary which includes intimate glimpses into his life, including a tour of his childhood home with brother Tito Jackson, while his mother Katherine shares her memories of her son – who died of acute Propofol intoxication last June – for the first time.

David said: “I have tried to show Michael in a truly unique light. I have spent the past three months travelling the world interviewing people who were most important in his life. I believe this popumentary will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind. He was a very complex individual and this special reveals the many different facets of his personality.”

In addition, the film – which will be distributed worldwide – will also include interviews with Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Michael’s assistant Frank Cascio, and co-writer Siedah Garrett among others, chronicling the iconic singer’s obsession with his appearance, marriages to Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley and battle with prescription drugs.

Also included in the show is a rare never-before-seen interview between Michael and David at the ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years’ which revealed the ‘Billie Jean’ star’s real deep voice as he plays jokes on his pal.

Tito said: “David had one of those rare friendships with Michael where Michael could always be himself. As teenagers and into their twenties they were inseparable and were always getting into trouble and playing jokes on everyone. David was the other brother by another mother to Michael and I! He was never afraid to stand up to Michael and tell him the truth, whether he wanted to hear it or not.”



2 responses

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  2. Jan

    I cant wait to see the popumentary on Michael made by someone who was close to him, and who loved him. The whole world should see just what a great person he was I hope all the doubters and people who think they know so much about him will watch the programme. i am excited and cant wait to see it. I’ve already the DVD on order

    August 21, 2011 at 1:23 PM

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