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EXCLUSIVE: Former Michael Jackson Advisor’s Tell-All Book Not A Thriller Says Ex-Publicist

U know, Reverend Al Sharpton was right when he said at MJ’s memorial that there was nothing strange about MJ. What was strange was what he had to deal with… and with whom…He sure attracted many “snakes” around him…

But remember, this is another tabloid story, so who knows what truth there is to it…

Posted on May 19, 2010

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Michael Jackson‘s former friend and supposed financial advisor Leonard Rowe is planning a tell-all book about the King of Pop.

But even before the book is released, Rowe’s former publicist has poured scorn on the exposé, accusing the music manager of being less than loyal to Jackson and his family.

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“Rowe had been working on this book before Michael passed away and it was not going to be favorable,” Cataunya Ransom toldRadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

“Rowe wanted to expose Michael… he had no good intentions and just wanted to ride off Michael’s name.”

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Rowe’s one-time advisor added: “The original plan Rowe had was to use Michael’s name and have a bombshell book to gain for himself. Now his book can’t be all bad stuff about Michael because if it’s bad he’ll burn his relationship with the Jackson’s and he can’t afford to do that.”

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Rowe, who is no relation to Michael’s ex-wifeDebbie Rowe, remains a close confidant with family patriarch Joe Jackson.

Ransom said it was Joe who hatched the plan for Rowe to represent Michael.

“I don’t believe that Rowe was ever Michael’s financial advisor like he says he was,” Ransom said.

“Joe Jackson and Rowe faxed out a release saying that Rowe would be representing Michael.”

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But as RadarOnline.com has previously reported, Michael fired Rowe via a written letter, stating: “This is to inform you that you do not represent me and I do not wish to have any oral or written communications with you regarding the handling of my business and/or personal matters.”

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Rowe spent time in federal prison in the early 90’s after being convicted of wire fraud for his role in the cashing of a fraudulent insurance check and also has multiple arrests for writing bad checks.

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Rowe has also been successfully sued by artists R. Kelly and Ne-Yo.

Kelly was awarded over three million dollars that was formally settled on April 9, 2009. Ne-Yo sued him for over $700K and the case was settled in September 2008.

“He has a very unfavorable past,” Ransom said of Rowe. “Was Rowe a loyal friend to Michael? No, he wasn’t. He’s driven by greed.”

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“I don’t know why the Jackson’s trust him [Rowe] so much. He used to tell me all the time how weird he thought Michael was.

“Before he died, Michael wasn’t even talking to his family. When they went to trial Michael would just go in his room afterwards and not talk to any of them. It’s unfortunate.

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“Michael was good to his family though. When he’d perform with his brothers he always took the same salary as they did even though he was the headliner. He wanted everything split among him and his brothers equally.

“After Michael would perform he was always, always reading the Bible. He was extremely religious.”

Ransom told RadarOnline.com that Rowe wished to remain in good graces with the Jackson family so he can profit off of them.

“The Jackson’s have big plans. They want to do concerts in Las Vegas and re-create Michael through holograms to be on stage with them,” Ransom said.

“Rowe wants in on the opportunity to brand Michael.”



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