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Nurse Convicted of Murder (Propofol)

Love the sentence the judge said (which is highlighted below).  And yet in Murray’s case it’s different?  Yeahhhhh….makes a lot of sense—NOT lol

This nurse should have lived in California. They would have even let him keep his license with the restriction that he could not give propofol,lol  Am being sarcastic…

May 30, 2008By April Drew

AN Irish American man, who fled to Ireland in 2005 after murdering a University of Florida student was found guilty of murder in the first degree on Friday, May 23.

Oliver O’Quinn, 29, was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Michelle Herndon, 24, who he had become obsessed with in 2005. Prosecutors at O’Quinn’s trial said he injected Herndon with a lethal dose of Propofol, a fast acting anesthetic, which resulted in her death.

O’Quinn, a nurse whose license expired in 2007, worked at the University of Florida, where Herndon was a student.

The jury heard that O’Quinn first became acquainted with Herndon while sharing a house with her friend. Although a casual friendship existed between the pair, O’Quinn became obsessed with the young student. When he discovered she was to be wed to her boyfriend he apparently became enraged and planned her death.

During the trial, it was heard that police found Herndon lying dead across her bed in her Gainesville home. A small piercing on her arm led detectives to believe she was injected with something.

Toxicology reports discovered a lethal dose of Propofol in the young woman’s system. A syringe, disposed of at the back of Hendron’s house, had O’Quinn’s DNA on the cover and blood from the victim inside.

On November 11, a day after Herndon’s body was discovered, O’Quinn quit his job, according to police. On November 29, he fled to Dublin, informing family members he was taking a vacation to the land of his ancestors.

While staying at a youth hostel in Dublin, O’Quinn made attempts to join the Irish Nurses Organization (INO) seeking employment. However, a Gainesville police detective, Michael Douglas, informed the INO of O’Quinn’s background. An extradition request for O’Quinn was immediately made to Ireland but due to long delays in processing the request, Gardai (Irish police) were unable to arrest O’Quinn, who at this stage had moved into a home in Dublin’s north inner city.

O’Quinn fled Dublin in July 2006 and flew to Morocco. He then traveled to Mauritania in North West Africa. His passport number had been registered with all foreign embassies and consulates and in an attempt to set up a money wire transfer from the United States; his location was discovered by U.S. Embassy officials who caught up with him. He escaped again but was later caught in Senegal. In July 2006 he was extradited to New York and eventually returned to Gainesville in October that same year.

The Judge presiding over the case, Peter Seig spoke to O’Quinn at the sentencing last Friday. “It is beyond my comprehension how an intelligent mind could conceive of what we’ve heard about this week,” he said.

O’Quinn is currently being held in Lake Butler Reception Center in Florida.



2 responses

  1. I believe what Conrad Murray has done to Michael Jackson by giving him dangerous drugs especially propofol without being in the hospital.
    Conrad Murray saw Michael Jackson was not breathing and never called 911 but made calls on his cell phone instead.
    He needs to answer for what he has done to Michael Jackson he has left 3 children that is very sad he loved his children very much.
    And his children love there father so much they are upset and sad about what Conrad Murray has done to there father by killing him.
    All of us what Conrad Murray answer for what he has done to Michael Jackson by killing him and giving him propofol.
    The Jackson family what Conrad Murray to pay for what he has done to there son as well by giving him propofol that killed him.
    Prince Michael ,Paris Michael,Blanket Jackson Michael Jackson children.

    May 26, 2010 at 4:37 AM

  2. Why didn’t this cretin get the death penalty? This was intentional murder, not some accident, and yet he was allowed to live. He is evil – and so is his lying father who should have been given a stiff sentence for lying to the court. Unbelievable – he deserves to be strapped to a gurney and have a needle in his arm – except that’s too painless. Vivisection would be even better – joint by joint, limb by limb

    July 10, 2011 at 12:58 PM

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