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One Year After Michael Jackson’s Death – A Review

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However, I do tend to believe that if indeed MJ was murdered, by high-profile, or powerful individuals, it would have been done so so as not to lead to suspicions of murder.  There are too many weird “consequenses” in this case for anyone NOT to question, including the fact that it was propofol that “killed’ him.  As a murderer, not wanting this to be thought of as a murder, I’d make sure it appeared he’d overdosed on pain killers, or just regular sleeping pills. Dying of an unusual drug, which most people never heard of, and especially at the hands of a cardiologist who apparently didn’t do proper CPR, rings huge alarm bells in my head, leading me to investigate further, something which a murderer would not want…


Published: June 14, 2010


It is now almost a year since the news of Michael Jackson’s sudden death hit the media on June, 25 2009 – an incident that changed the public image of the late superstar completely. “Everybody’s weirdo” turned within hours into everyone’s angel. And the media turned from negative propaganda and ignorance to promoting countless t.v specials and new DVD releases over several months after his death. The sudden publicity gave his devoted fan community many new members. People needed to talk about their loss. Many new internet forums popped up like mushrooms in Autumn, to fill the empty space in people’s hearts that Michael Jackson left behind.

Whilst for the majority, life went back to normal after the mass media moved its focus away from Michael Jackson to more profitable news, the speculations about the circumstances of his death kept boiling over in the fan communities on the internet. Private investigators and cutting-edge researchers brought more and more details of Michael Jackson’s life and death to light in an attempt forge a clearer picture of the reason behind his unexpected death. Early speculations included the theory that Michael Jackson had been assassinated by the American or Russian Secret Service with the help of Electromagnetic Radiation Weapons (EMR). Another theory was his supposed planned statement during his upcoming concerts in which he wanted to warn the world about mass vaccinations being used as a mass genocide program by the secret world government. Jane Burgermeister, who herself worked as a public advocate of the mass genocide theory, and who was supposed to be connected to Michael Jackson, later denied in an interview with Project Camelot ever meeting Michael Jackson knowing anything about his being involved in a anti-vaccination campaign.

Although there was a wide interest in all kinds of speculations on the internet, the mainstream media only picked a few of them to present to the masses. Not the speculations about his murder. Not the ones that talked about criticism about mass vaccination, but the ones that spoke about Michael Jackson’s ghost being spotted at Neverland and his diamante glove going under the hammer.

Soon, the myriad of speculations on the internet were overshadowed by the one giant theory – Michael Jackson faked his own death. And he will be back for the biggest show ever! Internet forums solely dedicated to this very topic became the most popular place for Michael Jackson fans to find new hope. Michael Jackson suddenly turned from a victim into a hero, from a King into a God or an Angel.

Michael Jackson in disguise at his own funeral?

Dedicated fans promised Michel’s return for the one year anniversary of his death. Others interpreted a secret plan into the words he spoke near the end of the movie “This Is It”: “we have three years to get it right”. Which would be around the time of the famous year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, and for many people, the end of the world as we know it. So, Michael Jackson was supposedly still alive, hiding, playing games with the media, giving hints to his fans. The vast majority of fans followed this new fashion, whilst the possible murder speculations of the early days after his death became very quiet. The internet was now dominated by the “Michael Is Alive” fan army, that fiercely guarded this theory and refused to allow anything remotely mortal get within an inch of their living angel.

Is it just in our human nature to hold onto beloved things, or was this theory supported by the people who murdered Michael Jackson?

Nobody from the mass media was asking the question about a possible murder at first, and that would have probably been ideal for some people, but something must have happened and the question started being raised by his own family. The statements by Jackson family members about their speculations of a possible murder couldn’t be kept under the carpet. So, a solution had to be found to cover up the activities of the real murderer(s).

The murderer(s) needed a fall guy. And, because we, the masses, never think more that we really need to (which is normally not much because we are conditioned to receiving everything that’s given to us as finished opinion since childhood), they thought, “let’s just make it easy for them and take the doctor that was there that night, Dr. Conrad Murray. And let’s just repeat it often enough that he is the murderer until it becomes a common fact.”

How is it possible that all facets of the media are blowing the same horn? Is it possible that there is a network all across our society that works in secrecy on a common agenda? Or perhaps just a network of people who do favours for each other and help each other out of trouble? In any way, the mass media is an extremely powerful instrument and it wouldn’t be the first time it has been misused for propaganda and disinformation.

Michael Jackson himself was a very connected man, although our public picture of him as a private person is the one of an introverted and almost shy personality, who liked to be left alone in his dreamland at Neverland. But if we take a closer look at the people who surrounded him during his whole life, we find deep connections to the underworld and secret societies. Although the Mafia and the Freemasons don’t appear to be the same kind of animal at first glance, one has to admit that the internal structure of both organisations and networks is very similar. Both are governed by a strict hierarchy, both have similar initiation rites, and both work in the shadows of the society. Even the dress code seems to be similar. Same thing, different flavours.

Michael Jackson was deeply influenced by the Mafia and the Freemasons in his artwork. Gangster video-clips, Freemason symbolism all over the place. Was this just some quirk of his, because he liked gangster movies and because he read about the Freemasons in one of his thousands of books? Just something he found cool?

It might be, but if we take a closer look at his connections, it appears that his interest in the Mafia and Freemasonry was more than a passing fad.

As already written about in some of our previous articles, Michael Jackson was connected to several underground figures through some of his close friends and business partners.

Brian Everett, a private investigator who worked on a case to discredit Michael Jackson in 1993, says this about Michael’s Mafia connection:

“Michael Jackson’s family was in a world of organised crime, and had been, for years. Jermaine was married to Berry Gordy’s kid, this is the founder of Motown Records. This was back in 1973, you don’t need to search too deep to see this is an organised crime connection. One of Motown’s big names was, Barbra McNair, her husband was shot dead in his Las Vegas home in 1976, a mob hit victim, He was a known FBI informant. Where do you think Steve Wynn of the Golden Nugget and the Mirage Casino got the money to start the casinos? I think this is a ‘no brainer’. And the list goes on and on.”

The London Daily News wrote in June last year:

“Speculation is building that Michael Jackson was targeted by members of the mafia in Los Angeles in what was believed an attempt by various disgruntled creditors to recover millions of dollars of money owed on failed business ventures. Sources in Los Angeles believe various “high-ranking” members of the underworld had been given orders to approach Michael Jackson in an attempt to recover money given the stars apparent rise in fortunes. The star is believed in an act of desperation may have overdosed on sleeping pills in a desperate last ditch attempt to avoid a gruelling 50 date tour in London and confrontations with the underworld. An autopsy of Michael Jackson is likely to take place in the next few days, with funeral arrangement yet to be confirmed.”

Brian Everett also says that during his time working for the film and music industry, he learned that the Mafia connections run very deep:

“The music industry is a mafia….this is historic fact, no need to doubt it, just read the history…..My boss the PI that first started the case against MJ, was an FBI organised crime informant [also a historic fact: “Casino” the movie is about some of the people that did not like my Boss]……Berry Gordy and Johnny Gee…..”they don’t know connected guys”…HaHaHaHa!!!….why help the cover-up?…..Johnny Gee is Rebbie Jackson and her Dad’s good friend.

[…]when we buy a CD, it is not in our thoughts, that so much of the music world is part of organised crime. This is why Michael was so easy for them to target. Years later, He started to know what was pushing him around, and then it got dangerous!.”

That was 1993, when Michael Jackson was publicly accused of child molestation for the first time. Was he targeted by underground figures who wanted him publicly destroyed so as to get onto his money?

Al Malnik, (far right), known as close friend
of mafia boss Meyer Lansky

Brian adds, “Organised Crime….It comes in all flavours, and the record business would not be what it is without it. Decca Records and the Jukebox teamed-up in 1934, and mined gold out of poverty. This is the true starting point. But next, Frank Sinatra and his “friends” started Reprise Records. In 1960, it became part of Warner Music. ‘The Boys’ in Florida and New York controlled this action. [anything that says different, is just a front.] MCA is the other big name. In the early days, it became Universal. MCA…this history cannot be hidden because of Moe Dalitz, Melvin Belli and Meyer Lansky, these guys all play a part in the Jackson Family history[…]Warner Chappell Music Division manages the MiJac Catalog for the Jackson Family [and always did]. So, do some reading, if this is interesting?. Your view of Michael Jackson’s world will change. Now please go to the news stories about Tommy James [of “Crimson and Clover” fame] and the Mob, his history will soon be a major film. What changes in the public’s opinions would we see, if the [Jackson] family is part of organised crime?.”No no!” you say, “they were victims.” All of them?[…]Melvin Belli was very good friends with Moe Dalitz, “Mr. Mafia” of the MCA Record Co. Oh, and if you don’t know? this is “Universal” and part of the Mafia history i think we all should know.”

And what about one of the most hated people in the Michael Jackson community, Tommy Mottola? He and Michael Jackson had a lengthy relationship as business partners, and a huge falling out in 2001. Michael Jackson was so upset over a dispute about the promotion of his album “Invincible” that he canceled his contract with Sony and left. He publicly called Tommy Mottola, back then CEO of Sony, a devil and a racist. He went on aworldwide campaign speaking to his fans about the way he was treated at Sony, as seen on several fan videos on the internet.

Salvador Astucia, author of several books on the subject of assassinations, says about Tommy Mottola:

“For the record, I wish to state my view on Michael Jackson’s harassment and death based on substantial research regarding the last 17 years of his life and his tragic death in June 2009. Here goes: ‘There is no question that a murder contract was placed on Michael Jackson by Tommy Mottola, former head of Sony, and Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League.’”

In 1975, Mottola founded the Don Tommy Enterprises. Brian Everett says:

” ‘Don’…it is a nice nick-name for him…It makes you wonder, is it possible that some of the MJ history is not hidden, but just not talked about? If the Mob was part of MJ’s story, who would talk about it? A person that knows the information, is going to be a person that can’t say too much about it. And I think the public is so dense, that no amount of hints will ever spark public interest in this “possible connection”. So I would guess that the truth might be a forever hidden victim of the public’s innocents. Let us look at the elements: The Music Business, Organised Crime, Las Vegas, Teamsters, and the people that fit into this grouping? No! that can’t be important!!! Michael Jackson and LaToya/Jack Gordon, only come to Las Vegas for the buffets! “I KNOW THIS IS TRUE” [being a Teamster in the Movie Business, and working for the casino’s…plus working as a private investigator in Las Vegas, I KNOW the power of the buffet counter.]“

Regardless of how true or real the Mafia connections in the music business are, one would be right to wonder why we never hear about them in the mass media. This is either because it is all nonsense, or because the connections run so deep into the media network that they are able to influence all major media outlets to not cover such a story. A secret network of friends, a club, structured maybe like the Freemasons. If this is true, did Michael Jackson know about the secret network?

There is not much known to us of Michael’s direct connection to secret societies like the Freemasons. But their secret occult symbolism has been very present in his artwork throughout his career. Michael Jackson is of course not the only popular artist who used symbols of secret societies, and not every pyramid or every pillar means that the person filmed and photographed with it is an active member of an occult circle. But the symbolism in Michael Jackson’s artwork is too obvious to be just a coincidence or a fashion.

The motive for murder could be speculated about until the end of time, or until the murderer’s confession. What are the common motives for a murder? Hate, jealousy, money, power? I can’t say much about hate and jealousy with regards to Michael Jackson. I would say that nobody who was very close to him could have been in a position to hate or to be jealous enough to want to kill him. Maybe a religious fanatic who disliked his image of a child molester. But it’s not likely that some stranger just decided to dedicate his life to get into Michael Jackson’s house and into his life to finally kill him. Probably not even for money and power.
It is more likely that is was someone around him. Someone he knew. His business partners, friends, family? This is, without pointing the finger at anybody, the most common circle in which to find a murderer. But as far as i know, none of these close people have ever been investigated by the police or the FBI. Why? And why is everybody so quick to point the finger at Dr. Conrad Murray?

Who is Dr. Murray anyway, and how was he able to get into Michael Jackson’s life? Not much is known about his past, and the information that’s available doesn’t always match. His age for example, varies between 52 and 56. In videos, he appears like a puppet, an empty drone, or, what probably hits the nail on the head the most accurately, a stool pigeon. Put there by hard-working hit men, paid by the people who don’t want the truth ever getting into the news.

Is Dr. Murray an MK-Ultra slave, a mind control victim, a split personality, created by a secret group and kept available for a case like this, to work as a cover?

Photos from his lawyer’s website show Dr. Murray wearing Freemason symbols. Is this a lead worth following, or just another cover?

Dr. Murray’s case will be in court again soon and the masses of fans will keep shouting for justice. But, one question will remain in the back of our minds: What if Dr. Conrad Murray was not the murderer?


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