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TMZ June 21 to 23 rd 2010

Wow, a lot of Michael Jackson on TMZ on June 21 to 23rd!  Interesting….   make sure to read the phrases that are highlighted,lol

Michael Jackson Neverland Creditor’s Claim

Originally posted Jun 23rd 2010 10:30 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has obtained a new creditor’s claim filed in the Michael Jackson estate case, in which a lending company is asking for $4,580,000 for services connected with the refinancing of Neverland.


Jon Divens, the lawyer for the creditor, tells TMZ … Michael refinanced Neverland in 2007 and got $45,000,000.  The lending company — Genesis Group International — claimed Jackson agreed to pay the Group 10% of the loan amount plus fees, totaling $4,580,000.

Genesis claims it made a demand for payment this year but never got paid.

There’s an interesting history with the guy who owns Genesis — Kevin Kinsey.  In 2008, there were reports that Kinsey had falsely represented himself as a representative of MJJ Productions in an effort to secure funding to get the re-fi.

A source connected with the estate tells TMZ … without commenting on the merits of the claim, Genesis missed the deadline for filing a creditor’s claim.


Interesting that Neverland Ranch is mentioned on TMZ, especially after the airing of Katherine at the “hotel” which looks very much like the library at Neverland,lol

Debbie Rowe, Marc Schaffel Wing It to Tokyo

Originally posted Jun 23rd 2010 8:40 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ was at LAX yesterday when Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson‘s former confidante Marc Schaffelboarded an American Airlines flight to Tokyo.


The two are tight, and Schaffel apparently still has strong connections to the Jackson family, even though MJ and Schaffel had a major falling out and ended up suing each other.

Schaffel shot an interview with Katherine recently to promote her book, “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Rowe was mum at LAX, but Schaffel said he’s been friends with Katherine for a long time.

As for why they’re heading to Tokyo … we’re told Schaffel is releasing a documentary video he shot while he was working with Jackson.  It will play on 200 screens in Tokyo.


Dr. Conrad Murray: The Strip Club Story is BS

Originally posted Jun 22nd 2010 6:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

A rep for Dr. Conrad Murray‘s defense team tells TMZ Joe Jackson‘s lawyer is flat-out wrong when he claims Dr. Murray was drinking at a strip club hours before Michael Jackson died.


TMZ broke the story … Joe Jackson’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, has served Murray with legal papers as a prelude to a wrongful death lawsuit.  In those papers, Oxman claims Dr. Murray was at Sam’s Hofbrau — a strip club — on June 25, 2009, prior to treating Jackson.

The rep for the defense team tells TMZ Dr. Murray was not at a strip club when Oxman claims, nor was he there the night before.  As the rep put it, “In the weeks before Michael died, Murray barely had time to take a shower.”

The rep also says Oxman got it wrong when he claimed Dr. Murray was drinking, because “He does not drink.”

As for whether Murray has ever frequented the club, the rep did not know one way or the other.  But one of the waitresses at the club tells TMZ Dr. Murray was at the club sometime in June of last year.  A stripper who works at the club tells TMZ she vividly remembers the night before Michael died because she’s a big MJ fan, and says, “It was dead that night.  Dr. Murray definitely was not there.”

The club’s owner tells TMZ … at least twice in the last 6 months, a private investigator came to the club and asked various employees a bunch of questions about Murray and if they remembered seeing him at the club.

Interesting note — we’re told Quentin Tarantino liked Sam’s Hofbrau so much, he used it in the movie,  “Jackie Brown.”

Joe Jackson to Sue Dr. Murray for Wrongful Death

Originally posted Jun 22nd 2010 3:10 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has obtained a copy of a legal document that Joe Jackson has sent to Dr. Conrad Murray — a prerequisite to filing a wrongful death lawsuit … in which Joe claims Dr. Murray had been drinking at a strip club hours before he allegedly administered a fatal dose of Propofol to Michael Jackson.


According to the document, “On June 25, 2009, prior to treating Michael Jackson, defendant was at a ‘strip club’ called ‘Sam’s Hofbrau’ in Los Angeles where he had been ‘drinking.'”  The doc goes on:  “It was reckless for him to ‘drink’ prior to administering anesthesia to Michael Jackson.  He concealed his conduct from Michael Jackson.”

The doc, written by attorney Brian Oxman, outlines Murray’s treatment and the medical emergency that ended inMichael Jackson’s death.

According to the document, Michael had “neurological, pulmonary, and anemia signs over several weeks prior to his death.  In May and June, 2009, Michael Jackson was confused, easily frightened, unable to remember, obsessive, and disoriented.”  Oxman goes on:  “He had impaired memory, loss of appetite, and absence of energy.  He was cold and shivering during the summer rehearsals for his show …”

Oxman claims these problems were caused by Dr. Murray administering a “polypharmacy” of drugs (multiple meds) to Michael.  And Oxman claims, Dr. Murray “ignored the signs of Michael Jackson’s pulmonary inflammation, brain swelling, and anemia.”

Oxman alleges Murray repeatedly lied about the drugs he administered to Jackson and withheld vital information from EMTs and doctors who were trying to save Jackson’s life.  He repeated all of the alleged inconsistencies that have been previously reported.

Oxman says of Dr. Murray, “His conduct was inhuman.  It was an extreme violation of the standard of care.”

We’re told Dr. Murray received a copy of the document in March.  Dr. Murray’s legal team tells TMZ, “The allegations are absolute, utter nonsense.”

And people close to Dr. Murray insist he does not drink … ever.

We’re told the document was served on Dr. Murray on March 27, 2010.  According to California law, Joe Jackson must wait 90 days from the date the document is delivered before filing an actual wrongful death lawsuit.  The 90-day period is up Friday, the anniversary of Michael’s death.

Bubbles the Chimp Disses La Toya Jackson

Originally posted Jun 23rd 2010 12:08 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

La Toya Jackson just tried to rekindle her treasured relationship with Michael Jackson‘s former pet chimpBubbles — but when she went to the cage, it was clear Bubbles wasn’t havin’ it.

The two met up for an Animal Planet special which ran last night called “Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story.” It was the first time they’d seen each other since 2004 … when MJ gave him up.

During the encounter, La Toya gets super emotional … begging Bubbles to simply acknowledge her. There’s crying, there’s awkward moments … but no dung was flung.

Still, you gotta see this video.

Jermaine Jackson’s MJ Cemetery Interview

Originally posted Jun 22nd 2010 3:50 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Jermaine Jackson arrived at Forest Lawn Cemetery today with his son Jaafar by his side …  for an interview with Larry King.


Friday marks the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death.

Jackson Estate Ready to Pounce on Profiteer

Originally posted Jun 22nd 2010 1:00 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Katherine Jackson 86's Probate LawyersThe lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate thinks the businessman who partnered with Katherine Jackson is hurting Michael’s children — and is threatening legal action if the dude doesn’t stop.

Howard Mann — whose business ventures include online nude gambling — got Katherine Jackson to agree to publish the book, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” scheduled for release this week.

Mann also told TMZ he and Katherine will make record deals for 273 unreleased Michael Jackson songs — part of an MJ treasure trove he acquired in a fire sale after Joe Jackson failed to pay a storage bill.

But estate lawyer Howard Weitzman is ticked, claiming Mann “may be using his relationship with Mrs. Jackson to infringe upon Michael Jackson’s copyrights … to the detriment of, among others, Michael’s 3 kids.”

Weitzman says Mann has no right “to exploit any estate assets” and he will take “whatever action is necessary to prevent him from unlawfully profiting.”  TMZ translation — the estate will sue his ass if Mann goes forward.

We’re told Katherine Jackson is happy with the job the executors have done — namely filling the coffers with hundreds of millions of dollars — but sources say family members are in her ear, getting her to sign off on ventures that end up hurting the estate, MJ’s kids, and Katherine herself.

Dr. Murray’s Barbershop Confession: I Didn’t Kill MJ

Originally posted Jun 22nd 2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

People seem to spill their guts in the barbershop — and Dr. Conrad Murray is no exception … ’cause the dude in charge of the Doc’s ‘do claims even with shears to his head — Murray’s always proclaimed he didn’t kill Michael Jackson!

The barbers at Nextcuts in Los Angeles — who have done Murray’s hair for years — told us the Doc has explained to them that he would never have killed Michael … because they were friends.

Check out the video — you trust the barber?

Michael Jackson Anniversary Plans — Denied!

Originally posted Jun 22nd 2010 12:23 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson fans making extravagant plans for the anniversary of his death need a Plan B — becauseForest Lawn Cemetery and cops are putting the kibosh on most of the celebration.

A rep for Forest Lawn — where MJ is buried — tells TMZ fans will be allowed into the park on June 25, but not into the mausoleum itself. And the news ain’t so good for these special requests:
– Releasing doves (DENIED)
– Releasing balloons (DENIED)
– Performing Jackson songs and dance routines (DENIED)

Sgt. Tom Lorenz says the Glendale PD has its own no-no list: no camping out the night before, no parking around Forest Lawn 24 hours prior, and no street vendor sales of anything … including MJ merchandise.

The Forest Lawn rep says fans who behave will be allowed to pay their respects.

Katherine Jackson’s MJ Book — The Photos

Originally posted Jun 21st 2010 4:07 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has obtained photos from the book and calendar Katherine Jackson has released about her late son,Michael Jackson.

The book — “Never Can Say Goodbye: Katherine Jackson Archives” on sale at www.jacksonsecretvault.com — contains 150 pages of never-before-seen photos … and Katherine’s own anecdotes about Michael.

Katherine always seems to wear the same clothes as the 2005 trial.  Something that stands out to me,lol

Showdown Between Katherine and MJ Estate

Originally posted Jun 21st 2010 12:00 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Katherine Jackson has gone into multiplebusinesses with a man who promotes online nude gambling — and the stage is now set for a showdown between Katherine and the Michael Jackson estate.

Katherine met Howard Mann five months ago. We’re told she instantly liked him, began inviting him to her grandson’s basketball games and other events, and then they started talking about publishing a book.
The book — “Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives” — is being published this week and sold online at www.jacksonsecretvault.com.

But there’s more. Mann tells us he and Katherine are producing a biopic on Katherine Jackson’s life.  And he says they’re going into business to sell 273 unreleased MJ tracks. Mann bought a storage locker owned by the Jackson family after they didn’t pay the storage bill.  There was a treasure trove of stuff in the locker, including the 273 tracks, along with 19,800 photos.

But we’ve learned the Michael Jackson estate is drawing a line in the sand. Estate lawyer Howard Weitzmantells TMZ, “Mr. Mann can listen to the tracks in his living room or play them at cocktail parties, but he has absolutely no right to the intellectual property and has no claim to the music.”

Justice4MJ Has Gift4MJ … But Will They GiveIt2MJ?   (LOL)

Originally posted Jun 21st 2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

A group of Michael Jackson‘s most rabid passionate fans have put together a token of their love and affection to give to MJ on the anniversary of his death — but they may not get the chance.


Justice4MJ — the group that previously said nothing will keep them from being at MJ’s tomb on June 25 — has put together a hope chest filled with photos and messages for the King of Pop. A rep for the group says they have hundreds of messages from people all over the world.

The group says they’ve been told by people at Forest Lawn Cemetery the box will be placed on the steps near MJ’s tomb on June 25 — but a rep for Forest Lawn told us that won’t be happening since it’s against the rules.

Sounds like the staff at Forest Lawn might want to sign up for combat pay this week.



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