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Michael Jackson News: June 24 2010 TMZ cont…d

Michael Jackson’s Kids — Getaway to Hawaii

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 7:17 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

On the eve of the anniversary of their father’s death — Michael Jackson‘s three children Prince, Paris, and Blanket spent the day on a beach in Maui.

As we previously reported, Katherine wants to bring the family back to Michael’s hometown of Gary, Indiana for the actual anniversary tomorrow — where they plan on honoring MJ’s memory as a family.

Katherine Jackson Attacks MJ Molestation Accuser

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 5:21 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Katherine Jackson thinks the father of the boy who first accused Michael Jackson of molestation committed suicide because he knew the allegation was a lie and he had a guilty conscience … this according to the bookKatherine is about to release.

In the dedication to “Never Can Say Goodbye” — a copy of which we obtained before its release — Katherine says, “Evan Chandler, the father of Michael’s first accuser, recently committed suicide.  Though I can’t comment on why, I want to believe his conscience finally caught up with him and he was not able to live with himself after destroying an innocent person’s career and breaking his spirit.”

Michael settled a civil suit with the boy for around $20 million.

Special Sunflower Delivery To Michael Jackson

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 5:00 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

A load of sunflowers were just delivered to Michael Jackson’s mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery.


Sunflowerguy.com just delivered 600 single-stemmed sunflowers with individual messages attached to them, along with 100 individual sunflower bouquets and 4,000 roses.

The flowers were dropped 100 yards from the mausoleum, because of construction on the grounds.

Jackson Family Pilgrimage to Cemetery

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 3:58 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Michael Jackson‘s family — minus his mom and his kids — will be making a trek to Forest Lawn Cemetery tomorrow at 11 AM, to pay their respects.

We’re told following the service, there will be a reception at a private estate in Beverly Hills — not too far fromwhere Michael was living a year ago when his heart stopped beating.



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