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TMZ June 24, 2010 (Lot’s of MJ news)

What in the world is going on with Katherine’s book and the tribute on June 26??  She did a video endorsing it, yet we get these conflicting news about it…

As for Murray, OF COURSE someone is backing him financially ! But who???

MJ Fans Begin to Arrive at Cemetery

Originally posted 38 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

The first group of Michael Jackson fans have just arrived to Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California — where MJ is entombed — in preparation for the one year anniversary of the singer’s death.


We’re told the cemetery is expecting thousands of people to show up in the next 24 hours.

Forest Lawn officials tell us they’re already preparing security efforts to keep the crowds under control.

Dr. Conrad Murray — Saved by Secret Money Man

Originally posted 19 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

0614_conrad_murray_EXD_Getty_02Dr. Conrad Murray won’t lose his Nevada medical license … because a fat-pocketed friend lent Murray nearly $16k to pay off his child support debt.

As we previously reported, Murray was behind on child support and under Nevada law the Medical Board can yank the license of a deadbeat dad doc.

We’re told Murray got a friend to ante up the cash … we do not know his/her identity.

Under the terms of the settlement, Murray will have to pay $1,103 a month to his baby mama to stay current.

And, we’re told, Murray has been getting financial help from a number of patients.

MJ Estate Furious Over Unauthorized Documentary

Originally posted 44 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson’s estate is lashing out at the people behind a new MJ documentary set to debut in Japan tomorrow — claiming fans are being duped into believing the flick was authorized by Team MJ.


The estate has released a scathing statement claiming the movie is being promoted in a way that is misleading MJ’s fans into believing the film — shot by former MJ confidante Marc Schaffel — was properly authorized.

The estate also makes it clear it doesn’t endorse the flick and none of the profits will benefit MJ’s children. They also note that the movie is not allowed to contain any of Michael’s music.

Schaffel doesn’t appear to be bothered — the above photo was taken moments ago at the movie premier in Tokyo … where Schaffel took the stage and told fans Katherine Jackson sent along her best wishes.

Michael Jackson Estate Threatened with Lawsuit

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 10:50 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The co-author of a new book on Michael Jackson has threatened to sue the Michael Jackson estate for allegedly trying to discredit the book.


Howard Mann
( center, along with Katherine and two others) — a businessman who has made money on nude online gambling and nude wrestling — hooked up with Katherine Jackson to create a coffee table book called “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman told TMZ earlier this week, Mann had no right “to exploit any estate assets” and would take “whatever action is necessary to prevent him from unlawfully profiting.”

Mann’s attorney now tells TMZ, “The comments by the lawyers for the Estate of Michael Jackson are designed to create fear and ambiguity and may impede our ability to maximize the profits that Vintage Pop (the publisher) and the beneficiaries of the Estate are entitled to enjoy.  These actions are torturous interference and will NOT be accepted and will result [in] litigation to recover the damages against our company.”

Weitzman tells TMZ, “The estate will continue to protect its assets when appropriate,” adding, “If Mr. Mann or his attorney want to communicate with me, they can contact me directly.”

Joe Jackson Linked to Unauthorized MJ Memorial

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 8:34 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The Michael Jackson estate and others have been asking … who’s behind an unauthorized MJ memorial set to go down Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton — now, there’s a smoking gun pointed at Joe Jackson.


As we previously reported, the bash is being thrown by a website called VoicePlate.com — but no one could identify the person responsible for pulling the strings. It’s also unclear who convinced Katherine Jackson to record that awkward, scripted promotional video for the tribute.

But now — a clue … and it all has to do with the featured entertainment at the MJ tribute  … a band called the Chi-Lites — they had a couple of hits in the ’70s, including “Oh Girl” and “Have You Seen Her.”

If you recall, just days after MJ died … Joe Jackson shamelessly held a news conference to introduce his new business partner, Marshall Thompson … a member of the Chi-Lites.

Think it’s coincidence that the band got a brand new gig … at an MJ event?

Didn’t think so.

Jackson Compound on Lockdown for Anniversary

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The Jackson family compound in Encino is gonna be locked down tighter than Fort Knox on the anniversary ofMichael Jackson‘s death … because we’re told the LAPD is preparing for an onslaught of MJ faithful.

Michael Jackson

According to the LAPD, there will be 30 to 40 officers — some uniformed, some undercover — patrolling a one block area around the Jackson home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We’re also told other precautions will be taken — including “no parking” signs around the house and a ban on all MJ merch sales in the area … the same rules that will be enforced at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The LAPD says 3,000 to 4,000 shirts were confiscated last year after Michael died — so you’ve been warned.


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