We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.

Katherine Jackson: a mother’s story

Her favorite songs are “Man of War” and “Man in the Mirror”

“Man of War” because it gives a message of stopping war, study peace coz peace is all we need…

and “Man in the Mirror” for obvious reasons…

“Follow the yellow brick road”

Katherine sought out Mark Shaffel to produce this Dateline interview…hhhhmmm wonder about that…

“Kids are doing fabulous. They’re doing good”…   no tears, not even when talking about Paris only wanting daddy’s pictures in her room, so she can go to bed looking at him and wake up looking at him…

“Prince likes to be behind the cameras. Paris wants to be an actress, and she is already.   Blanket can carry a tune very well, and he has rhythm, and he can dance.”

She says she stopped the kids from wearing masks….  WRONG, Michael did weeks before his death.

Mark Shaffel is a friend of Debbie . He says he was the go-between Katherine and Debbie. OMG, I just had a thought: what if he threatened that Debbie would fight for the kids if Katherine didn’t “join” him in business ventures, such as this book? By agreeing to his business terms, Katherine keeps the kids, and Shaffel and Debbie make the bucks.   OK, this is just me thinking. may not be this.

Again with the debts… Doubt anyone has to worry about that anymore…  but they still bring it up… drives me nuts.

“Bringing order to chaos”…  Pisses me off how they talk like that.

Howard Mann , the collaborator with Katherine for the new book, says one of the main reasons she agreed to do the book was because SHE NEEDED THE MONEY.   hhhhhmmm , she just inherited a fortune from her son! She needs the money for what???

Howard Mann has 273 master tapes of unreleased MJ recordings. How?  Need to research this…

ALWAYS bringing up the molestation charges. Leave it alone, for Christ’s sake. NOT GUILTY, remember?

So now “they’re” saying it’s an internet rumor that the boy came out after Michael’s death and said he never touched him. Is it really a rumor???  Something fishy with Chandler’s “suicide” too.   “Sources close to the boy’s family said….”  Yeahhh, the sources behind all this shit Michael went thru???  Was it possible Evan Chandler was going to come clean too but he got “offed” before he could?  Just asking the questions….

“Mean vicious people didn’t want him around”.  Mike knew too much? Was he  in the position where he could get back some power and these people felt threatened ?  WAS he going to relay some powerful message at his concerts that would threaten these people’s plans?  Or did they see more financial benefit with him dead, rather then alive and performing? Because he was going to be generating money by performing…

So Michael was shocked that Shaffel was into the porn industry and yet Katherine is doing business with him?  Is there some kind of blackmail going on here???


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