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Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson Thriller 2 Part 9

7 Docs Cleared in MJ Probe … Not Doc Murray

And here’s the number “seven” again….

7/28/2010 6:45 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray is still the lone suspect in the death of Michael Jackson after state investigators announced today that seven other physicians will not be charged.


Attorney General Jerry Brown had launched a probe of seven other doctors who treated Jackson — mainly looking at the prescribing practices of the physicians.

One of the doctors on the list has been reported to the California Medical Board for prescribing drugs to an alias for Michael. That doctor was not named.


To Kill A Mockingbird and Michael Jackson

Good one…

Michael Jackson Death:Their price of pretending

I’m on the fence about Murray.  I’ve been wondering if this is some test to show how people immediately jump to the conclusion “guilty” before hearing any information in a court of law… Just like people thought MJ was guilty b4 hearing all evidence.

See, I think MJ is alive, therefore Murray isn’t a murderer…

V for Vanquish? Mystery Message for Today, the 13th of July

Don’t know who’s behind this video, but strange that it came out on July 13.  Hollywood TV posted it in youtube.  Is there an association with MJ?  Well, that’s the question…

(The following videos and picture were from the following blog:


Are You Ready? TII=Thriller II…BAM!

Very nice!

Michael’s songs are copyrighted to Michael JOE Jackson

In this video, the maker researched on the site that has all the copyright info for artists’ work. When she types in Michael JOE Jackson, ALL his songs are there. But when she types in “Joseph”, the only thing that shows up is “Fated”, that comic book that MJ supposedly wrote, and “What more can I give”. Furthermore, it gives the dates of birth and death. “Joe” has no death date, but Joseph does.

Good Summary of all the “coincidences” around Michael Jackson’s “Death” and after…

The link below provides an excellent summary of SOME of the “coincidence’s”  and bizarreness  surrounding MJ’s death and after…


Michael Jackson – This Is It (The Outtakes) *NEW SCENES*

I had to share this video which has new scenes of the TII rehearsals.

Katherine Jackson to Produce MJ Movies

What??? Something weird going on….

7/1/2010 12:25 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned … Katherine Jackson is knee-deep in a business deal to produce and distribute several movies on Michael Jackson‘s life, and she is on a collision course with the MJ estate.


Howard Mann, the guy who co-authored Katherine’s coffee table book, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” is also producing a movie that will feature video from Michael Jackson’s childhood through the end of his life.

We’re told Katherine has hundreds of hours of video, including the family’s big move from Gary, Indiana to L.A. after The Jackson 5 signed with Motown.

We’re told Mann just bought the rights to 26 hours of Michael Jackson video … owned by Michael Jackson’s former business partner/confidant Marc Schaffel.  We’re told Mann has paid Schaffel in the eight figures for the video.

Now here’s the problem … the Michael Jackson estate has the exclusive right to market Michael Jackson’s name and image.  We’re told Mann and company are comfortable with their legal position, because the beneficiaries of the estate — Katherine and Michael’s kids — are profiting participants in the movie.  In fact, Mann tells TMZ he and Katherine plan on releasing a series of movies.

The estate would not comment, but as far as our research shows, there’s no loophole when it comes to marketing Michael Jackson’s name and image — whether Katherine and the kids are beneficiaries or not.


Michael Jackson 's star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on the 1st anniversary of his death

Caption: Michael Jackson (Picture)‘s star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on the 1st anniversary of his death Los Angeles, USA ….

Katherine Jackson ‘Planning Michael Movies’

MICHAEL JACKSON’s mother KATHERINE is reportedly in negotiations to produce a number of movies documenting her late son’s life.

The Jackson family matriarch is said to be teaming up with her new business partner Howard Mann, who collaborated on her recently-released coffee table book, for a series of films about the King of Pop.

Mann has allegedly paid millions of dollars to Jackson’s former business partner Marc Schaffel for 26 hours of footage of the singer from his childhood to use in the movies.

The clips, along with Katherine’s extensive home-videocollection, will form the basis of the big-screen ventures, according to TMZ.com.

The movies won’t be Jackson’s first posthumous appearance in cinemas – his concert film This Is It was released last year (09) and has so far grossed more than $260 million (£173 million).

Katherine Jackson and Mann are also said to be negotiating record deals to release 273 unheard songs by the late singer.