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In your eyes – Tribute to Michael for his 52nd birthday

Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson- Greatest demonstration for freedom

Jackson’s Doctor Manslaughter Hearing On Hold Until January

Come on, this is just too ridiculous to be true! The hearing gets postponed yet AGAIN?!  lol

MICHAEL JACKSON’s family will have to wait until next year (10) to find out whether the pop star’s physician will face a trial and possible jail time for administering the anaesthetic that killed the King of Pop – the preliminary hearing has been set for 4 January (11).

Dr. Conrad Murray attended Monday’s (23Aug10) brief session at Los Angeles Superior Court, where Judge Michael Pastor scheduled the hearing for the New Year.

At that hearing, Judge Pastor will rule whether or not to send Murray’s case to trial.

The 57-year-old medic has pleaded not guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter.

Jackson’s mother Katherine and his father Joseph joined various family members in court for the judge’s decision.


Michael Jackson manslaughter case pushed into 2011

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A key court hearing detailing the manslaughter charges against Michael Jackson’s personal physicianwas pushed back to January on Monday as the year-long probe into the singer’s death dragged on.

A Los Angeles judge set a January 4 date for a preliminary hearing that will give the first official public details of the charges against Dr. ConradMurray.

The hearing had been expected later this year but on Monday the judge said there were issues regarding the availability of witnesses and the ongoing investigation into Jackson’s death.

Dr. Murray has admitted giving the “Thriller” singer a dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid before he died at his rented Los Angeles home in June 2009. He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter and is free on $75,000 bail.

The physician’s defense team asked on Monday for permission to retest three samples obtained from syringes and an intravenous drip.

The January 4 preliminary hearing is expected to take 2-3 weeks and will require both prosecutors and Murray’s defense team to produce their evidence. A judge will rule at that time if there are sufficient grounds for a full-scale trial.

About two dozen Jackson fans waved banners outside the court on Monday calling for “Justice for MJ” and demanding that Murray be charged with murder. Jackson’s parents Katherine and Joe Jackson also attended the brief hearing.

Jackson died on June 25 2009 and officials have said he died principally because of propofol, as well as sedatives, painkillers and other drugs.

The judge in the case ruled controversially earlier this year that Murray could keep his California medicallicense while the case goes through the courts, saying he did not have the authority to suspend it.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant, Editing by Dan Whitcomb)

Michael Jackson : A Black Man’s Dream

Elvis Presley/ Michael Jackson Similarities…

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Amazing, the similarities…

Compare the voice and way of speaking in the next three videos…

First video is Jon Cotner speaking.

And there’s the Coke again,lol…

There are many reasons to believe that Elvis Presley is dead. When the only arguments to believe otherwise come from crazed fans and supermarket tabloids, it is easy to dismiss the possibility that the King is still among us. However, the circumstances surrounding Elvis’s alleged death are quite mysterious and beg closer attention. As it turns out, there are many concrete reasons to believe that the King is still alive.

The Gravesite.

For Starters, Elvis’s name is spelled wrong on his headstone. Elvis’s full name is Elvis Aron Presley, but on his grave his middle name is spelled incorrectly with two a’s. His father would not have let this happen. When Elvis was born, his name was misspelled on his birth certificate, and his father went to great lengths to get the error corrected. The unique spelling of Elvis’s name was important to the Presley family.
Elvis’s current “resting place” is in between his father and his grandmother and not next to his mother where he had adamantly requested. It is doubtful that the people close to him would allow these things to happen. Elvis is a superstitious man – enough so that he wouldn’t tempt fate by putting his real name on a tombstone, or violate the ground next to his mother until he was ready to be placed there for good.

Death Certificate.

Elvis was very vain, and he was embarrassed about his recent weight gain – an astonishing 50 pounds in the month before his so-called death. Even though he weighed about 250 pounds at the time of his “death,” his death certificate lists him at a spry 170 pounds. The original death certificate disappeared, and the current death certificate is dated two months after his alleged death.

The Wax Body Theory.

This argument is very convincing when the facts are considered. Elvis’s coffin required several pall bearers because it weighed 900 pounds. Attendants of the funeral reported that the air around the coffin was rather cool. It is suspected that the coffin contained an air conditioning unit to keep a wax body cool – a wax body that was a replica of the King designed to fool funeral-goers. And how did the Presley family get a 900 pound, custom made coffin ready for a funeral that was held on the day after his death? It takes a lot of time to build such an elaborate coffin.
And why have the funeral so quickly? Some speculate that the immediacy was intended to make it as difficult as possible for the people who were Elvis’s biggest fans (heads of fan clubs, etc.) to attend the proceedings. It could be a concern that they might recognize the flaws in the wax replica.
Elvis was an 8th degree black belt whose hands were rough with calluses, yet the body in the coffin had hands that were soft and pudgy. The body in the coffin had a pug nose and arched eyebrows (unlike Elvis) and most importantly, one of the sideburns on the “corpse” was loose and falling off. A hairdresser later reported gluing the sideburn back on the body.

Unusual Behavior.

Two hours after Elvis’s death was announced publicly, a man who reportedly looked remarkably like Elvis purchased a ticket for Buenos Aeries, paid in cash, and used the name John Burrows: the same name Elvis had used as an alias several times before.
Elvis had a few books that were considered to be his most prized possessions. He had a bible, several pharmaceutical books, books on death, and most importantly Chiro’s Book of Numbers and The Autobiography of Yogi which I will explain more about later. After Elvis’s death was announced, these books disappeared and were never recovered.
In the weeks preceding his alleged death, Elvis’s actions were not those of a man who was about to embark on an extensive US tour. He ordered no new suits despite having gained 50 pounds since his last tour, and he bid “adios” at his last show in Hawaii. He had never done this before. Adios, like the French adieu, has the significance of being a final good-bye as opposed to an “I’ll be seeing you on my next tour” kind of good-bye.
Others were intrigued by the King’s decision to sign a lucrative TV deal with NBC that would cover the tour. It was unprecedented for a network to pay such a large amount up front, in cash, for such a deal. Many wonder why Elvis even agreed to the deal since his vanity discouraged him from making public appearances due to his obesity.
RCA showed uncanny (and unbelievable) foresight by mass producing millions of Elvis’s current and previous recordings and merchandise. This is standard practice for an act that is about to go on tour, but the numbers in this case were beyond reasonable expectations. The announcement of Elvis’s death caused record sales to skyrocket.
Elvis did other unusual things that created suspicion. First, he fired several employees that he had relied upon for a long time. Also, two days before his alleged death, Elvis telephoned a friend of his named Miss Foster. He told her that he wasn’t planning on going on the upcoming tour. She asked him if he had canceled it, and he said that he had not. When she asked if he was ill, he said that he was fine, and that she should not ask any more questions or tell anyone anything, and that she should not believe anything she read. He told her that his troubles would all soon be over, and that he would call her in a few weeks. The author of Elvis Where Are You? writes that Miss Foster took a polygraph test regarding this story, and that she was not lying.
The day after Elvis’s alleged death, a woman named Lucy De Barbon, a former lover of Elvis, received a single rose in the mail. The card indicated that the flower was from “El Lancelot.” This had been her pet name for Elvis, and it was a name that no one else knew. Flowers can’t be sent from beyond the grave. This was Elvis’s way of letting her know that he was not dead, even though he didn’t want to be found.

Chiro’s Book of Numbers.

Elvis had a fascination with numerology – an interest he fed by reading Chiro’s Book of Numbers. The theory that the King orchestrated his death is further supported when considering the significance of the date of his alleged death. The date in question is August 16,1977. By adding the numbers in the date, 8, 16, and 1977, you get 2001. This is the title of Elvis’ favorite movie in which the hero plans his immortality in the bathroom. Elvis spent a considerable amount of time doing the same: planning his afterlife on the john. Elvis spent so much time in the bathroom that he had his toilet converted into a reclining comfy chair. Coincidentally, the bathroom is also where Elvis’s body was reportedly found.
Given Elvis’s religious affiliation (Christianity), he had a fascination with things that come in threes i.e. father, son, and holy ghost. The sum of the digits from his favorite film (2+0+0+1) is three. Let’s consider the triad of the repetition of the number 24. 2001 (favorite film) less 1977 (year of death) is 24. The two numbers from the day of death (8/16) when added up equal 24. The sum of the digits in the year of death (1+9+7+7) also equals 24. That is 3 occurrences of the number 24 which is divisible by 3, and when divided by three the result, 8 has a perfect cubed root (2x2x2=8).
Elvis loved numerology, and when you consider the numeric significance of the date of his alleged death, it is clear that if indeed he did plan to fake his death, he could not have chosen a better date.


Elvis had many reasons to fake his death. Elvis’s life was in danger. He had recently lost $10,000,000 in an airplane/real estate deal with a California based organization called the “Fraternity” that had links to the Mafia. It is speculated that he corroborated with the government to expose the organized crime ring in exchange for protection – perhaps in the form of a new life and identity compliments of the witness relocation program.
In addition, Elvis was a prisoner of his own fame. He had many other reasons to leave his life behind. Because of his incredible popularity, he was the recipient of several death threats, and he was concerned about the safety of his wife and daughter. Sometimes when he wanted to leave Graceland, he would send out look-alikes to distract would be followers. Elvis was also known to ride in the trunk of someone else’s car to avoid detection. Once, when he fell ill in Las Vegas, he couldn’t get proper medical attention because the hospital was overwhelmed by fans.
At the time of his alleged death, Elvis was nearing the end of his career. He was 42, his hair was graying, he was grossly overweight, and his voice was starting to weaken. He was going down hill, and he was too proud to go out with a whimper. He would never want his fans to see him in such an unhealthy condition.
Elvis had shown a fascination with death on several occasions. In the days leading up to his alleged death he was reported to have visited funeral homes at odd hours of the night with close friends. Was he doing research? Elvis once faked his death by setting up an elaborate shooting in which a would be killer fired blanks at Elvis who had a blood pack which he discharged. It was Elvis’s intention to see how the people closest to him would react to his death. Perhaps what he learned convinced him to do it for real.
Finally, one of Elvis’ favorite books is the spiritual Autobiography of Yogi. One of the central themes of this book is the relinquishing of one’s wealth and earthly possessions to achieve spiritual oneness. Elvis could do this, as well as address his other concerns of sanity and safety by faking his death and living in exile.


Elvis had the means to fake his own death. He is accused of destroying himself with drugs. In reality, Elvis was a pharmaceutical expert. He took a lot of drugs, but he knew what he was doing and was extremely careful. He knew what drugs he could self-administer to create a deathlike state. Further, Elvis’s experience with the martial arts was such that he could slow his heart rate and breathing in order to feign death.
Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, had once created a new identity for himself. He came to this county as an illegal immigrant from Holland, but through various connections managed to create an elaborate identity complete with a passport, birth certificate, drivers license, and social security number. He would have known how to give Elvis a second life.
In addition to Elvis’s ties to the government through his testimony against the Fraternity, Elvis was known to interact with the President of the United States. He was reported in government documents to use the name John Burrows as an alias when he wanted to travel. Some people believe that Elvis worked for the government as a drug agent. He did, after all have extensive contact with many people in the music business who, as we know, tend to dabble in illegal substances. (Remember Payola?.. ) And, of course, we must allow that Elvis’s connections to the government gave him access to the Witness Relocation Program. If they can turn the Simpsons into the Thompsons, they can relocate anybody.

No New Music, Orion?

Many believe that Elvis couldn’t have given up performing cold turkey. I imagine that after a while the desire to perform grew once he started his life in exile. The story of Orion supports the theory that Elvis attempted an incognito comeback.
Shortly after Elvis’s death, a masked singer by the name of Orion emerged on the scene. He was big like Elvis, and he sang just like Elvis. Because of the mask, no one could tell his true identity. One fan described seeing Orion from near the stage. She claims that Orion left the stage between songs, and when he appeared moments later the sweat was gone from his armpits and back and she thought that his costume looked slightly different. After the song he left the stage, and the original Orion returned.
Another fan described how she rushed into a tour bus at an Orion show only to see two Orions in the back of the bus. She claimed that one ducked into the bathroom before she could get a good look at him, but he appeared to look like Elvis Presley.
What’s even more remarkable is the fictional story called Orion that was written by Gail Brewer-Georgio about a legendary performer who had several identities and wanted to fake his death. The story was written and submitted to the William Morris Agency for publication consideration after Elvis’s death and before the real Orion ever performed. As it turns out, there are many ways in which the real Orion mimicked the events as described in the book. For example, the performers’ managers had the same name. Also, without knowing it, Brewer-Georgio wrote of events in Orion that had actually taken place in Elvis Presley’s life. It was a case of life imitating art.

Picking up the Pieces.

In 1981, 20/20 did an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the alleged death of Elvis Presley. The investigative report was very convincing. Oddly enough, within two weeks of the report, the singer, Orion, disappeared and was never heard from again. The book, Orion disappeared from shelves across the country. It had been recalled by the publisher which was associated with the William Morris Agency. Incidentally, the William Morris Agency is the same agency that represented Elvis Presley.
I even tried to order a copy of the book, but was unable to. The woman at the book store said she couldn’t tell me why…….
It seems that Elvis Presley is worth more dead than alive. By faking his death and relocating with a new identity, he is safe from his fans and the Fraternity, the government can make a solid case against the organized crime ring, and RCA, Elvis’s family, and Elvis’s management can all reap immense financial benefits from the attention.
That is… except for one benefit. No one has collected on his life insurance policy.


Joe Jackson Was With Michael June 25th ?

I can’t stand this woman, but that’s besides the point…

Michael Jackson & Charlie Chaplin

Perhaps the emphasis being made on MJ loving “Smile” was a message to research Charlie Chaplin and hear his messages on humanity…  A “behind the curtain” way of relaying his own message (MJ)…

Through the eyes of a child – Michael Jackson -Thriller 2 Part 10B

Interesting point of view on a possible reason for the hoax…

Ghost Of Doubles Past?


Thanks Jacqui

(April 16, 2002)

eur web

Making its way to press and news agencies globally via the Internet is a document that meticulously outlines a nasty legal battle between Sony Music and its most famous superstar, Michael Jackson. If the allegations mentioned in the release are true, then Sony, in a move that is unusual but not unheard of in the high stakes world of pop music, is playing hardball to wrest control of ATV Music publishing company from Jackson in retaliation for the star’s reported attempt to leave the label for which he has recorded since 1975. The circulation of the email, the origins of which we haven’t been able to trace but which contains information only insiders would be privy to, chronicles all the ways Sony has allegedly set out to keep Jackson’s Invincible CD from turning a profit and why, and appears to be a campaign designed to bring attention to Jackson’s plight. EUR contacted Epic Records, the Sony Music division/label that released Invincible, but at deadline time, we had not received a response. Below is the communique in its entirety. ======================= Today, only five months after the release of INVINCIBLE, Michael Jackson is invisible… His new album has disappeared from the charts around the world. This situation is quite unusual for the King of Pop, an artist whose albums have always been hot items in terms of promotion for at least two years after their release. Today, only five months after its release, INVINCIBLE has become invisible. It did sell an astonishing 5 million copies in less than 3 months though, a record-breaking figure in such a short time, even by Michael Jackson’s standards. But after enjoying a successful launch, Jackson’s best ever, INVINCIBLE suddenly dropped out of the charts and became yesterday’s news. What are the reasons behind the fall of INVINCIBLE? How come a successful album with a huge potential suddenly stops being promoted? THE TRUTH The reason why INVINCIBLE is no longer being promoted by Sony Music is because the record company is fighting with Michael Jackson over a financial matter. A few years ago, as an advance on payments on the forthcoming sales of INVINCIBLE, Michael Jackson negotiated a loan from Sony Music, a common transaction between artists and record companies. In order to validate the loan, Michael Jackson had to put his ownership in the ATV Music Publishing catalog (including the 251-song Beatles’ catalog) as collateral. The ATV Music catalog was bought by Michael Jackson in 1985. In 1995, it was merged with Sony Music’s Sony Music Publishing catalog to become ATV/Sony Music Publishing. When merging his ATV catalog with Sony’s, Michael Jackson pocketed a sum estimated to be 95 million dollars. Today, Sony Music is pressuring Michael Jackson to refund the loan he took from them. And they have the means to do so. The problem is that Sony Music are simultaneously preventing Michael Jackson from repaying the money he owes them by sabotaging the promotion of the INVINCIBLE album, Jackson’s main source of income to refund the loan. So far, the INVINCIBLE album has sold 5 million copies worldwide. Sony Music need to reach the 7 million copies mark before they can make money from sales of the album. As for Michael Jackson, he is recouping the outstanding cost of the recording of the album on his portion of the money generated by the sales of the album. That means he hasn’t been getting any money from INVINCIBLE up to now. In order to generate monies for Sony Music and Michael Jackson, the INVINCIBLE album needs to make sales beyond the 7 million mark. It shouldn’t be difficult for the King of Pop to reach that mark. Thriller sold 52 million copies, Bad 25, Dangerous 26 and HIStory, a double-CD, 14 million copies. However, INVINCIBLE is not selling anymore. Except in the USA, where Sony Music is not shipping more than they can sell, in other parts of the world, including European markets, Sony Music have been receiving massive returns since January. In Germany, France and the UK, Europe’s biggest markets, wholesalers are returning unsold copies of INVINCIBLE by the thousand. Indeed, nobody was expecting the promotion of the album to end so suddenly. But why would Sony sabotage an album they paid for? And Why would they put down their biggest-selling artist? Simply because they could get Michael Jackson’s half of ATV Music Publishing by doing so. If Michael Jackson fails to reimburse his loan, the ownership of his share of the ATV Music Publishing catalog will fall into the hands of Sony Music. Sony/ATV Publishing is currently the third largest music publishing company in the world. The money it generates and represents goes beyond Michael Jackson’s loan from Sony or possible revenues generated by the INVINCIBLE album. Besides, a music catalog is easier to deal with than an artist with strong opinions on how his career should be managed. Sony Music is thus trying to sabotage the INVINCIBLE album. But it is important to the record company that the maneuver be not obvious. It is essential for Sony Music that the public and media be not aware of the matter. Bad publicity is a menace they are afraid of. The goal of our association MAKE INVINCIBLE VISIBLE is to make people aware of the situation between Michael Jackson and Sony Music. As Michael Jackson fans, we have been watching helplessly the killing of the INVINCIBLE album. Until now. Unlike previous feuds between record companies and artists (Prince vs Warner, George Michael vs Sony Music, etc…), the Michael Jackson vs Sony Music situation is different in the sense that the artist wants his album to sell and is ready to promote it, but the record company isn’t. INVINCIBLE is Michael Jackson’s last album with Sony Music, despite what the record company says. This is his last album with them. Here is a chronology of facts that documents the feud between Sony Music and Michael Jackson with detailed examples. June 2001 Sony Music pick “You Rock My World” as the first single off of INVINCIBLE. Michael Jackson favored “Unbreakable” and had already started to conceive the video for the song. The last-minute change of single forces him to rush the conception of a new video to accompany “You Rock My World.” Sony Music contact director Hype Williams who comes up with a treatment for the video. Michael is not satisfied with it nor with the budget Sony propose for the video. Paul Hunter, a new director, is hired. After numerous disputes on the budget of the video, filming finally starts. August 2001 Michael Jackson is working on his forthcoming Madison Square Garden concerts. Sony Music learned the news of the events in the media. They are displeased with the fact that they are not involved with the project and decide to boycott it. Sony Music offices around the world receive a memo that forbids them to organize any kind of promotional activity in connection with the Madison Square Garden concerts. The shows will eventually be sold out and will become hugely popular TV events in the USA, despite the absence of promotion and implication from Sony Music. Moreover, Sony Music show no interest in acquiring the rights to the concerts to be used worldwide as a tool for the promotion of INVINCIBLE. As a consequence, less than five countries around the world will broadcast the concert. The fee concert producer David Gest is asking for the show is so high that even big markets like Germany, France or the UK can’t afford it. September 2001 -”You Rock My World,” the first single from INVINCIBLE is a strong radio hit in America. Billboard Magazine analysts and music industry observers predict the song could easily reach the #1 slot in Billboard’s HOT 100 provided there was a single commercially available (American charts are based on radio airplay and sales combined together). However, Sony Music repeatedly delay and postpone the commercial release of the “You Rock My World” single. Ultimately, the single will not be commercially released at all in the USA, in spite of a strong demand from record-buying customers. To justify their decision, Sony Music claim the release of a commercial single could harm the sales of the album. But the singles market in the USA is a small one. A single like “You Rock My World” would have sold a few thousand copies, enough to gain crucial points for the Billboard charts, but not enough to harm the sales of the album. Besides, the promotional impact of a #1 single on the public is strong. Sony Music’s decision not to release the single was clearly biased. -Jay-Z, who remixed “You Rock My World” at Jackson’s request, refuses to let Sony Music use his remix on the commercial singles of “You Rock My World” worldwide because the record company refused him the right to use Jackson’s vocals on a remix of his hit song “Girls, Girls, Girls” they recorded together. -After “You Rock My World,” “Cry” is the new single released from INVINCIBLE in America. Director Nick Brandt is hired to film the video. However, from the beginning, Michael Jackson is not happy with the low-budget project Sony Music is proposing. He becomes so displeased with Sony Music’s stiffness on the video situation that he decides not to appear in the video. The video will eventually be released without his participation. October 2001 INVINCIBLE is released around the world. In the USA, the album is released with a minimum of promotion. When the album becomes a success in America despite the modest promotion, Sony Music takes credit for it by conveniently claiming the low-profile promotion was a plan to have people focus on music. November 2001 -Michael Jackson finalizes the production of “What More Can I Give,” a charity song for the families of the victims of September 11, featuring an all-star cast of singers (including Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Britney Spears, Carlos Santana). Unfortunately, Sony Music refuse Michael the right to release it. Due to contract obligations, Michael Jackson can’t release the record with another company without Sony’s approval. Since Sony Music doesn’t want to make things easy on an artist they are in constant fight with, they use the “What More Can I Give” project to pressure him. If he wants to release it, he has to let go on more financial interests. After trying each and every legal way to release his charity single, Michael Jackson finds out he is cornered and eventually gives up the project. -”Butterflies” is the third single off of INVINCIBLE to be released to radios in America. The song becomes and instant hit and starts to climb the Billboard charts. Unfortunately, Sony Music is still not willing to release the song commercially to help it reach the #1 spot on the charts. More problems occur when the project for a “Butterflies” video is discussed by Michael Jackson and Sony Music. Once again, Michael Jackson is not satisfied with the treatment Sony Music propose him and does not want to participate in a project he doesn’t believe in. Discussions come to a deadlock and the “Butterflies” video project is scrapped. February 2002 Sony Music intensifies its financial pressure on Michael Jackson. The artist is forced to consider doing a World Tour in order to raise money to finance his other projects and the refund of his loan. However, Michael Jackson had made it clear that he didn’t want to tour anymore. Now, he’s forced to reconsider his decision. March 2002 -Three promotional TV appearances scheduled in Europe in March are canceled as a result of Michael Jackson’s feud with Sony Music. -At Sony Music’s request, director David Meyers works on a treatment for the “Unbreakable” video. However, Michael Jackson isn’t satisfied with the project. But his own concept for the video is deemed too expensive and Sony Music won’t finance it. As a result of this new dispute, Michael Jackson decides to produce the “Unbreakable” video by himself and starts to work on the project alone. -By the end of March, Sony Music delete Michael Jackson from their “international priority” list of projects. Only five months after the release of INVINCIBLE, the album is no longer considered as a “priority” by the record company. As a comparison, the HIStory album stopped being an “international priority” by the end of 1997, more than 2 years after its release. Sony Music are trying to suffocate Michael Jackson financially. They are preventing him from properly promoting his album in order to obtain his share of the ATV Music Publishing catalog. This maneuver is unfair. It is plain sabotage. INVINCIBLE is a great album. It sold faster than any other Michael Jackson album and was promised to a great future. Don’t let Sony Music bury INVINCIBLE. Spread the truth and support Michael Jackson.

Source: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur6406.cfm


“I want to be Where You Are” (Cali Swag District)

Interesting lyrics ….  Both Michael’s AND Cali Swag District’s !

Another message???  Damn coincidental this song is redone NOW!


LYRICS (Original Song)


Can it be I stayed away too long

Did I leave your mind when I was gone

It’s not my thing trying to get back

But this time let me tell you where I’m at

You don’t have to worry cause I’m coming

Back to where I should have always stayed

Can it be I stayed away to long

Did I leave your mind when I was gone

Well it’s not my thing trying to get back

but this time let me tell you where I’m at

I want to, I want to be where you are (ohh aah)

anywhere where you are

I want to, I want to be where you are (ooh aah)

Everywhere where you are

Please don’t close the door to our future

there’s so many things we haven’t tried

I gonna love you better then I used to

And give you all the love I have inside


I want to, I want to be where you are..

any, any, anywhere you are (ooh aah)

I want to, I want to be where you are (oh aah)

I gotta, I gotta be where you are….

and it’s enough love for me to stay

Jadagrace sings “Mr. Magic” her tribute to Michael Jackson

Wow, beautiful!

Michael Jackson Through the eyes of a child Thriller 2 Part 10