We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.

Statement from Dominic Cascio regarding “Michael”

Dominic Cascio speaks (Upcoming statement from Eddie soon)

Dominic Cascio:

the kids while at my house had homeschool everyday at my house while michael worked in the studio! (2 different parts of the house) everything will be revealed shortly! the truth will prevail! the jackson brothers and 3t are brainwashing everyone because of there own jelousey! including the kids! michael distanced himself from his brothers for a reason! they were all greedy, and always looked for trouble and they are doing the same now! remember that they have no say in the estate, and they are not entitled to any money from the estate… the only ones who benifit from the estate are those 3 beauteful kids! so not buying the album will ultimately hurt them! my brother has 3 songs on the album, and if they were fake they wouldnt be going out! remember the jacksons ordered a forensic test to test the vocals and they came back positive! (all 3 tests) all the producers who worked with him like quincy jones, bruce swedien, teddy riley all say its him so who is claiming its fake?? ONLY THE JACKSONS! now if they still have a problem they should take legal action but since they have NO case they are trying to ruin the album to hurt my family, which is doing nothing but hurting the kids! so like i said look at the big picture! dont be manipulated! michael always said dont listen to what you hear about him because people make up lies! my brother has sworn affadavits which means he swore his life these songs! and we are not desperate we are trying to make michaels latest work be heard! if michael didnt like these songs he would never record them to begin with! he didnt record on friends tracks just for fun!!! this was seriouse! not fully finished but very seriouse work! the fans are doing more harm to michaels name then good!

michaels is singing in the whole song, the other voice is just giving accents that michael could not record yet becuase he wasnt able to due to his death! u can hear it in the backround when he sais the word jackson.. michael is saying jackson but in the back you will heard jackson said with a different tone and accent, maybe this voice is causing confusion with the fans but just like in butterflies there were other singers credited in the songs just like this guy is! maybe without the voice there wouldnt be confusion of the credibility of the songs but it is too late think what should have been done.. this is the way it is and we are not making false tracks! michael was recorded through out the whole song, these were just extras to give more body! maybe it was the right desicion maybe it was wrong but in no way would we try to fool the fans, or anyone! We have always been and will always be LOYAL to michael and the kids!

there will be a statement plus more from my brother one day soon and i hope it will clarify every thing! 3t and the jacksons started this smear campaign after john McLains songs were taken off the album to put my brothers. (sonys decision) by the way john mclain was fired years ago and michael hated him ever since! unfortunantly the last will found was one while john was still working with michael.. ( kinda suspiciouse if thats the latest will) michael would have never left the estate in his hands knowing the way he felt about him.. so again… LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!!! your accusing the wrong people… You can say that he sounds different, your right, different studio, different equipment, different point in time in michaels life! dont be mad about these songs! celebrate them, if you dont like them im sorry but that is a glimpse of what he was still working on… Monster is a song i know he couldnt wait to develop more! videos and story line! wait until the album comes out before you judge (the fans)!




2 responses

  1. cawobeth

    more interesting than Randy’s tweets tonight, that’s for sure !

    November 18, 2010 at 2:36 AM

  2. Sylvia

    Since I heard the Jackson’s and fans say it wasn’t Michael’s voice on that CD I deceided to make up my own mind. I will be buying the CD come December 14th. I will buy it to Michael’s best and for his kids. The Jackson’s will never be happy because they were not on Michael’s will.

    November 24, 2010 at 8:37 PM

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