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Court Day 3—Murray Prelim—TMZ

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

1/6/2011 2:45 PM PST by TMZ Staff

UCLA Docs — Michael Was DOA

0106_UCLA_altTwo doctors from the UCLA Medical Center testifiedMichael Jackson was dead on arrival, yet Dr. Murray told them “not to give up easily and try to save the patient.”

Dr. Richelle Cooper testified when Jackson arrived at UCLA there was “no signs of life.”

Dr. Cooper added Murray was not forthcoming about the drugs administered to MJ.   Cooper says Murray copped to giving Michael lorazepam, but made no mention of Propofol.

And this was interesting.  Cooper says MJ weighed 136 lbs.

Dr. Thao Nguyen testified Dr. Murray denied giving Michael any sedatives or narcotics, other than the lorazepam.

Phone Company — Murray Called Everyone BUT 911
Updated 1/06/11 at 2:45pm

Two reps from the phone company testified in the hours surrounding the revelation that Michael Jacksonwas lifeless in bed, Murray was texting and calling lots of people, but never called 911.
The records show Murray was sending and receiving multiple texts.  Two particularly interesting ones at 12:03 and 12:04 PM … the person Murray was texting was in Texas.

It’s unclear if the texts had anything to do with the two women in Murray’s office who went to a storage facility to retrieve boxes.

Murray also sent data at 12:15 and 12:18 and another text at 12:53.

Murray also called a number of people, including his girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, but the only record shows 1:08 PM.  This is inconsistent with what law enforcement tells TMZ — that he was on the phone with Alvarez just after 12 noon and when Murray realized MJ was in distress he dropped the phone.
EMT: Murray Denied Giving MJ Drugs
Updated 1/06/11 at 10:35am

Another paramedic testified … Dr. Conrad Murray denied giving Michael Jackson drugs as the singer lay lifeless in his bedroom.0106_MJ-Post

Martin Blount said when he walked into MJ’s room Murray was sweating profusely.  Blount says Murray told EMTs he waited only one minute before calling 911.

But another paramedic testified earlier he believed Murray waited between 20 minutes to an hour to call 911.




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