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Michael Jackson is Alive: The Jason Malachi Connection


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  1. Kimberky Walker

    Hi, first of all I had never heard of Jason Edward Cupeta (Forgive me if his name is spelled wrong)A.K.A. Jason Malachi. From what I saw on the video Jason was a fan. He loved Michael and imitated Michael. I know a lot of people who fit that discription too including myself. Why would Michael let someone he barely knows become a part of his death hoax. Secondly, Teddy Riley who has worked with Michael on his Dangerous album and was a personal friend (according to Teddy) says that it was Michael singing the lyrics on “Breaking News” and Teddy should know he produced “Breaking News”. Now, someone is lying is it Jason Malachi or Tedy Riley? I am going to believe Teddy. It is not good putting contraditory information out it confuses the Believers. Jason should not say he say “Breakuing news on Michael’s new album Michael unless he can prove it, but then Teddy Riley would be caught in a lie.

    I won’t say that Jason Malachi has never sung Michael’s song “Breaking News”, but I don’t think that Jason Malachi is singing “Breaking News” on Michael’s new cd Michael. I think that Michael is singing the song. Jason if you can’t prove it don’t hint or say that you are the singer of Michael’s song “Breaking News and Monster”. These comments are not meant to offend anyone, so please don’t be offened. Thanks.. Ilove Michael!!

    February 2, 2011 at 6:59 AM

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