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What DID happen on June 25th? part 54 “Ratner & Bashir”


Ratner changed careers to be become an anesthesiologist.  You know how many YEARS that takes?  Full medical school, with many years of residency, and then a few more years of fellowship in anesthesia.  It’s not something that can be done in just a couple of years, but more like 8 to 10 years!

2300 Jackson Street (The Official video)1989

I posted this vieo coz I love it. A friend of mine reminded me of it. Thanks Carre!

Michael Jackson Everything is an Illusion

Michael Jackson Death Hoax FREEDOM

The Comeback King -Murray Trial – Michael Jackson Death Hoax

Missing You – Diana Ross

This song always makes me cry… Can’t help but think of Michael,… and my dad….    Michael was/is a great person, but so was my dad.  Daddy I miss u like crazy!   I promised I’d live a life u’d be proud of, and I know ur proud, but I MISS YOU… Just like Michael’s, ur shoes are hard to fill.  They’re impossible to fill….  Love u daddy!

Second video is thanks to cawobeth.

Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On / What’s Happening Brother”

Although this is a Michael Jackson site, there are  other artists who also gave us the same messages Michael did.  Time we LISTEN!

Remember Michael’s Message—- “celebrating” someone’s death is not it…

Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley are but a few of the artists CRYING out to the world to open their eyes , see the truth, and CHANGE things.  There are no excuses EVER for war, assassinations (and then gloating about them), hunger, etc…   We have the power to change things, through LOVE, pure and simple…

Through A Brother’s Eyes: Jermaine Jackson Speaks – Part One



It’s mid-September and Jermaine Jackson is winding up a grueling U.K. book tour, which has seen him spend the last four days making back-to-back television and radio appearances. Securing an interview slot has taken three days of negotiation between Jermaine, his publicist and publishing reps on both sides of the Atlantic. When his car picks me up in Wood Lane, London and drives us into the BBC Studios, he has just appeared on Loose Women — Britain’s answer to The View — and is on his way to be interviewed by BBC Radio Five’s Richard Bacon.

As we’re led inside, several dozen students on a BBC walkabout lose all interest in their tour guide as they spot Michael Jackson’s brother passing through the building. I feel self-conscious as their stares follow us through the foyer but Jermaine appears not to notice. It comes with the territory. As one of the figureheads of America‘s most famous family, he’s become accustomed to outsiders constantly looking in. The problem, though, is that what they see is often warped; a fragmented simulacrum presented by the media. This, he says, is why he has written his new book, You Are Not Alone: Michael Through A Brother’s Eyes.

“How was Loose Women?” I ask him, as we wait for an elevator.

“Well…” He half-grins and exhales loudly. “They were loose.”

The Loose Women interview, like many Jermaine has conducted in recent weeks, was somewhat combative. As Jermaine attempted to speak about his brother from a firsthand perspective he was repeatedly interrupted by the hosts. ‘But Jermaine, I think it’s fair to say he was quite a complex character…’ ‘But… there must have been something going on with Michael. He must have been a sick person.’

The assumption by many that they know more about Michael Jackson than his own family is a bug-bear of Jermaine’s. This attitude, he says, is the result of a decades-long battle against inaccurate media coverage. “This would become a recurring theme for the family,” he writes in the book, “a showdown of fact versus perception — and fact would always be the underdog.”

According to Jermaine, even his initial attempt to write a book, all the way back in 2003, fell flat because publishers were unwilling to print a factual account of his brother’s life.

“I had tried to write something with Judith Regan with Harper Collins in New York and they weren’t interested in the truth then,” he tells me as we sit down in an empty radio studio. “They were interested in the gossip and all the things that were not true. They wanted dirt and I said, ‘I have no dirt’, so they turned me down.”

Eight years later, Harper Collins has come around to Jermaine’s way of thinking. His book is described by the publisher as “an intimate, loving portrait of Michael Jackson.” But Jermaine hasn’t forgotten the 2003 debacle entirely. “They tried to put me on the Judith Regan show on this book tour,” he says. “I said, ‘No way.'”

In 2006 a document purporting to be Jermaine’s 2003 book proposal was leaked to the media and caused a furor. In it Jermaine allegedly branded his brother a ‘stubborn’, ‘harsh’, ‘cold’, ‘calculating’ and ‘devious’ drug addict who “purchased children like a sanctioned black market,” and “changed his skin color.”

For this, Jermaine blames his co-writer Stacy Brown, who he says changed the rejected manuscript to make it more saleable and then circulated it — all without Jermaine’s permission.

“That wasn’t my manuscript,” says Jermaine. “It was just horrible. My manuscript was registered with lawyers and we had proof. I said, ‘My manuscript is totally different from what this guy’s saying’.

“Because of that, publishers for this book, for verification purposes, wanted to see that proposal beforehand. I showed them my original proposal about what I wanted to do and it’s completely in line with the proposal for this book. So that was completely hijacked by somebody else.”

Jermaine isn’t the only person to accuse Stacy Brown of such behavior. In 2005 Brown co-wrote a book with disgruntled Jackson employee Bob Jones. When Jones was asked about the book under oath in Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial, he admitted that it was only “factual to a degree.” Of Brown’s work he said, “My co-writer also has included things that I didn’t approve of,” and added, “I’ve changed millions of things that were inaccurate that I didn’t say.”

Photographer: Harrison Funk – Picture used with written permission from Harper Collins

Even the new book has been mired in controversy. As Jermaine flew to London to begin promotion, a storm was brewing over a story he tells in his prologue. Speaking about his brother’s 2005 child molestation trial, Jermaine recalls how he was so paranoid that Michael could fall victim to a terrible injustice that he hatched a secret escape plan in case it looked like a guilty verdict could be on the cards. He arranged for a private jet to be on standby at the nearest airport, ready to whisk his brother to Bahrain, where he couldn’t be extradited.

However, many journalists — apparently too lazy even to read Jermaine’s eight-and-a-half page prologue in full — got it monumentally wrong. Stories wrongly stated that the Jackson family had planned to spirit Jackson away to the Middle East after he was convicted; a clearly nonsensical claim.

Nevertheless, copy and paste journalism took hold and the story was replicated hundreds of times by newspapers including the New York Post, NY Daily News, Denver Post and Washington Times. Among the more brainless headlines was this honker, which comes courtesy of Britain’s Daily Mail: ‘How Michael Jackson’s family planned to fly singer out of U.S. to Bahrain if he was jailed for child molestation’. Even the Press Association ran with the inaccurate version.

The nonsensical story made Jermaine’s book look like a work of fiction, a situation worsened when the subsequent controversy prompted Michael’s 2005 defense attorney Thomas Mesereau to speak out against the misquoted claims.

“One of the reasons I wrote the book was so that my words would stand for themselves, in context,” says Jermaine. “But even in the newspapers’ coverage of my book, my words were misreported. There was never a plan to get Michael out of the country ‘if convicted’. Thomas Mesereau had to issue a denial based on something that wasn’t true in the first place. That one change of context showed how one inaccuracy can snowball and how myths are made. I sat back and thought ‘This is what Michael faced all the time’.”

Update: Stacy Brown denies changing Jermaine Jackson’s 2003 manuscript. Responding to this article, he said, “Jermaine did indeed want to write a positive book and it was indeed sabotaged – but he knows it wasn’t me who sabotaged it. Jermaine’s money-hungry girlfriend changed the manuscript and he and I were left holding the bag.”

Murray Trial – Michael Jackson Death Hoax – Poetry in Play


michael jackson i’ll be there

Michael Jackson- Shrek THRILLER

Conrad Murray Trial – Michael Jackson Death Hoax

Hidden Truths of Michael Jacksons THIS IS IT


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Michael Jackson Death Trial Time For Laugh


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CPR must always be performed on a firm surface.  NO bed is firm enough. A CARDIOLOGIST would know that.  The only time you put your hand behind on a patient’s back and do compressions with the other hand is if you’re performing CPR on a neonate (and a small one, at that), NO ONE ELSE. Basic knowledge that any person, but especially a cardiologist, would know.

Jermaine Jackson On Piers Morgan

One thing I must make clear, neither Jermaine or this journalist has the expertise to talk about the effects of propofol. ONLY an anesthesiologist, who works with this drug, does.  Even  doctors of other specialties do NOT have the same expertise as an anesthesioligist.  That’s why they’re consulted to be present during the administration of propofol and other anesthetics during medical procedures in controlled environments.


Piers Morgan talks to Branca and Weitzman

Michael Jackson’s and Cirque Du Soleil Immortal Tour in videos and pictures

FROM: http://blogues.canoe.ca/surleterrain/

Les costumes et accessoires
Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 20

Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 20

Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 23

Un des dix chorégraphes du spectacle, Rich Talauega (vidéo des danseurs à l’oeuvre)
Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 23

Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 23

Kevin Antunes, concepteur musical (gauche) et Greg Phillinganes, directeur musical (droite)
Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 23

Jamie King, auteur et metteur en scène
Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 23

Du ruban jaune question de ne pas se perdre
Capture d’écran 2011-10-03 à 23

Michael Jackson à six ans

Portrait de famille: la mère de Michael Jackson accompagnée des frères de Michael et de ses enfants, Prince, Paris et Blanket.

Blanket, le plus jeune fils de Michael, sur le tapis rouge lors de la première de Immortal Tour au Centre Bell

Entrevue donnée par la mère de Michael Jackson à propos du spectacle hommage du Cirque du Soleil

Rufus Wainwright faisait partie des invités

Le chanteur RnB, Babyface et sa compagne

Guy Laliberté, le fondateur du Cirque du Soleil

Copied from  :  http://blogues.canoe.ca/surleterrain/

Geraldo Rivera’s Interview with Michael Jackson— The truth is all here…

Although I’ve already posted this interview over a year ago, I keep coming back to it because I believe ALL truth is right here.  From his relationship to his family to using “art” in life.  Listen deeply to this whole interview, and the answers are all there…






The Immortal Tour — Premiere on Oct 2, 2011 in Montreal

A scene from the Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, which had its world premiere Sunday night (Oct. 2, 2011) at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

A scene from the Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, which had its world premiere Sunday night (Oct. 2, 2011) at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Photograph by: courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

How do you stage a Michael Jackson show without Michael Jackson? With high energy dancing and acrobatics, plenty of razzle dazzle, tons of ingenuity and lots of carefully selected video clips of Jackson himself.

That seems to be more or less the recipe adhered to by the Cirque du Soleil in creating Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour which had its world premiere at the Belle Centre last night (Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011). It plays here again tonight before moving on to Ottawa, then to about 60 other North American cities.

This $60 million arena show that sold $40 million worth of tickets within 24 hours when it was first announced, is not like anything the Cirque has done before, although its genre is similar to that of Viva ELVIS and LOVE (the Beatles show) in Las Vegas.

This MJ show has circus acts, but it’s not a circus. Nor is it a rock concert or dance show, exactly, either. Insofar as people are expecting any one of the above, they may feel a bit shortchanged. But if they go with the performance art flow of it all, they are not likely to be bored.

This is a dazzling, fast-pace spectacle for people with short attention spans, flitting from one song to the next, seldom settling down with one for a whole number. All is deftly rearranged, using live music and Jackson’s recorded voice. The audience is overwhelmed with images, some of them on screens, others created through maniupulation of quirky props, like a mega-sized white glove, a huge Jackson hat that conceals several dancers or a pair of giant shoes and socks, with dancers inside.

There’s no real attempt to tell Jackson’s life story, but it does begin with a five-clown band, evoking the Jackson Five. (Not the most successful idea in the show, given their moves aren’t nearly as slick as the originals and their bad afro wigs don’t become them well.)

The show offers a fairly comprehensive sampling of Jackson’s better-known songs. Early on, there’s a poignant rendition of Have You Seen My Childhood? Some songs, like Dancing Machine and Black or White, get more of a workout than others. Fantasies of Neverland come alive, one after another, sometimes at very high volume. There’s quiet time, too, with Jackson speaking his own lyrics.

A solo dancer/acrobat in sparkling white does mime shtick that reminds us where the moonwalk came from. He returns again and again throughout the show, at one point doing a series of startling backwards cartwheels. (Do not try this at home.) Aerial acts are used frequently to conquerthe cavernous space of the Bell Centre. A single contortionist worms her way out of a giant book, in one clevelry staged scene.

Unlike most Cirque shows, this one, directed by Jamie King, is prepared to do a couple of encores. And on Sunday night it was clear that 15,000 people wanted more. And more.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/Review+Michael+Jackson+IMMORTAL+World+Tour+dazzles/5493542/story.html#ixzz1ZjBZlygr

Massive Michael Jackson Immortal tour kicks off in Montreal

A poster for the tour kicking off Sunday in Montreal. A poster for the tour kicking off Sunday in Montreal.

Updated: Mon Oct. 03 2011 9:28:52 AM


MONTREAL — Michael Jackson’s mother, his siblings, and his children were among those attending the premiere of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World tour, produced by the Cirque du Soleil at the Bell Centre Sunday evening.

Daniel Lamarre President of the Cirque du Soleil, was particularly excited that the late king of pop’s mother Katherine Jackson was at the show.

“She played a deciding role choosing the Cirque du Soleil for this project and disappointing her is out of the question,” he said.

Jackson’s two brothers, Jackie and Tito were also at the show.

Fans watched dancers and acrobats pay tribute to about 60 songs from the vast Michael Jackson songbook, ranging from his earliest material with the Jackson 5 to songs from his final studio album.

Plenty of video, including never-before-seen video from the This Is Ittour, was presented.

The organizers ruled out hiring an imitator for the show.

“We refused to do that, and were very clear, as was the family. There’s only one Michael Jackson and we’re going to see him plenty on the video,” said Daniel Lamarre.

The show will stop at about 50 Canadian and American cities by July 2012 and will travel with a $60 million budget.

Altogether, 38 trucks — three devoted entirely to costumes — will roll throughout North America as 76 artists, including 15 musicians will participate in the show.

Fans who missed opening night in Montreal will have plenty of other opportunities to catch the show: the tour is scheduled to return to Montreal in March and July of 2012.

With files from The Canadian Press

Michael Jackson – Live Performance

When I think of Michael Jackson, this is what I see…  a passionate human being who truly wanted the world to be a better place…

With all the circus going on (trial), remember Michael’s message:


The ONE and ONLY…  A truly passionate Being who wanted nothing more then peace and a better world. Michael, wherever you are, we LOVE YOU!


Hhhmmm, he can perform invasive procedures like inserting stents in the main blood vessels of the heart, but does NOT know CPR????  LOL, Yeah, right…

btw, cardiac arrest can happen often  in this type of procedure (PTCA), one would think Murray had to have had performed CPR several times in the course of his career…

Robert Russell — Dr. Conrad Murray’s Former Patient Testifies
Updated 9/30/11 at 9:30AM

0930_robert_russelDr. Conrad Murray‘s former patientRobert Russell testified today … he felt like Murray abandoned him when the doctor suddenly closed his Las Vegas practice to care for Michael Jackson.

Russell claims Murray operated on him twice in March and April 2009 to install several stents in his heart after he suffered a heart attack — and Russell was pleased with the results.

But Russell claims it went downhill from there — when Murray canceled two follow-up appointments in June 2009.

Russell claims Murray finally called and left a voicemail at 11:49 AM on June 25th — about 30 minutes before Alberto Alvarez dialed 911– explaining he would be leaving the country .

After Murray canceled the appointments, Russell claims he never saw the doctor again.