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Michael Jackson is ALIVE: Rumors, Experiments, and Plots!

Do You See The Truth?

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Lundon’s Bridge and Paris debute

HEAR this.

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Michael Jackson is STILL ALIVE— “Did You See That MUG?”

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Legs Diamond Film & Games – Murray Trial- Michael Jackson is Alive

Murray’s Trial—BS

Murray’s sentencing is Nov 29, 2011




Conrad Murray Trial Analysis– 6 Reasons That May Confirm a DEATH HOAX

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Number Theory – Conrad Murray Trial – Michael J Jackson is Alive Part 4

Conrad Murray Documentary & The Immortal

Michael Jackson (Murray Guilty Verdict)

“ALLEGED” victim? Michael Joseph Jackson, …   And his name, the REAL MJ , is Michael JOE Jackson  (confirmed in Jermaine‘s new book, TWICE, his driver’s license and passport).


Perhaps the whole point of this case, was to show the world what some doctors will do for the sake of money.  Countless people die every day from  drugs they don’t need (but want)given by their doctors.  Hollywood celebrities die all the time from “overdoses” from prescription meds .  Perhaps this was to open people’s eyes to this reality… the reality is, that there are many doctors out there who , for money, will prescribe anything they are asked… and in my opinion , that’s criminal behaviour.

“Then they will know…” that Michael is ALIVE—Is the MEDIA becoming aware it?

Michael Jackson Alive-The Time To Remember!!

Michael Jackson Life is a Movie

And just coz I love this song, here’s the official video (look at that face…  beautiful!)  Look at the scenes in this second video (not just the face, lol) What does it remind u of???

Michael Jackson The Unity Project

Do you remember the time?

These two videos tell you the WHOLE story.  I’ve been able to put some pieces of the puzzle together , but not all.

What DID happen on June 25th? part 54 “Ratner & Bashir”


Ratner changed careers to be become an anesthesiologist.  You know how many YEARS that takes?  Full medical school, with many years of residency, and then a few more years of fellowship in anesthesia.  It’s not something that can be done in just a couple of years, but more like 8 to 10 years!

Michael Jackson Everything is an Illusion