We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.

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Man In The Mirror

It doesn’t matter if we think Michael Jackson is alive or not, what matters is the message he left us…  make that change… it’s time.

Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston – Hold My Hand/My Love Is Your Love

Because it’s beautiful and inspiring…

Michael Jackson – “We’ve Had Enough”

A message to the world—>those with eyes to see and ears to hear:

Michael Jackson: Happy New Year 2012!

All In Your Name [Official Music Video] – Michael Jackson Feat. Barry Gibb

Michael Jackson Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! The greatest gift of all is LOVE!  My best wishes to all of you!


Merry Christmas!

Michael Jackson Symbolism

What has Michael Jackson been trying to tell us all these years? Through his music, art, speeches, etc?    This series of videos does a great job of explaining.  There was more to Michael then just music and entertainment; he tried to awaken us to the reality of our world.  Most of us remained blind, until now….

I’m only posting a few of the videos, but for the whole series, go to the youtube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/jameshetfield007

Yes, these videos have a heavy Muslim message, but I always say “keep an open, question everything, research, research, research…”  Let go of all your prejudices and view things in an objective fashion. It’s the only way you’ll find the truth…

Missing You – Diana Ross

This song always makes me cry… Can’t help but think of Michael,… and my dad….    Michael was/is a great person, but so was my dad.  Daddy I miss u like crazy!   I promised I’d live a life u’d be proud of, and I know ur proud, but I MISS YOU… Just like Michael’s, ur shoes are hard to fill.  They’re impossible to fill….  Love u daddy!

Second video is thanks to cawobeth.

Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On / What’s Happening Brother”

Although this is a Michael Jackson site, there are  other artists who also gave us the same messages Michael did.  Time we LISTEN!

Michael Jackson- Do You Know Where Your Children Are

I’m putting this song here for no other reason other then I love it…