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Dr. Murray Targets Arnie Klein in MJ Death

A lot of weirdness in this article…lol

Dr. Conrad Murray is going after Michael Jackson‘s longtime physician and friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming Klein is at least partly to blame for the singer‘s death and should be a defendant in Joe Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit.


In legal papers filed today and obtained by TMZ … Dr. Murray challenges Joe Jackson’s decision not to name Dr. Klein as one of the physicians allegedly responsible for his son’s death.

In the new docs, Murray quotes from Joe’s lawsuit, “Dr. Klein may have been medicating Michael Jackson up until or even beyond June 18, 2009, less than one week before Michael Jackson’s death.”

And Murray continues quoting from Joe’s lawsuit that Dr. Klein “prescribed or may have over medicated Michael Jackson including to such point that AEG Live, LLC had to hire Dr. Murray in order to separate Michael Jackson from Arnold Klein.”

And Murray goes on to quote Joe’s lawsuit which claims “AEG Live, LLC read Michael Jackson the proverbial ‘riot act’ to get him to stop subjecting himself to overmedication by Dr. Arnold Klein.”

So with all that, Dr. Murray concludes, “The plaintiff [Joe Jackson] does not explain why, given these allegations, Dr. Arnold Klein is not a required party to be added to accord proper relief.”

In other words … why didn’t Joe sue Arnie?

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Klein shot Michael full of Demerol — 51 injections in a 3-month span, right up until the week of his death.

Dr. Murray also points the finger at other doctors who treated Michael Jackson, citing TMZ stories revealing that 7 doctors other than Murray were fueling MJ with meds at or near the time of his death.

Murray’s team also asked the court to dismiss Joe’s wrongful death lawsuit — claiming Jackson doesn’t have the right to file because he’s not a beneficiary of MJ’s estate.

Dr. Klein to Liz Taylor: I Wasn’t MJ’s Pimp

Originally posted May 14th 2010 12:58 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Dr. Arnold Klein just responded to the Twitter-tongue-lashing he got from Liz Taylor yesterday — saying he didn’t supply Michael Jackson with lovers.


Klein just counter-Twittered, “Dearest Elizabeth Michael CHOSE whom he loved; I only SUPPLIED medical care. May God bless you and Michael. Your friend Arnie.”

Yesterday, Liz Twit-attacked Klein by saying, “Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship with someone in Arnie’s office.  It seems he supplies not only women (Debbie Rowe), but men too … how convenient.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/14/dr-arnie-klein-elizabeth-taylor-michael-jackson-twitter-gay/#ixzz0nxIYWejI


MICHAEL JACKSON’s former bodyguards are aiming to put an end to longrunning rumours the superstar was secretly gay by telling all about the King of Pop’s girlfriends in a new book.

The legacy of the Thriller hitmaker, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest last June (09), has been tainted by claims he led a double life behind closed doors, after the singer’sformer dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein alleged his office manager Jason Pfeiffer had had a sexual relationship with the late star.

Pfeiffer went public with the claims on U.S. TV earlier this month (May10) and Klein backed up his story, tellingTMZ.com that his employee was “the love of his (Jackson’s) life”.

Jackson’s father Joe has slammed the accusations, insisting, “Michael was not gay.”

Now three of the singer’s longterm security guards are stepping up to clear up the speculation about Jackson’s sexuality in their new tome, In Defense of the King.

In the book, Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Mike Garcia claim Jackson had two girlfriends at the time of his death, including one European woman called ‘Friend’, the bodyguards’ publicist Lelani Clark confirms.

In Defense of the King, which is currently being shopped around, also details the extent of Jackson’s financial problems, reports the New York Post.



Michael Jackson’s Alleged BF — On the Run

Originally posted May 6th 2010 12:23 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Dr. Arnold Klein‘s office manager — who claims he was Michael Jackson‘s lover — is facing such intense death threats that he’s moving from place to place … hiding out from angry MJ fans.

A source close to Dr. Klein and Jason Pfeiffer tells TMZ incensed Jackson fans have walked right up to Pfeiffer’s home and knocked on his door — and they’ve also tracked him down at his friends’ houses.

Since Jason went public last week with allegations of an affair with Michael, we’re told violent and homophobic threats have poured into Dr. Klein’s office by phone, fax, and email. According to the source one voicemail said, “I’m gonna put a bullet in your heads.”

Klein and Pfeiffer have hired bodyguards, and reported the threats to the FBI. We’re told Pfeiffer is currently at a private location with friends.
Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/05/michael-jackson-arnold-klein-jason-pfeiffer-gay-affair-death-threats/#ixzz0nJ2yhCRz

Jermaine Jackson — Curse You, Dr. Klein!

Well, for once I agree with Jermaine,lol

Originally posted May 3rd 2010 1:10 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson‘s brother Jermaine had a few words for Dr. Arnie Klein this morning regarding his accusations that MJ was gay — most of them of the four-letter variety.