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Michael Jackson – Who is it

Haven’t we all sold ourselves to the external? Seeking gratification. in the form of materialism and outside acceptance,  when all along Love was always there? Yes, in fear and ignorance, we’ve all been made to be “whores” to the outside, to the “system”, and forgotten the love that has always been within, the only thing that truly matters…

Is This A Message That Michael Is Alive?

And from TMZ (that we need to “backtrack” it for the message?):

Katherine Jackson’s Partner Backtracks on ‘New’ Song

11/7/2010 8:23 AM PST by TMZ Staff

The guy behind the website JacksonSecretVault.com — the one who called out the Jackson estate for releasing a song he insinuated wasn’t “authentic” — now has a big “authenticity” problem of his own.

Howard Mann, Katherine Jackson’s business partner, now says the song his website released Saturday was not “unreleased” as he advertised, but rather a “remake.”  Pretty big difference.

Mann told TMZ on Friday his site was releasing the song “Opis None” in part to “overcome the confusion” that arose from the release of the song “Breaking News.”

But it turns out Mann is guilty himself of creating “confusion” by touting an unreleased song that was really a remake.

And on top of that, Mann touted that the release of “Opis None” was made with the blessing of Katherine Jackson.  Now he has taken all references to Mrs. Jackson out of the advertisement they posted on Friday (see below).

Bad timing for Mann and Katherine — She’s appearing on “Oprah” Monday to push the book she wrote on MJ as well as other projects … projects in which she partnered with Mann

Credit  to Tumic Shason  and longlivetheking from


All what you want to know about Michael Jackson full legal name (almost full analysis)

I concluded months ago that his real middle name is JOE.

All the papers with Joseph (such as marriage certificate, kids’ birth certificate, death certificate, etc) are fake.  Yes, MJ has called himself “Joseph” (stage name?), but when it comes to a death certificate, it HAS to be his real legal name.  And I believe it’s JOE.

So perhaps Michael Joseph Jackson, the musician, is dead, but not Michael JOE Jackson, the real man (and movie director???lol)…   My opinion.


Oprah and Katherine’s interview: my perceptions


The emotion on Katherine’s face DID get to me when she initially talked about her memories of MJ.

Here, again, there is the mention “he was a prankster”.  LMP also said the same thing to Oprah a few weeks ago.  Coincidence that we keep hearing he was a prankster???

“one day he just decided to get his nose done”….   Thought he’d fallen , breaking his nose, and then started the nose surgeries…   Inconsistencies…

It really irritates me how the questions about his surgeries and vitiligo keep being asked… enough already! And I wasn’t too thrilled that Katherine said his nose looked like a toothpick…  Wonder if there’s some message in that, though.

Dr. Murray told Katherine…. Even Oprah was surprised.  We’d heard Frank Dileo say it was him who told Katherine and the kids… which I admit, I found strange.  So obviously, someone is lying.

“No, he’s gone..” (to the airport?)   But still, the emotion in Katherine’s voice was quite touching…





Paris was saying: I want to go with you. I don’t want to be without you”  Go where???  I don’t mean to sound insensitive, because God knows, this was making me cry, but I question all choice of words…

Katherine heard that it was propofol right away… Interesting… (btw, they’re both pronouncing it wrong,lol)

Can’t stand when his “drug addiction” is brought up.  They’re persistent in making sure he has an image as a drug addict. And Katherine isn’t helping because she blatantly states she didn’t believe MJ when he said he wasn’t taking drugs. He may or may not have been on drugs, but enough already!

And of course, an interview wouldn’t be complete without talking about the molestation trials and whether he was guilty. He was INNOCENT, judged so by a juror of his peers!  Accept it and drop it!

Katherine cannot accuse Murray of murder because she isn’t convinced if it was intentional or accidental…  hhhmmmm  His family is saying “murder”, and Murray was the one that supposedly gave him the propafol, therefore one would assume he’s the murderer.   Again, there is much more to Murray then meets the eye.

The kids bonded instantly. She went out and bought tents for them to camp in the yard.  Wasn’t it the very next day that Katherine was photographed  buying camping gear??   the VERY NEXT DAY?   That’s what I call super adjustment!  Again, I’m not trying to be insensitive, but I am using my common sense…


Katherine filed for divorce TWICE, if what we heard is correct.  I get the feeling Joe was there to “protect” his brood.   His statement that Katherine is too trusting, just like Michael, made me think that.  I’m not going to even talk about the beating and all that stuff. I actually DO understand that , not that I condone it, but it was the way many families raised their kids.


I wish I could see clearer what are on the kids’ t-shirts…

Paris made sure Prince told Oprah what he wanted to do,lol “Produce movies and Direct”  (like their dad???lol)

Paris: I want to be an actress when I’m older.  I sometimes do improves…  (I bet you do! lol,  like ur doing right now?)

Prince: Coca Cola and Skittles

Paris: Snickers and soda (coca cola??)

(Can’t help but think there’s a message here , and it’s about Coke)

Vegas, Luxor Hotel… (Criss Angels “BeLIEve”?)

French Toast, like in the movie V for Vendetta….   message there?



Katherine Jackson’s Partner Backtracks on ‘New’ Song

I admit being confused about Katherine’s involvement with Mann…   I don’t get it.  I know people say it’s for money, but somehow, I thought she was above all that.  There must be another reason…


11/7/2010 8:23 AM PST by TMZ Staff

The guy behind the website JacksonSecretVault.com — the one who called out the Jackson estate for releasing a song he insinuated wasn’t “authentic” — now has a big “authenticity” problem of his own.

Howard Mann, Katherine Jackson‘s business partner, now says the song his website released Saturday was not “unreleased” as he advertised, but rather a “remake.”  Pretty big difference.

Mann told TMZ on Friday his site was releasing the song “Opis None” in part to “overcome the confusion” that arose from the release of the song “Breaking News.”

But it turns out Mann is guilty himself of creating “confusion” by touting an unreleased song that was really a remake.

And on top of that, Mann touted that the release of “Opis None” was made with the blessing of Katherine Jackson.  Now he has taken all references to Mrs. Jackson out of the advertisement they posted on Friday (see below).

Bad timing for Mann and Katherine — She’s appearing on “Oprah” Monday to push the book she wrote on MJ as well as other projects … projects in which she partnered with Mann.

Jackson Executors: How We Turned it Around

And here’s a part of the reason for the hoax (maybe)…

9/23/2010 11:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The executors in the Michael Jackson Estate have just filed legal docs explaining how they turned chaos and financial ruin into a booming, postmortem business.


According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jackson owed 10’s of millions of bucks at the time he died.  We’ve previously reported how the Jackson family was about to lose their home in Encino and Jackson was on the brink of going belly up.

Executors John Branca and John McClain turned things around in a big way, for two primary reasons.  First, they restructured all of his debts and got creditors to significantly lower killer interest rates.

Secondly, the executors went full bore to generate revenue — and the brass ring was the movie, “This Is It.”  According to the docs, the flick grossed $260,000,000, the most lucrative documentary in history.

As for the album, “This Is It,” it sold 5 million copies, making it the 3rd biggest album in 2009.

As for other deals, the executors:

– Republished the “Moonwalk” book
– Made mega-merchandising agreements for all things Jacko
– Distributed a leather-bound, coffee table book on the life of MJ
– Renegotiated MJ’s royalty agreements with record label

But there were lots of legal fees that were incurred to make the estate money — more than $3.8 million since Jacko’s death.

The estate also notes what we’ve already reported — that they paid off the Jackson family home in Encino, bought Katherine Jackson a car and did lots of other stuff for the family.


Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael’s Death

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson‘s children are suing AEG Live — claiming the company breached their agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson — and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Conrad Murray as MJ’s doctor.


In the suit, Katherine claims AEG’s contract with Michael “created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson.”

Here’s what’s interesting … the lawsuit mistakenly lists Katherine Jackson as a Guardian ad Litem for Michael’s 3 kids. Katherine is not a Guardian ad Litem — i.e. the legal representative. Katherine is the guardian of the children. This mistake, along with the fact that Katherine’s reps know nothing about the lawsuit suggests she is not actively involved in this case.

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

Story developing….


Katherine Jackson to Produce MJ Movies

What??? Something weird going on….

7/1/2010 12:25 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned … Katherine Jackson is knee-deep in a business deal to produce and distribute several movies on Michael Jackson‘s life, and she is on a collision course with the MJ estate.


Howard Mann, the guy who co-authored Katherine’s coffee table book, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” is also producing a movie that will feature video from Michael Jackson’s childhood through the end of his life.

We’re told Katherine has hundreds of hours of video, including the family’s big move from Gary, Indiana to L.A. after The Jackson 5 signed with Motown.

We’re told Mann just bought the rights to 26 hours of Michael Jackson video … owned by Michael Jackson’s former business partner/confidant Marc Schaffel.  We’re told Mann has paid Schaffel in the eight figures for the video.

Now here’s the problem … the Michael Jackson estate has the exclusive right to market Michael Jackson’s name and image.  We’re told Mann and company are comfortable with their legal position, because the beneficiaries of the estate — Katherine and Michael’s kids — are profiting participants in the movie.  In fact, Mann tells TMZ he and Katherine plan on releasing a series of movies.

The estate would not comment, but as far as our research shows, there’s no loophole when it comes to marketing Michael Jackson’s name and image — whether Katherine and the kids are beneficiaries or not.


Michael Jackson 's star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on the 1st anniversary of his death

Caption: Michael Jackson (Picture)‘s star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on the 1st anniversary of his death Los Angeles, USA ….

Katherine Jackson ‘Planning Michael Movies’

MICHAEL JACKSON’s mother KATHERINE is reportedly in negotiations to produce a number of movies documenting her late son’s life.

The Jackson family matriarch is said to be teaming up with her new business partner Howard Mann, who collaborated on her recently-released coffee table book, for a series of films about the King of Pop.

Mann has allegedly paid millions of dollars to Jackson’s former business partner Marc Schaffel for 26 hours of footage of the singer from his childhood to use in the movies.

The clips, along with Katherine’s extensive home-videocollection, will form the basis of the big-screen ventures, according to TMZ.com.

The movies won’t be Jackson’s first posthumous appearance in cinemas – his concert film This Is It was released last year (09) and has so far grossed more than $260 million (£173 million).

Katherine Jackson and Mann are also said to be negotiating record deals to release 273 unheard songs by the late singer.


Katherine Jackson: a mother’s story

Her favorite songs are “Man of War” and “Man in the Mirror”

“Man of War” because it gives a message of stopping war, study peace coz peace is all we need…

and “Man in the Mirror” for obvious reasons…

“Follow the yellow brick road”

Katherine sought out Mark Shaffel to produce this Dateline interview…hhhhmmm wonder about that…

“Kids are doing fabulous. They’re doing good”…   no tears, not even when talking about Paris only wanting daddy’s pictures in her room, so she can go to bed looking at him and wake up looking at him…

“Prince likes to be behind the cameras. Paris wants to be an actress, and she is already.   Blanket can carry a tune very well, and he has rhythm, and he can dance.”

She says she stopped the kids from wearing masks….  WRONG, Michael did weeks before his death.

Mark Shaffel is a friend of Debbie . He says he was the go-between Katherine and Debbie. OMG, I just had a thought: what if he threatened that Debbie would fight for the kids if Katherine didn’t “join” him in business ventures, such as this book? By agreeing to his business terms, Katherine keeps the kids, and Shaffel and Debbie make the bucks.   OK, this is just me thinking. may not be this.

Again with the debts… Doubt anyone has to worry about that anymore…  but they still bring it up… drives me nuts.

“Bringing order to chaos”…  Pisses me off how they talk like that.

Howard Mann , the collaborator with Katherine for the new book, says one of the main reasons she agreed to do the book was because SHE NEEDED THE MONEY.   hhhhhmmm , she just inherited a fortune from her son! She needs the money for what???

Howard Mann has 273 master tapes of unreleased MJ recordings. How?  Need to research this…

ALWAYS bringing up the molestation charges. Leave it alone, for Christ’s sake. NOT GUILTY, remember?

So now “they’re” saying it’s an internet rumor that the boy came out after Michael’s death and said he never touched him. Is it really a rumor???  Something fishy with Chandler’s “suicide” too.   “Sources close to the boy’s family said….”  Yeahhh, the sources behind all this shit Michael went thru???  Was it possible Evan Chandler was going to come clean too but he got “offed” before he could?  Just asking the questions….

“Mean vicious people didn’t want him around”.  Mike knew too much? Was he  in the position where he could get back some power and these people felt threatened ?  WAS he going to relay some powerful message at his concerts that would threaten these people’s plans?  Or did they see more financial benefit with him dead, rather then alive and performing? Because he was going to be generating money by performing…

So Michael was shocked that Shaffel was into the porn industry and yet Katherine is doing business with him?  Is there some kind of blackmail going on here???

Katherine Jackson May Have Screwed Herself

What is happening with Katherine Jackson? We’re unsure of what to think lately… Man, I’d really hate it if people are screwing with her.

Originally posted Jun 28th 2010 12:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Katherine Jackson‘s quest for money may have just cost her dearly … because TMZ has obtained legal papers from a South Korean newspaper that is going after everything she makes … until she pays off a $13 million debt.


Segye Times, a South Korean newspaper, filed papers with the Michael Jackson estate, informing the court it got a judgment against Katherine in 1994 for $4 million. That’s when the newspaper advanced Katherine, Joeand Jermaine $5.5 million for a series of Jackson family concerts that never took place.

Segye claims with interest the judgment now exceeds $13 million, and it wants an order from the judge forcing the estate to pay Segye any money the estate might pay Katherine.

Now here’s how Katherine screwed herself.  By making all the deals she’s been making — for books, gala events and such — she’s made it clear to the world her goal is to roll in dough and Segye has taken notice.

TMZ June 24, 2010 (Lot’s of MJ news)

What in the world is going on with Katherine’s book and the tribute on June 26??  She did a video endorsing it, yet we get these conflicting news about it…

As for Murray, OF COURSE someone is backing him financially ! But who???

MJ Fans Begin to Arrive at Cemetery

Originally posted 38 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

The first group of Michael Jackson fans have just arrived to Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California — where MJ is entombed — in preparation for the one year anniversary of the singer’s death.


We’re told the cemetery is expecting thousands of people to show up in the next 24 hours.

Forest Lawn officials tell us they’re already preparing security efforts to keep the crowds under control.

Dr. Conrad Murray — Saved by Secret Money Man

Originally posted 19 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

0614_conrad_murray_EXD_Getty_02Dr. Conrad Murray won’t lose his Nevada medical license … because a fat-pocketed friend lent Murray nearly $16k to pay off his child support debt.

As we previously reported, Murray was behind on child support and under Nevada law the Medical Board can yank the license of a deadbeat dad doc.

We’re told Murray got a friend to ante up the cash … we do not know his/her identity.

Under the terms of the settlement, Murray will have to pay $1,103 a month to his baby mama to stay current.

And, we’re told, Murray has been getting financial help from a number of patients.

MJ Estate Furious Over Unauthorized Documentary

Originally posted 44 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson’s estate is lashing out at the people behind a new MJ documentary set to debut in Japan tomorrow — claiming fans are being duped into believing the flick was authorized by Team MJ.


The estate has released a scathing statement claiming the movie is being promoted in a way that is misleading MJ’s fans into believing the film — shot by former MJ confidante Marc Schaffel — was properly authorized.

The estate also makes it clear it doesn’t endorse the flick and none of the profits will benefit MJ’s children. They also note that the movie is not allowed to contain any of Michael’s music.

Schaffel doesn’t appear to be bothered — the above photo was taken moments ago at the movie premier in Tokyo … where Schaffel took the stage and told fans Katherine Jackson sent along her best wishes.

Michael Jackson Estate Threatened with Lawsuit

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 10:50 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The co-author of a new book on Michael Jackson has threatened to sue the Michael Jackson estate for allegedly trying to discredit the book.


Howard Mann
( center, along with Katherine and two others) — a businessman who has made money on nude online gambling and nude wrestling — hooked up with Katherine Jackson to create a coffee table book called “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman told TMZ earlier this week, Mann had no right “to exploit any estate assets” and would take “whatever action is necessary to prevent him from unlawfully profiting.”

Mann’s attorney now tells TMZ, “The comments by the lawyers for the Estate of Michael Jackson are designed to create fear and ambiguity and may impede our ability to maximize the profits that Vintage Pop (the publisher) and the beneficiaries of the Estate are entitled to enjoy.  These actions are torturous interference and will NOT be accepted and will result [in] litigation to recover the damages against our company.”

Weitzman tells TMZ, “The estate will continue to protect its assets when appropriate,” adding, “If Mr. Mann or his attorney want to communicate with me, they can contact me directly.”

Joe Jackson Linked to Unauthorized MJ Memorial

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 8:34 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The Michael Jackson estate and others have been asking … who’s behind an unauthorized MJ memorial set to go down Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton — now, there’s a smoking gun pointed at Joe Jackson.


As we previously reported, the bash is being thrown by a website called VoicePlate.com — but no one could identify the person responsible for pulling the strings. It’s also unclear who convinced Katherine Jackson to record that awkward, scripted promotional video for the tribute.

But now — a clue … and it all has to do with the featured entertainment at the MJ tribute  … a band called the Chi-Lites — they had a couple of hits in the ’70s, including “Oh Girl” and “Have You Seen Her.”

If you recall, just days after MJ died … Joe Jackson shamelessly held a news conference to introduce his new business partner, Marshall Thompson … a member of the Chi-Lites.

Think it’s coincidence that the band got a brand new gig … at an MJ event?

Didn’t think so.

Jackson Compound on Lockdown for Anniversary

Originally posted Jun 24th 2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

The Jackson family compound in Encino is gonna be locked down tighter than Fort Knox on the anniversary ofMichael Jackson‘s death … because we’re told the LAPD is preparing for an onslaught of MJ faithful.

Michael Jackson

According to the LAPD, there will be 30 to 40 officers — some uniformed, some undercover — patrolling a one block area around the Jackson home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We’re also told other precautions will be taken — including “no parking” signs around the house and a ban on all MJ merch sales in the area … the same rules that will be enforced at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The LAPD says 3,000 to 4,000 shirts were confiscated last year after Michael died — so you’ve been warned.


Katherine Jackson’s Book on MJ.

Mark Schaffel??? hhmmm, even TMZ finds that rather “curious”…

Originally posted Jun 19th 2010 6:42 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine Jackson, is preparing to release a coffee table book dedicated to her late son … this according to a new report.

According to Showbiz411.com, the book will be released next week and is called “Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives.” The book will reportedly consist of photos on one page and Katherine’s thoughts and memories on another … and will be sold through a website, www.jacksonsecretvault.com.

The site also says Katherine gave an interview with former MJ confidante Marc Schaffel in an effort to promote the book — a curious decision because Schaffel was heavily involved in Michael’s life at one point, but the two had a huge falling out which resulted in several lawsuits.

As we first reported, Katherine plans on taking Michael’s kids — PrinceParis, and Blanket — to Michael’s hometown of Gary, IN on the anniversary of his death.


There’s a new man in Katherine Jackson’s world. Or make that, Mann.

Howard Mann is Mrs. Jackson’s new business partner. He tells me bought the assets of Henry Vaccaro out of bankruptcy, including the New Jersey warehouse filled with Jackson family memorabilia.

The warehouse included many personal items from the family including letters and some things that might caused embarrassment had they made it into an auction.

Mann quickly contacted Mrs. Jackson and made a deal with her. He returned personal possessions, and in exchange started to develop projects. The first is Mrs. Jackson’s book of photographs coming this Monday, called “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Mnn, who is from Toronto, made his money with online gambling. His 121 Gaming company –described as a celebrity driven, erotic content provider–.got so successful that in 2006 he introduced online “nude” gambling. He created a site called GrandNevada.com and told a gaming website: “Online gaming will never be the same. Why would anyone choose to play against a boring online video based game that could be altered to drastically favor the house? Now people can play real casino games in real time, with real live sexy dealers, just like in a real casino, except at GrandNevada.com, the dealers are either wearing bikinis or are topless.”

Mann continued: “We have booked several adult film stars to deal live and in the proverbial flesh.”

Mann also created Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling league. Unfortunately, that ended in tears. And a lawsuit.

Sadly, GrandNevada.com is no more. I always find out about these things too late!

Since then, Mann says he’s gotten out of that business and turned his 121 Ventures into a high end video production and online company. He’s aiming to take the Jackson site, jacksonsecretvault.com, and create a place where music fans can download their favorite tunes and bands– his own version of ITunes.