We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart.

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♥The Michael Jackson Story♥

This is just the beginning… the best is yet to come. He has said it many times… BELIEVE!

Remember Michael’s Message—- “celebrating” someone’s death is not it…

Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley are but a few of the artists CRYING out to the world to open their eyes , see the truth, and CHANGE things.  There are no excuses EVER for war, assassinations (and then gloating about them), hunger, etc…   We have the power to change things, through LOVE, pure and simple…

Geraldo Rivera’s Interview with Michael Jackson— The truth is all here…

Although I’ve already posted this interview over a year ago, I keep coming back to it because I believe ALL truth is right here.  From his relationship to his family to using “art” in life.  Listen deeply to this whole interview, and the answers are all there…






Michael Jackson The Greatest Humanitarian

Michael Jackson’s Message to the World – LISTEN!!!!!

In lieu of the second anniversary of Michael’s “death”, I’ve been busy posting what I believe his messages are to the world.

Michael, I HEAR and UNDERSTAND , and I pray more people will…  It’s not enough to just hear the messages, though.  Time to turn inwards, open our hearts, and heal this world!

People of the world, MAKE THAT CHANGE!

Michael Jackson’s hidden messages (in his music)

He finally got heard in “death”…  And what he always wanted, to make the world a better place, is going to be fulfilled. Right now, with all the senseless wars, crashing economy, “natural” disasters, etc, it may not seem so, but in reality, the world is in the process of waking up and shedding the evil. Believe with all your hearts this is so, and it shall be…

Mesmerizing performances

Time to remember LOVE (now more then ever) by watching some of Michael’s incredible performances.